July 27, 2022


Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 16: MLB Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

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Colby Conway Matt Selz James Grande
Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 16: MLB Trade Deadline Fast Approaching
Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 16: MLB Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

Jul 27 2022 | 00:42:01


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Colby Conway and James Grande take a look at what's happening across the MLB, including the 2022 MLB trade deadline fast approaching and there guesses on who's going to be dealt and who's not!

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Colby: Welcome in to the newest edition of the fantasy alarm fantasy baseball podcast. We continue to inch closer to the MLB trade deadline. Of course, we'll be talking about that today and for some different perspectives on the trade deadline compared to last week when Matt Selz was in at theselzman on Twitter, I think he still might be recovering from all the Soto trade rumors. So filling in today is gonna be James Grande also known as the underscore king on Twitter. I believe it's the_real_Grande. So, James, how are things in your neck of the woods? James: Doing well? Doing well? Thanks for having me as always and yeah, I'm sure. We caught Selz on a, uh, I think he was using an oxygen machine. He, he was having trouble breathing after hearing all this auto talk. So, hopefully Selz is recovered since then. And, uh, it looks like he has, after all these delicious meals that he keeps cooking Colby. I don't know if he keeps seeing 'em on Twitter, but, um, Selz's becoming quite a grill master. I mean, at least, at least that's what, you know, he's letting his Twitter do the talking. I don't, I don't know personally, but, uh, grill master Selz on Twitter. Looks like he's recovering from all the Soto news. I'm recovering, from the Yankees dreadful July down to a 12 game lead, like what are we doing here? But I'm doing good. I'm doing good Colby. Colby: Yeah. It's maybe, I don't know. Maybe, maybe Matt's just diverting some of his feelings into a new passion of his, which is like the cooking and the grilling. So I can't blame either way cuz at the very least, even if Soto gets dealt his family's winning, cuz it looks like they are eating some damn good looking food. So, you know, we obviously, like I said, trade deadlines coming out. There's a lot to talk about. Even outside of the fantasy realm, there's been a lot of developments that have kind of happened that are interesting both in reality, but also in terms of fantasy as well. So we're gonna touch on all of that and a little bit more. So we'll start with more trade focused talk in the beginning. So James, it sounds like some reports are coming around that after they were out and they're in they're out and they're in, sounds like the Yankees are back in, in the Andrew Benintendi sweepstakes. I don't know. Maybe there was a willingness to get the vaccine, which would make him a little bit more appealing as we're seeing now with like other stars in the league with Goldie and Arenado, not able to go to Toronto. So do you make anything of this or is just that the Yankees are looking into another bat to have somebody that can reliably get on base for them? Or do you think there may have been a development that maybe Benintendi said if this is going to happen, I would maybe strongly consider it? James: I mean, I don't know, man. Um, I guess like we've seen it a couple times. Like I know, if you wanna look at Boston and Trevor story, they're right. They gave him an ultimatum before signing him like, Hey, get the vaccine. We got to play in Toronto, all these games and he did and he was eligible to play out there. Um, I don't know if there's been been a development, honestly, you know, we have three games in Toronto for the regular season. Um, obviously Toronto is currently in a playoff position. They likely stay in that position. James: That's scary. That's a scary proposition for the Yankees to, to dive into if he's not available in, in a crucial spot. So, um, he's a good player. He is. He is like you said, getting on base a lot. He's a lefty bat the Yankees could use in a righty dominant lineup. Um, but I don't know, man, I don't know if it's, if it's, I guess you have to consider what you have to consider. Obviously there are bigger fish out there, um, that could, that could, the Yankees could pay for. And I do think they have the assets for, I'm sure you and I are both on the same page here, but, um, if it, Benintendi is gonna obviously cost a lot less than Juan Soto's gonna, um, he's a good player in his own. Right. And, and there's a clear void, you know, to fill Joey Gallo's spot because let's face it Joey Gallo's trash. James: Um, so I don't know if there's been a development, obviously it's better if he does get the vaccine. But I guess what's the, like, what's the official, I mean, by then, I guess by the time the playoffs were to roll around, he could be fully vaccinated. I don't know what the Toronto vaccination laws state, like, do you only need to have one dose? Do you need to have two, like what's what does the, what does it say? You know, because if he's not boosted or do you need to be boosted, you just need to be vaccinated in order to go to Toronto. Right. So, um, I don't know what the, I don't know what this, the trade talks mean. Um, but it's obviously a scary thought if he's not available in a playoff series in Toronto. Colby: And I guess the interesting thing to consider is to, at what point is trading for an unvaccinated player like Andrew Benintendi almost become, not worth it to the Yankees. There's three games in the regular season, right? Meaning that you would still have him for 40, 50, correct. The remaining games. And then sure you get into the postseason. Everything holds out, barring a near epic collapse down the stretch. Yankees would have home series advantage. So there're four, right? Even in a best of seven, four gonna be there. So three would be in Toronto in a best of seven. So we're talking about six games that you wouldn't have Andrew Benintendi, I know you have to give up a good bit for 'em, but at, at what point does it almost become cost prohibitive to not do it? Cuz if we're, if you're not gonna acquire someone who helps your lineup on, you know, 85% of the games that you have left in the season, is that not worth it just for the potential of three games in the post season? I think that's the more important question here beyond just Benintendi's vaccination status, if he can even get over there to play. Right. But at what point is missing out on six games too much, you know what I mean? James: Agreed, I mean, potentially six. I mean the eight could win. Th could if in a seven game series, if they, you know, if Geritt Cole and Nestor Cortez and Luis Severino is back, they can win the first three games that series. And then we're not even talking about a third game in Toronto, right? Like they could win, they can lose game four back in New York, they go to game five and then they win and close it out. So like, may I don't disagree. Um, but then you have to, but you do have to consider what if they lose a game in New York in the postseason and then you have to travel twice to Toronto without, I mean, assuming Benintendi's hitting second. Right first it might even lead him off. Do like stagger, uh, cuz Lemahieu hasn't been as Lemahieu like over the last couple years. James: Um, but if you do lose game one or game two, and then you're going into Toronto without Benintendi, who's leading off. I mean I agree Colby. Like if you get Benintendi for 85% of the games, including every game outside of Toronto, it's worth it because he's not going to be very costly. Um, as someone like Juan Soto would be. Um, but it is, it's just worth, I guess it's worth thinking about because there are potentials where like, oh man, that puts Joey Gallo in the lineup potentially for game three, four. And in a series you might have lost one or maybe both at home. Um, at the end of the day, it's probably worth it. But at the end of the day, the first, I mean the first, you know, your first at the top of the list should be Juan Soto and what costs there because you know, we can, I won't fully dive into it, but again, I do think the Yankees are one of the few teams that have enough to get him. So, um, I think that should probably be at the top of the, the wish list, but Benintendi is a good, um, secondary prize if big can't get Soto. Colby: Yep. I think you're right there. We'll dive into, so actually here in a little bit, but gotta talk about a Yankee rival in Boston in there. I wrote brutal in the show outline. I just couldn't think of a word that would do it enough justice. Um, James: Yeah probably that's probably nice. That was probably a nice, Colby: Yeah. I, I, I had abysmal dreadful regretful, regrettable. I don't know where you wanna, what word you wanna go with it, but Boston is now 1-9 in their last 10 games after the utter shellacking. Well, shellackings that they took in, in Toronto now 17 and a half back out of the division lead in about five-ish games behind Toronto with the trade deadline looming Boston was looking like buyers, but now they're only a half game above the Baltimore Orioles in that division. What do you think the outlook now for Boston is at the trade deadline? James: I mean it's bad, man. I mean, losers of five straight that are 1-9 over the last 10 games. There are seven teams that are within three and a half games of a wild card spot. And that's just a lot of parody. Um, let's see the blue Jays obviously gonna buy the rays are gonna buy and they're getting healthier by the way. Um, as the days progress, I mean big pieces to their bullpen, big pieces to their rotation, Brandon Lowe coming back after the break, like the Rays are only gonna get better from here. The Mariners have been surprisingly good. The Guardians have been surprisingly good and the White Sox with everything they have. They're I mean, they're not going anywhere either. Um, now the Orioles being, I don't see really a path back in this for Boston, especially with how bad they're pitching is. James: I mean, Nick Pivetta, who wasn't awesome has fallen off a cliff in July three straight starts of six or more earned runs. Um, everyone's hurt Devers. I mean, Devers is on the IL Story on the IL um, Kike's been on the IL, JD Martinez hasn't played since the break nothing's going right for Boston. And I don't really see a way back in this with their current roster, especially their pitching staff. So, um, I lean more towards sellers. I'm not gonna completely, if they can get healthy offensively, their offense can obviously carry them quite a bit. But when is Devers coming back, is Martinez gonna go on the IL? Um, when does Story come back? How, how good are they when they come back? Um, I lean right now, more, more towards sellers, honestly, Colby: Just for fun quick hitter. Who do you think has more wins by the end of the year? Boston or Baltimore? James: You're asking, you're asking a Yankees fan that question? Colby: Mm-hmm <affirmative> James: I will pick any, any chance I get to just take a stab at the Sox. Uh, I'll probably go now, I guess here's the follow up question. I wanna reverse this back on you. If they trade man, like let's say Baltimore, cuz Baltimore still could be sellers. I mean they could probably buy and sell at the deadline. Colby: Mm-hmm <affirmative> James: If they trade Mancini, are they a better team than Boston? Colby: I mean, losing that player in the lineup would definitely hurt them. I think what could get them too is if it's one of those tough things, because the, the very smart thing for them to do is probably to trade off some of those bullpen pieces that they have that have been very good. That's going great. James: Makes them worse. Colby: Great. Yeah. Yeah. It's gonna make them worse this year. Sure. But you know, it, you see it with all of these teams, like Pittsburgh has done it for years when you're a non-contending team. If someone is going to offer you anything for your closer, it does not matter. You take it because yep. That closer. I mean, Baltimore's approaching their it's crazy. Are they not a contender though? James: Are they not a contender though? Three and a half out of, of the, of, um, Tampa bay right now. Colby: For sure. I don't think they have enough. Obviously they don't have enough to win it this year. And I think that's, what's going to hold him off. Now. What would be very interesting is if we can go back a couple weeks, um, if, if Rodriguez didn't get his arm in that arm or shoulder, whatever issue he had there, if he was up at this point, what is that team looking like? And they're just loaded with these top. I believe in the updated rankings. I think it was mlb.com. Prospect. I think they have two in the top five. James: Yeah. Grayson Rodriguez and Gunnar Henderson four and five Colby: Right now. Yeah. Yeah. So I, I don't think they have enough to win this year, but if one of those teams is maybe not those teams, but in the NL, let's say like, uh, like in Atlanta or maybe San Diego comes knocking on the door for Jorge Lopez, it's gonna make them worse dealing him. But if they can get something good for a guy who's largely stunk for the majority of his career, that's a pretty nice net return for Baltimore. So I'm gonna say Baltimore does win more games than Boston. Cause I also like to dig at Boston <laugh>. Um, but I think you're right. Baltimore is in a very fun spot, um, in the trade headline that like you said, they can both buy and sell. James: Yeah. So I will, I'll, I'll go Baltimore with you. But like if they, if they start selling off all the pieces, uh, you know, it's, it's gonna be close one Colby: Or if they sell off all the pieces still fill, you know, above Boston, then that's even... James: Better. So true. That's even, that's the best case scenario. Colby: So it's a definitely a good one there. And then obviously the Juan Soto news broke, talked about it with Matt Selz at theselzman on Twitter last week. And just talk about the, the financials behind it. What's it's gonna come to, I mentioned like what, what an awesome spot to be in where you can just turn down 440 million, knowing that you can get 500 million, like that's, what is, you won't even notice 60, you won't even notice that 60 million, like you're not gonna notice the 17th briefcase. If you know that it's missing compared to number 14 and 15, like you're not going to know this, but then of course you also got the reports that teams were calling the angels about Shohei Ohtani, this is not a surprise. You see it in all, like, remember the reports in the NFL that teams were calling the Chiefs about Patrick Mahomes. Colby: You can call for anybody. <laugh> they're not gonna block your number. They can call for anybody. Um, I think the obvious if, if either player gets dealt at the deadline, the chances of it being Soto are, are vastly higher than Otani. I'm pretty confident in saying that, but there's a couple teams, Yankees Cardinals, um, maybe even Padres in particular that seem to have the best chance for Juan Soto. So let me ask you here. I asked Matt this last week, he doesn't think anything's gonna happen at the deadline. Do you see Juan Soto getting traded before the August 2nd trade deadline? James: I don't, um, obviously I want him on the Yankees. I mean, three of our top five prospects are short stops, right? Like, I mean, hello. Like what are we doing? Like I get, we can eventually move them, whatever, but like, hello, like this is a once in a generation option right at the deadline. Like you, you figure it out. But, um, I ultimately, I don't think he just based on asking price alone, um, I don't, uh, I'm looking at Ohtani's contract is so interesting to me, Colby, like about just being dealt. How next year is their arbitration and then unrestricted free agent at 20 in 2024. Like, do you think they extend him? Cause if they don't, if they don't like, I mean, it's the same thing with Aaron judge this year. Right? It's like they didn't reach a deal. And now Aaron judge said, he's gonna talk to all 30 teams and that's not good. Like as a Yankees fan, they're like, that's a bad feeling. Wouldn't that also be a terrible feeling. If they go to arbitration with Otani next year and they don't get a deal and he's going into age 29, like I get it that they're, they're calling 'em and whatever. And like you said, like, oh, teams can call about whoever they want. But like, doesn't matter. I, I don't know, man. I, I guess, has there even been talks of an extension with Otani? Colby: I haven't quite seen anything. There's yeah. It's it's tough. And I can tell you there's that arbitration, conversation's not gonna go well, cuz those tend to not exactly be the most player, enlightening conversation. James: He, and he's a freak and he's a, and it's a once in a lifetime thing because he does everything Colby: And there's no precedent. I babe, Ruth didn't go through arbitration <laugh> and James: Babe Ruth didn't even know what arbitration was. The word probably never saw the word arbitration. Colby: Yeah, he, yeah. There's just no precedent for Ohtani. So what's the Nu what's the money gonna come in? Part of me almost thinks that the Angels have these, have this blind optimism, because it'll be like, well Trout's only 32. He's still, you know, he's still gonna be there. And like, we're just, there's no way we can like underperform for like the seventh straight year. Like there's gonna be like those thoughts there with, with that team. I, it, I think it warrants a consideration. I mean, as, as much of a freak as Ohtani is I'd prefer Soto's youth. I mean, yes. He only hits agree, but he's there, but it's, you know, when there's smoke, there's fire teams could be calling the Angels could shut it down right away. But you know, as we've seen so many times in so many sports, Nope, we'll we will never trade this player. Then two weeks later they're traded. So I just nothing's gonna happen with Ohtani. Don't get me wrong, but I don't think Soto gets dealt at the deadline either this year only because he's still under team control and that the Nationals have no, no reason to trade him at this point, cuz regardless of whether they trade him now or in the offseason, they're still gonna get a heaping pile of prospects and maybe even some major league talent with it. So that doesn't matter. They're gonna get a hell of a return. That's going to basically define their franchise for years to come. That's ultimately what it's gonna come down to is if those guys hit they'll be good. And if not, then you know, years from now, we just talk about this being one of the worst trades in major league baseball history and you know, they have to, they have to live with it either way. James: Right? Okay. Colby: So we'll have to see what happens there, but we've done this a little bit here. We talk about one player that's guaranteed to be traded at the major league, uh, baseball trade deadline. We've already named a couple in the likes of William or Willson Contreras, Josh Bell, Benintendi uh, Matt Selz mentioned Shane Bieber last week as an interesting name out there, to now throwing it out there. He's also been like, I think dying for him to be traded cuz a couple weeks back, I remember him saying like keep an eye on Bieber at the deadline. So he's either super plugged in or is really wants Shane Bieber to be traded. So I'll have to see what kind of happens there. But James, go ahead and gimme a player that you can just, if you had to give a guarantee that James Grande or the James_Grande_ guarantee is you'd love to do with underscores, um, who's a guarantee of a guy to get moved at the deadline. James: Um, I think a sneaky guarantee is coming from Cincinnati staff. Um, and I think there's multiple names. Um, but I'm gonna go, this is the year we finally see Luis Castillo dealt and I got a, I got two sneaky spots here, Colby, because I could say the Yankees and like obviously they're looking for pitching and every facet now that like everyone's hurt, like their whole team is just dropping like flies on the staff. Um, I got sneaky teams for you both currently in contention, both need pitching, both have decent farms. Um, so I don't know if they would deal to the, to their division, but the Cardinals definitely need pitching. Um, cuz outside of Wayno, uh, they are depleted with Steven Matz going on the IL and um, Dakota Hudson going on the IL, um, and Miles Mikolas and Wainwright gonna win you a playoff series? I mean, no. So I think, uh, that would be an interesting spot for Castillo and then here's my other sneaky spot, another team that needs another frontline starter currently leading the AL Central division. And I think they're more willing to spend after seeing, um, you know, they sign Carlos Correa in the offseason just out of the kind of clouds, right. We didn't really expect that. And then boom, they trade for Gary Sanchez more offense at the plate. I think the Minnesota Twins could be a sneaky spot for Luis Castillo. They need a frontline starter, Sonny Gray, Joe Ryan fine. Um, Chris Archer's trash, Dylan Bundy is currently their third starter in their rotation. Um, if you bolster that rotation with Luis Castillo for the AL Central leading Twins, um, I think they can fend off Cleveland who we don't know if they're gonna buy or sell and um, what the White Sox is. We don't know what the hell's going on with the White Sox until they file fire LaRussa. So, um, two sneaky spots again could have went. Chalk, could have went the Yankees with Castillo cuz they need the pitching help and they have all the assets needed. Um, but I mean, you know, you have the Twins with a short stop, uh, in the minors and they have a short stop locked up for the next three years that they could deal. Uh, you know, in, in Lewis, if you, if you really felt like, you know, Correa could stay for the future. Um, I think Castillo would be an interesting addition to the Twins rotation. Colby: And then I, for me I'll give you two as well. I'll go back to the Reds kind of chalk Brandon Drury gotta get moved. James: Yeah, he's getting moved Colby: For sure. He has to, I mean there, the team that acquires him is just gonna have to live with his pretty gnarly home road splits this year. <laugh> um, but he's, I mean this production hasn't, we haven't seen this really at this level from him before. So since he would be wise to capitalize on that and then whatever team catcher, needy team ends up missing out on the, uh, Willson Contreras sweepstakes, head to Oakland and look at Sean Murphy. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, he's got some pop may not hit for a great average, but he's actually outside of arm strength with Contreras. Murphy's probably a better all around defensive option behind the plate. So you might not get quite the offensive production that, you know, you might get with, you acquired Willson Contreras, but Murphy's got some pop and he's a very good defender. So he would be he's this very, he's a solid backup option for a catcher needy team. If you miss out on Willson Contreras, James: Good contract on Murphy too, by the way. Colby: Yep. Any, well, he is from Oakland, so he is gotta have a great contract cause they won't give anything out there. That's almost an assumption. James: Yeah. Like if you go to Oakland, like you're guaranteed to have this guy, uh, for a couple years also I would say my, um, honorable mentions would be the entire Detroit bullpen to the Yankees. Just send 'em all to the Yankees, Colby: All of them. James: I mean the Yankees need 'em so just send them all Colby: True. Very true. And that once again, that trade deadline is August 2nd. So we are coming up on that, um, quite, quite soon. So I'm sure if any trades happen, they'll be written in the, the daily roundups that you see on fantasyalarm.com. So check 'em out there with all the analysis that will be there throughout the week. A couple quick hitters here, James, before we get to a couple things where we wrap up this episode, um, in my a JJ Bleday gets the call to the show. Uh, when you look at his grades, doesn't really grade out is super exceptional. Um, really anywhere in terms of the grade from like the 20 to 80 scale. Um, but you know, uh, fourth overall pick couple years ago, that's gonna command some attention and he's gonna have a little bit of a run here with some Miami outfielders, a little bit banged up there. So, um, what do you see the rest of the way with Bleday for those in redraft warrants? Cause obviously in dynasty you're keeping him, you're not doing anything there, but in redraft, if he's is he a guy that we can look forward to as a, as a waiver wire ad, James: I mean, he's gonna strike out a whole bunch and there's some pop, um, uh, he's not the most appealing, but if you're, if you're desperate for outfield, um, depth and it's fine. Um, like you said, like he's not, he's not gonna steal you bases. He's going to be middling average. He's gonna hit some home runs. It's not like, I'm not like very excited to pick him up, but if you're desperate, it's it's yeah, I guess it could get worse. Yeah, you could, you could have drafted Jesus Sanchez, you know <laugh> Colby: And he, and really he's his name and prospect pedigree is gonna bump him up. But at the end of the day, when we look at his numbers, if you want a guy that'll hit for a, a average to above average batting average, a little bit of pop in no speed, you can probably find 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 of those guys in your waiver wire. Anyway. So you're really just adding the name and the prospect pedigree. And just to say like, Ooh, I had a prospect to my team and it, you think it makes your team look better, but that's... James: I mean, steamer is projecting him to hit four home runs remainder rest of the year. Colby: Yep. James: I mean, that's like what, you know, like at that point, like, I don't know, man, am I, am I, am I paying this much for four home runs? I don't. I don't think so. Colby: Yeah, for sure there, and then Julio Rodriguez, little bit of a wrist issue. You'd never like to see it, not blaming the homerun Derby by any means, but you never like to see it coming out of the break and you know, it's just, it's something that happened could be a freak incident there. But uh, I don't like wrist injuries. I don't like wrist, thumb and hand issues for hitters. I tend to avoid those. I'm always worried about sapped power production, um, afterwards. And it looks like on going back to Sunday's game missed for the third consecutive game due to left wrist soreness. So sounds like it's more precautionary than anything. Um, but any, any other concerns other than what I mentioned was just your typical stigma around wrist issues with power hitters? James: No, I don't think so. I mean, they there's no structural damage. They said they're hoping the IL can be avoided. So, um, seems like rest is probably going to be what happens here. I don't know if he's gonna return on Monday or not, but, um, I, I'm not necessarily worried. Um, also not blaming the Derby. He jam, he jammed on the stolen base, I guess that's what he, that's what he is planning, you know, maybe 81 home runs later. It was the Derby. But uh, I'm not all too worried if he, I guess if he goes in the IL maybe a little, little more pause for concern. Colby: Yep. And then Atlanta, Adam Duvall is done for the year. A torn tendon sheath in his wrist. Sounds awesome. Probably hurts like hell, but he will no longer be there for Atlanta the rest of the way. And then we'll come back to your Yankees here. I don't know if I've ever heard of a pitcher fracturing their elbow on a pitch. Um, I watched the replay and it's, I was expecting to see some sort of like gruesome, you know, incident that basically occurred. Didn't look terrible, but you could tell right away he knew that something. Uh wasn't right. So I would ask you kind of your thoughts with this, but it sounds like basically it's well, we don't have Michael King. We're just gonna get the whole Detroit bullpen. It sounds like that's kind of where you're at. Even though the Yankees were probably going to get a reliever anyway, even if he wasn't hurt. James: I mean, it's brutal because he's been one of the only reliable arms in the bullpen right now. Uh, Chapman's been terrible. Um, we already lost Chad Green earlier in the year, Miguel Castro's on the IL, like it's very bleak. So, um, honestly whoever's available right now, the Yankees, if, if that's the priority and it's not Soto, like if Soto's not on the table, the priority needs to be the bullpen. Cuz it's, this loss hurts quite a bit for the Yankees. Colby: And then one, we kind of mentioned it here, but Cardinals could be a sneaky team for a starter. We also have Steven Matz going on the IL much to my chagrin. Cause he was one of the pitchers. I was very invested in all year. He had couple do James: Same Colby: Couple, couple good starts there to open the year. Then he gets injured and then he comes back seven Ks over five and a third again, C boom tears. His left... James: MCL can't feel PFPs man. Come on. Everyone knows that PFPs work on your PFPs brother. Colby: Yep. And overall for the year, I mean he had a 5.70 ERA, but the 3.95 FIP, 3.04 xFIP, but strike a well over a strikeout parenting at 10.76 mark. So this, this stinks. I, I, I, I think that this really pushes St. Louis to look for a starter cuz they, they have the team they're they need a starter and maybe it is some guy named Luis Castillo, but this is definitely a blow to St. Louis and fantasy baseball manager alike, James: Yeah man. Um, I'm with you. I thought the move for Matz to cuz he pitched well in Toronto last year, I, I thought the move to this ballpark was gonna be wonderful. Um, for him, I, I too am extremely invested in Steven Matz this year. Um, tough loss, but I mean, I look, they need a starter. I mean you can go to Cincinnati, Tyler Mahle if you don't want to pay the, the cost for Luis Castillo, um, is another option. So, um, you, you know, you wanna stay in the division. Great, good old Jose Quintana, right? You, you know, best, best pitcher in Pittsburgh. Right. That's what you gotta tell him. Um, so yeah, it's a tough loss for Matz for fantasy owners, for sure. Because, um, the, the, the numbers, the peripherals are, are way better and his place for a good second half, so kind of stinks. I would probably drop him four to six weeks as the report. But like, do you think a four to six week for like a serious knee injury is like actually realistic. I feel like he's gonna be out for longer, but what do I, I, what do I know? Um, but, but he's droppable for, for the foreseeable future, Colby: I think what'll ultimately end up happening is he's gonna go on the IL whether he get surgery or not, that'll ultimately be the first determinant in his timeline there, but ultimately what's gonna happen is St. Louis sees they're in a stretch. Even if they go acquire a starter, it's gonna be, Hey, you pitching in the dog days of September, doesn't matter, right? Like get ready for the playoffs. We'll use you there. And honestly, if they do acquire a starter, Matz could end up just being an innings eater. And that way start games. Let 'em just come out of the pen for the playoff. But at this point, at this point, you know, you're looking at the standings and Cardinals are barring an epic collapse. They should be able to get in most likely, um, they need to obviously handle their business. But if, if so Matz is they're looking for him to the post season, I'm probably gonna drop him in redraft. I have him in TGFBI, and I'm gonna drop him this week. It's just, that's just where we're at there. We talked about rap endeavors, but we'll come back to him in a little bit. Now that he's on the IL, but Max Meyer's injury stunk. I was all in on him in DFS that day I was in him on prizepicks, underdog, pick, whatever, whatever fricking site you play on and you put money in and pick for something. I was all in on this guy going up against, um, Pittsburgh's when you face elite talent, you tend to get the best out of that particular person. So I was excited for Meyer there and you know, there were conflicting reports. He came out and someone, I thought I saw a tweet that said back spasms. Then it said sprained elbow. Um, either way I don't like either for a starting pitcher. No. So any, any long term concern here with, with Meyer and at this point, do you even think if it's going to be, if it is related to the arm? I mean, is there any point to rush him back, especially if Miami just, you know, they're five games outta the wild card right now. If they, if they drop the next, you know, week or two, is there any rush to bring him back James: Zero? Because this is actually the second arm injury he's had this year. If it is in fact the arm, which that's the report. Um, second one and this year, so, no, I think there's zero rush. Um, even when they asked him after the game, he was like, yeah, I don't know right now. So he doesn't know. We don't know, but it, when you have two arm injuries in one season, that is definitely concerning. Um, so yeah, I'm very concerned as of now, but I guess we'll have to wait and see until we get more concrete, you know, results. Uh, but yeah, definitely concern, definitely not rushing to like stash him, uh, because that's, I mean, that's just wasting a spot. Colby: Yeah. And of course, just as the disclaimer, this is for redraft specifically dynasty, you got specific. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All redraft, specifically their dynasty, just leave, throw 'em on an IL throw. 'em where you need. So you're keeping in there. Um, but James, we talked about teams a little bit in the beginning, but we're gonna go ahead and put some number scales now, here to it. So level of concern, usually we talk about players, but this week is the team addition. So as much analysis as you'd like as little analysis, as you'd like scale of one to 10, one being, nah, not concerned to 10 being fire off every single alarm that you have. I am incredibly concerned about this team. So let's talk about first Boston, red Sox, 1-9 in their last 10 outfielders just don't even care to catch the ball anymore. Pitchers are like, screw it. I'm gonna throw right down the middle. Cause it doesn't matter. Everybody's injured, you know, pet's heads are falling off, but if there's any, if there's any silver lining, it's that, uh, the 73 year old Rich Hill did look good in a simulated game. So there, that could be the silver lining that you're looked at here. So on a scale of one to 10, how concerned are you the rest of the way for the Boston Red Sox? James: Sox in honor of rich Hill's age, I'll go 7.3. Colby: Um, okay. I'd be higher, but that's James: Yeah, that was just, that was just like, um, if they can get everyone healthy offensively, they can do damage, but will they get healthy in time for them to all be playing together still? I mean, um, who's to say Boston, doesn't go and trade Xander. Bogaerts he's not pot committed to this team after this year. That's kind of why they signed Story. Like, Hey, we have our shortstop once Bogaerts inevitably leaves. Um, so yeah, I mean, if you, you can definitely go higher. I I'll go 7.3 7.3 is very high. So I'd love to hear your number. Um, if you're going higher than that. Colby: Yeah. 7.4 James: <laugh> I, I will definitely go higher by 0.1. Colby: I mean, I, I never said a lie. Sure, definitely. I am definitely higher. Let's see where the LA Angels fall into things here. Obviously Trout is on the, the injured list teams are calling on Ohtani. I wrote up in, uh, my trade deadline piece for fantasy alarm in lieu of the one daily Roundup over the All Star break. Noah Syndergaard should be considered as a potential trade target since they aren't invested to him after this year. I don't know what to make of that team. So talk to me here. What is your level of concern with the Angels? They're 2-8 in their last 10. So they're barely better than Boston and they're now looks like double digit games out of the wildcard. So what's your concern with the Angels? James: I don't know. What is like, what is this team? Right? Like what I'm just concerned for like their wellbeing as a team, dude, they have like literally the two best players in baseball and it does not matter at all at all in the slightest bit. It just doesn't matter. Rendon just never healthy. Jared Walsh. Can't hit left-handed pitching to save his life. Taylor ward was like the hottest player in the history of the game for like a month and then has just been like good. Jo Adell is like the most overhyped prospect of all time. Uh, can't do anything when he gets called to the majors. I don't know what to think of this team. They're pitching stinks outside of Ohtani Sandoval is like someone I was super high on and he hasn't been there. Syndergaard's been the most inconsistent guy of the year Reid Detmers hasn't been good. I mean, 10, a 10, I guess would be the answer because this team is horrible. There's pieces. Maybe people would want at the deadline, but like Luis Rengifo is hitting third and that's all you need. Colby: Yep. That is that's. That's the issue with that team now to our, you know, to our approval or acceptance or happiness. Uh, it's very nice to go at strike out pitcher props against this angels team. So maybe that's our silver lining. The rest of the way is just whatever starters facing the angels look to the over in that strikeout prop and you should be okay. So angels. Yeah. I'm, I'm worried about them other than the fact that when I pick strikeout props against them, since those seem to true to fair, uh, to fair quite well. And the last one I'll pose to you here, uh, Philadelphia Phillies, they're writing the thick of things for the wild card, but they are three and seven. Their last 10 Harper is working his way back from the issue. Their offense is just, it's very good sometimes and very bad other times. And there seems to be like no middle ground with, with that team. So what's the level of concern with the Philadelphia Phillies. James: I mean, it's very concerning when you get swept by the Cubs, right? Colby: Mm-hmm <affirmative> James: That's like the first sign, like a Cubs team that's looking to sell. Um, and you score seven runs in an entire series. Um, I mean, it's, it's obviously concerning. Um, they're gonna get Harper back at some point, but where are they when they do like Didi Gregorious all the power sapped. He has zero home runs this year, um, Rhys Hoskins, as you mentioned him, and Schwarber like the same player, it's like they're white hot, or they are just the worst baseball players in the world. Um, and like you said, there's no middle ground. Um, I'm definitely concerned. I do think their pitching will keep them in games. I mean, Wheeler Nola Suarez has been a little better lately. Kyle Gibson is pretty good for a fourth, fifth starter. Um, so like they have pieces and I think things can get better for Harper. So I'll be less, um, it's still like concerning cuz there, it is just like, uh, 5.3, um, knowing that Bryce Harper will be back, but I mean it's, it's concerning man. Like they're, you know, fired their manager. Um, and his binder went with them. So like what are they, what is like, what is the scouting report if they don't have Joe Girardi's binder anymore. Colby: Yeah. And that's the thing when you look at the month of July, I mean they've only scored 68 runs. James: We're 25 days into the year or into the month and they scored 68 runs. Colby: Yep. And they have two games there where they have 11 and 10. And then other than that, we're talking 5 6, 4 2 5 2 1 3 1 3 2 2 4 2 2 3. Uh, it's not all love in Philly right now. There's definitely some issues there to be worked out. I don't, they're not in a spot where it's not, I don't expect them to be buyers at the deadline. No, at least significantly, because I think there are two, this isn't just a one player type problem. Plus getting Harper back, that's not going to, to, to fix everything. So I I'm concerned I'm about a six with the Phillies. You know, I'm a little bit concerned, but not as much as the angels and right. The Boston red Sox, but James, as we put a bow on this episode and head into the next week of the fantasy baseball season, what is your prediction for the week? That lies ahead. James: I'm gonna go, we'll go back to the trades. I'll go with the Cubs are gonna make a deal. Um, I think one of, or both Ian hap and Willson Contrera are traded this week. Colby: Okay. I we've talked about that. James: Especially with Yan Gomes homering twice. Like why would they even need Wilson? Contreras. Yan Gomes Homer twice on Sunday, Colby: You know, and I, if I remember correctly, I believe Yan Gomes mashes lefties does, I believe is where it is James: Absolutely matches lefties. Colby: Yep. So there's your DFS little tidbit for the rest of the way, especially if Contreras goes those first couple of games against lefties until the pricing catches up, young Gomes will probably be in the playbook in the value vault, probably some prize picks and underdog content unless James: They trade him too, unless they trade both their catchers. Cuz that wouldn't surprise me. Either young Gomes is the much cheaper version of, or uh, much cheaper, uh, addition than Wilson and Travis d'artaud. James: And Gomes are showing that he can hit mm-hmm <affirmative> and I mean, you put him on a team that maybe already has a catcher, but he just becomes the smaller side of the platoon. Sure. It's a pinch hitter guy fluffies you could do much worse than him. Uh, last week I said that, uh, David ARD is going to be traded. So my bull prediction this week is that Mr. David Bednar <laugh> will be traded. Um, they're gonna get rid of 'em. It's just a matter of time they get the right deal. They get those Midling prospects. That'll be perfect to be traded in a couple of years. So I think that'll be what happens there. And it's obviously great to make predictions around the trade deadline, cuz well, it only happens once a year comes by once a year, majorly baseball. So those are this week's bold predictions heading into the week ahead. Colby: And that'll really wrap up this episode of the fantasy alarm fantasy baseball podcast. So first off, make sure you give James a follow at the underscore real underscore Grande on Twitter. If you feel so inclined, I'm at Colby, R Conway on Twitter. And after doing that head over to fantasy alarm and make sure you check out be free NFL draft guide. It is there, uh, coaching systems are coming out now, which is very, uh, exciting for the content. There's also the staff mock draft that I believe James participated in with me. We were there for a long time. So we were James: There for a very long time. Colby: <laugh> we? We were all there. You can see how many Texans I drafted per my usual Mo in these things. So make sure you check all of that, uh, NFL draft guide content content out on the site, as well as all the baseball content, cuz there's, there's still baseball to be played. It's not all about fantasy football just yet. There's still baseball to be had. There's still player props to take advantage of and DFS contests to win. So once, once again, James Grande at the underscore James underscore Grande on Twitter, and then I am at Colby archive. You gotta get rid of those underscores. I just, James: Yeah, I, again, uh, the real Grande, uh, the person has it, uh, was a once upon a time or Ariana Grande, uh, fake account, um, haven't tweeted since 2011. Uh, but there is they, they stole my thunder. So I'm, I'm just working on, uh, trying to get the handle Colby: Here. Well, August 2nd, if you don't have it by August 2nd, I'm just gonna start tweet. I'm just gonna start promoting that one cuz I'm these underscores are getting to me, but anyway, that's this week's episode. We'll see you back next week for the next edition of the fantasy alarm fantasy baseball podcast.

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