August 10, 2022


Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 18: Concern with Gerrit Cole & the New York Yankees?

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Colby Conway Matt Selz James Grande
Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 18: Concern with Gerrit Cole & the New York Yankees?
Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 18: Concern with Gerrit Cole & the New York Yankees?

Aug 10 2022 | 00:47:16


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Colby Conway, Matt Selz, and James Grande break down Week 18 of the fantasy baseball season. Are the Mets the scariest team in baseball with a healthy Jacob deGrom? Are we concerned about the Yankees and their rotation as we inch closer to the postseason? All that and more in the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball podcast!

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Speaker 1 00:00:08 And welcome into the newest edition of the fantasy alarm fantasy baseball podcast. We're a little bit removed from the MLB trade deadline now. So we got to see some players doning their new threads, some for better, some for worse. We've also seen some teams welcome back. Some players that you could argue might be the biggest, uh, trade deadline acquisitions, really, even though they were already in house, but we'll get to that here. As we progress through this week's episode of the fantasy, our fantasy baseball podcast, and this week, the whole gang is here. We'll start with Matt sells at the sales man on Twitter. So Matt, how is everything going for you? Speaker 2 00:00:42 Uh, I'm good. I had some family in town this, uh, past weekend, so that was nice. I haven't seen them in about five years, so that's, that's always nice to see some family. Um, and you know, everything is status quo in DC. Just getting excited for the, uh, for the prospects showing their, where is their new team, but nothing to get excited about in DC for like another two years. So we'll see how it goes. Speaker 1 00:01:07 And then also with us this week, just like last week, got James Grande at the underscore real underscore Grande still has the underscore still hasn't claimed that basically inactive Twitter profile. That's just a weekly check in at this point, but, uh, James minus the, the whole Twitter username that you can't seem to get a hold of from that fan account. How's everything go over you. Speaker 3 00:01:29 Uh, other than that, cuz that has really crippled my life over the last, you know, uh, years, honestly. Uh, everything's going well, man. Uh, another, another great week to be great. Um, and yeah, looking forward to another, uh, fun week of the fantasy baseball season. Speaker 1 00:01:46 Absolutely. And we got a lot to talk about here in this week's episode, but just a couple of housekeeping things first, uh, wherever you're listening to this, make sure you go ahead like follow, subscribe all of the platforms, whichever one you wanna do, especially YouTube, make sure you're over there and check out everything. Um, actually just like follow and subscribe on all of them. Mind might as well. More notifications cannot hurt. And after doing that, make sure you check out the free NFL draft guide that we have. It is free once again, it is free on the site. $0. You can get it for free. If I haven't said that enough, make sure you are checking. How much is it? I think it's free. It's $0 and 0 cents. So it's free o'clock for the NFL draft guy, go check it out. $0, 0 cents free free, free, free, free. Speaker 1 00:02:29 So now that we put that there, let's talk a little bit, get back to the fantasy baseball realm, mad. I'm gonna kick it over to you here. Or we saw Jacob Drom return to the mound. Spoiler alert. He looked good as if we would really expect anything else. Cuz as long as he's healthy and out there, he's very good. He looked dominant. So Jacob D's return is a big boost for the met. So let me pose this question to you if healthy are the Mets, the scariest team in the national league and maybe perhaps even major league baseball as a whole, Speaker 2 00:02:57 Uh, this might not shock you, but I'm gonna say no and no it's not my Yankees or NATS fandom. That's you know, leading me down this bias path, both the pirate. Yeah, I, there, you know, yes, their, their rotation is very, very good. They have Toro when he is healthy as is basically in arguably the best pitcher in baseball. Scher has been phenomenal with healthy this year. Uh, Bassett has been very good as a number three though. He kind of tends to feed off of having Scher in front of him cuz when Scher was out, he, he slipped a little bit and then, you know, they have two very good, um, pitchers to round out the rotation as well. So that's impressive. But I will say that even with Bueller being out for now more than a month and with Kershaw being on the IO for at least the second time this year, the Dodgers are still five and a half games better than the Mets. Speaker 2 00:03:58 And they have more than twice a better run differential than the Mets. The Mets are at 111 run differential, which is impressive. Sure. The Dodgers are at 226 and they've not had their two main horses in their rotation together very much at all this year. Um, so I would say that I think their offense is prone to the Mets offense that is, is prone to struggling a little bit. Um, and by the way, the first came back for deGrom who faced basically a triple a NATS team without Soto and without bell, uh, he lost, he got beat up a little bit. So, you know, I don't know if the Nads got the little mojo to kind of prove that, oh, we could do it without Soto a bell, which is obviously full of crap. But um, so no, I would say the Dodgers are the more, um, scary team in my opinion, Speaker 3 00:04:59 James, I mean just to count your points, Matt, um, because I, I don't know, they may or may not be, I think the NL is absolutely insanely loaded at the top, right? There are um, four teams off the top of your head that could win the NL. I, I would say, um, two in the N L two in the west two in the L east. But I think when you talk about scariest, I mean you just mentioned that the Dodgers have been went out the horses. Well, you know, the horse of the entire league was out and has made two starts this year. Um, and that is Jacob DRO. So the Mets, not only haven't had, uh, you know, like Buer pitch for Mo like made multiple starts, Dera has made two and yes, he lost one. It was his, you know, first start of the year. Speaker 3 00:05:52 Um, and I think that's perfectly fine. Um, and when you're talking about scariest, yes, there is I think a discrepancy in potential lineup depth. Um, but the Mets did address that at the deadline. I think the pieces that they acquired have been quite good vole box has looked good. Tyler Naquin has looked really good as outfield depth for the Mets. Um, and that's going into an already good lineup, but we're talking about scary, right? Nobody right now is scarier in the ninth inning than Edwin Diaz and his music. Nobody there's nobody better in baseball in the ninth inning. As of today, there's also not a better one, two punch going into a post season series that you'll have to face four times than Jacob deGrom and max. Sure. None of those other three teams in the NL can say that even Walker Buler healthy was not great this year. And you've been admitted to saying as much, right, Matt. So I think when we're talking about as scary, if you can go to gro a bridge and get to Edwin Diaz followed by sheer bridge Diaz, it doesn't get scary in a PO than that in a post-season series, along with the fact that you have a potent offense. I'm gonna say as of right now, yes. I agree that we're differential is obviously in favor of the Dodgers, but I mean, there has to there's factors involving that. Speaker 2 00:07:14 Well, I mean, true. However, what's been the knock about the Mets in DRO for like four Speaker 3 00:07:20 Years. I mean, they can't score, they can't Speaker 2 00:07:22 Score for him. They don't score for him and they didn't against the triple a nationals lineup. Like there's no threat in that nationals lineup when DRO played him, cuz Voit wasn't even there. Right. You're talking about the best bat in that lineup was probably K bear Ruiz and they still didn't score. Speaker 3 00:07:41 I mean, they gave him five, they gave him five runs yesterday. They gave him a four run inning. It's a miracle. Speaker 2 00:07:46 Okay, congratulations. But if you're in the post season against offenses that are very good and potent and then, and Drom has one bad inning or surer who by the way can get hit in the first two innings. And then he usually settles down. Right? It's even with those horses, I still think the, the brewers want to punch of Woodruff and burns is right there. They have Speaker 3 00:08:18 To get, they have to get into the postseason first. Cause Speaker 2 00:08:20 Well they do, but they're in the, I mean they're in the wild card right now, but um, I don't know. I mean look, yes or DRO insurers are the two best pitchers in the national league probably, but their offense is still scored. Half the run toil is still half what the Dodgers is, even though the Dodgers haven't had Kershaw or Bueller at the top of his game and Cody Bellinger has sucked for most of the year. And yet they're still finding ways to score. They've outscore, their opponents 226 runs. And we all talk about how good the Padres have were supposed to be and are now they just swept them. Speaker 3 00:09:11 Right. I, I don't think there's a, uh, a case against the Dodgers. I just think there's an equal case against the Mets. Cuz when we're talking about scariest, you think of like, what am I going into the postseason with at the top of my rotation and who's closing games and it doesn't get better than the Mets right now. Speaker 2 00:09:33 Yeah. I mean reasonable, but their offense is still a questioner. Speaker 1 00:09:38 Is there no love for Jose Quintana and Jordan Montgomery in St. Louis? Speaker 3 00:09:43 Um, that is definitely a good question. Um, I Speaker 2 00:09:45 Mean Jordan Montgomery just won a one, nothing game against the Bronx bombers. So yeah. You know, Speaker 3 00:09:52 I mean I can, I mean, cause you led with Tana, you are bringing up a good point. Um <laugh> but uh, they're probably a close second, honestly. Speaker 1 00:10:01 Yeah. If not, if not third, I can tell you though back to the Mets, one person who might not be overly impressed. I'm curious if you guys read into this at all, uh, Spencer Streit's comments after <laugh>, after again saying that a lot of weird hits, they seemed to be having a lot of luck. He, he showed his true inner fantasy fandom perhaps in terms of calling out the team's Bab up and stuff basically saying, you know, when your team Bab is rather high, it's tough to get quick innings, get quick outs. And you know, those one ones that turn to two, one versus one, two tend to be a little bit different and then says that he looks forward to seeing them in October. And he's a rookie who hasn't quite been there. So any, any interesting thoughts on that or is just a guy who was like, you know what, it's their a division rival. I'm gonna throw some stuff out there and we'll see 'em later on nothing, nothing much more to Speaker 2 00:10:47 It. I mean his arm better be able to cash that check from October, right? Like you just called out the team, that's on pace for 102 wins. You better be able to win in October. Speaker 3 00:11:02 Didn't he also didn't he also make a comment like when you win, don't say a lot and when you lose say less, but that's not what he did because he said a lot when he lost. Yes. So I'm just throw, throwing that one out there too. Uh, I mean, I, I love Spencer Schreder. I think he's electric as ever as anyone in the league, honestly, in terms of strikeout stuff. But like, I mean he couldn't even get outta the third inning against them yesterday, so, Speaker 1 00:11:30 Well that's, you know, BA bait be damned. He says and sure. You know, Matt makes a good point. Will he be there? He is at 89 innings right now for the year. And his previous high back in most last year, 2021, a little under 80 Speaker 2 00:11:43 Or yeah, I think Speaker 1 00:11:44 That what's gonna happen to him. Speaker 2 00:11:46 I think they put him in the RO or in the bullpen. I think the Braves have enough rotation depth in their system to call up one or two arms, uh, and just kind of shuttle them back and forth between Gwinnet and uh, move him to the, to the bullpen. Speaker 1 00:12:01 I could see that happening as well. I wrote the Speaker 2 00:12:04 Patrick not, not to bring bad Juju, but like a Patrick Corbin role in, in the 2019 post season where he didn't necessarily start. But he was a bulkhead reliever Speaker 1 00:12:13 Could very well, very well be the case. When I wrote up the one of the daily roundups this week, I talked about Joe, Ryan's nice outing against Detroit in which he struck out nine batters. I can get it it's Detroit. But the thing that jumped off the page to me was he basically just said, screw everything else. I'm just gonna throw this fastball 80% of the time and good luck hitting it. <laugh> it worked against Detroit. Is there any viability to that sort of, uh, ideology for Ryan moving forward? Cuz prior to that, his fastball rate was hovering at or below 60% and then boom just jumped up to 79 and a half percent in this most recent outing. Do you think it's going to be, he's not gonna throw it at that rate. I expect it to come down a little bit, but can he really get by in terms of a decent strikeout rate with only throwing off speed stuff, maybe 15 to 20% of the time, Matt? Speaker 2 00:13:04 Um, Speaker 1 00:13:04 As a starter, Speaker 2 00:13:06 It's unusual. We'll put it, we'll put it that way. Um, like, I don't know. I'm, I'm trying to dig up whether or not, um, the tigers just, uh, usually suck against fastballs. Um, so I mean they stink Speaker 1 00:13:24 In general. Speaker 2 00:13:25 I mean they do stink in general, but if it's the case that the tigers basically have a terrible, um, they do time hitting, they do, they actually rank dead last against fast balls in baseball. Um, like, so maybe that was part of, it was like these guys just can't hit fast balls and I've got a pretty good one. Um, so we'll just see if they can <laugh> if they can hit it. But no, I guess anybody else that's not, that's not a reasonable pitch mix to do by any means. Speaker 1 00:13:58 Yeah, it's it's I mean, I just don't know <laugh> in major league baseball. When you got a guy with a four seamer throws it nearly 80% of the time, it still generates a 39% width rate. Right? Well, Hey, read the scouting report. They know Detroit stinks and stinks against fastball. So what the hell let's keep throwing it. James, I'm gonna kick this one over to you here. Clayton Kershaw's back back to the IL right there. It looks like with Kershaw, we talked about the Dodges a little bit went healthy. They're very scary, but there seem to be a little bit beat up on the mound as well. So Clayton Kershaw's back has not, has been something that we've known now for a little bit. It's no injury to sending him to, uh, the injur list, but it happened to happen now. So we gotta talk about it. So talk to me about Clayton Kershaw, what fantasy baseball managers should expect the rest of the way. Speaker 3 00:14:46 I mean, it's, it's tread lightly, honestly with Kershaw, um, with the Dodgers positioning in, you know, the NL and their divisional race. Um, what are they 15 and a half up on San Diego. It's a essentially barring a catastrophic collapse. Um, they're locked to win the Speaker 2 00:15:10 Division. Well there's only, they only have nine games left against the Padre. So the Padre are gonna need to win out against the Dodgers and then get help for like six other games. Speaker 3 00:15:19 Yeah, it's, it's a miracle. It's an absolute miracle. Um, so there's really nothing the Dodgers need to do in order. Like they're not rushing Khaw back. Um, he's been great this year when he is been on the mound, but like I, I think fantasy owners should tread very lightly. I don't expect to see much of him the remainder of the regular season. And even when we do, he was one of the only guys, Dave Roberts actually let pitch deep into games like ho ho aria still doesn't throw more than like 92, 3, 4 pitches in a game. Um, Kershaw actually saw his leash kind of lengthened over a hundred pitches. We won't see him approach that again, um, until maybe the post season. So, um, I think days of hoping Clayton Kershaw is that front end starter this year, at least our very numbered. Um, not that he can't be productive in 75, 80 pitch stints when he does return. Um, but who knows if he even ever gets there until the post season, because again, they don't need another back flare before the post season. They need him. Let's just face like they need him going into a series against Atlanta, San Diego or New York flat out. So, um, it's, it's, you know, it's looking bleak for, for Kersha owners right now and I'm, and I'm not happy. Um, I'm very sad if I am one. Speaker 1 00:16:45 Yeah. And it's something to, at this point, you know, we talk, we see it in the NBA most often with LeBron James led teams. It's like the regular season is just the buy in. All they care about is the post season. And that's what it should be with the Dodgers at this point. Yeah. So quick, quick, over under here, let's say, I mean, right now he is got no timetable for his return. They're probably gonna want to get him back to make a couple starts before the end of the season, just to be ready. Even if he only goes three, four ish innings in those starts. So let's say we'll even count those as games that he starts. Let's put the line at four and a half. Matt, do you think Kershaw makes that fifth start before the regular season ends heading into the post season Speaker 2 00:17:23 Under Speaker 1 00:17:24 James Speaker 3 00:17:25 Under Speaker 1 00:17:26 Easy enough? Same Speaker 2 00:17:27 Youer by the way, Speaker 1 00:17:29 Same with him too. Speaker 3 00:17:31 I think, I think they would probably extend him more barring. He's ready because he's been out for so long, but maybe I'm wrong. I, if I, if you set the same number at Bueller, I'd go over, but it wouldn't be by a lot. Speaker 1 00:17:49 Yep. I think that's, I think that's fair. Just given the length of time that he's been on the IO. I think they might be a little more inclined to kind of extend him a little bit heading into the post season quick one. Before we talk about Fernando Tatis Jr's return seems imminent to that potentially make the best lineup in baseball. Fran Reyes was DFA, nine homers, but a 37% strikeout rate really quick. Do you guys think he latches on anywhere and makes any sort of impact by season's end Speaker 3 00:18:18 Latches on yes. Impact? No. Speaker 1 00:18:20 Matt, Speaker 2 00:18:22 Somebody will pick him up, Speaker 3 00:18:23 Right? <laugh> I don't pick up, Speaker 2 00:18:26 I don't think he'll do anything. I think he becomes a 26, 27, 20 eighth man on a September roster. Speaker 1 00:18:34 Yep. I think, I think you're right. That strikeout rate. I mean, it was always a little bit high, but you could get by with the home runs and this year just two 13 average 37% strikeout rate. No, thank you. So the Padres obviously added some guy named Juan Soto. Matt apparently knows a lot about him for some reason, not quite sure why. Um, but he's gonna he's in that lineup, you got Brandon Drewry and Josh bell, and now it looks like Fernando ish Jr's return could be imminent as he is heading out. Um, he's face live pitching going on a rehab assignment soon. It sounds like from the fantasy alarm injury report here that we have on the site, is this the best lineup in baseball in terms of just pure talent in that lab? Like I said, when tattoos returns, Soto, TAs pro and worth bell, Drewry Al farro, is this the best lineup in baseball, James? Speaker 3 00:19:22 I mean, it's had mine by BR and ju so of course it's like what? Um, uh, like, you know, they got the best player in baseball and Juan Soto at the trade that then let's not forget that. Um, so yeah, I mean, I, I think with in elite form, I mean, they're hard to beat. They are going to run, they're going to hit for power. Um, they obviously need to get a better version of Manny Machado because he has been quite bad for over a month now. Um, and I think he's, you know, the first month of the year we were saying that he's the lead candidate for MVP before gold Schmitz run. So, um, I think they can be the best offense in the league. Um, I mean, it's so hard to like look at the Dodgers, like top six as well, and be like, Hmm, like you put the, their top six against the, the Padre's top six is so close. Uh, the Padre probably have a little more depth, you know, getting Drewry. Um, and obviously there's the Yankees when they're healthy and, and like actually doing things and, you know, Toronto, is there looming? Well, um, I would say there were probably the, there are probably the top four offenses in baseball. Uh, I guess San Diego with a healthy tattoo would be one a or one B considering whatever, however you consider them with, um, probably the Dodgers. Speaker 2 00:20:57 Yeah. My question is can they gel? Right? That's always been the question with San Diego, like a couple years ago when they loaded up and everybody's like, where's all this money coming from. And then they sold everybody off by the trade deadline. Cause they didn't gel. They didn't do anything. They didn't do what they expected. Right. That's kind of been the thing for San Diego. They like to play like, pretend they're playing, be the show. And then when things don't work, they just dump contracts. Um, talent wise. Yeah. They should be really, really good, but we haven't seen it produce yet. Obviously Tais hasn't been there that might help. Um, I mean it should, but you never know with him coming off of this injury, if all of his capability is there or not, it's, it's so hard. I'm basically with James in terms of like when everybody's healthy, the top six, I don't know. You could probably toss Atlanta in there too. Yeah. Um, but I might say the Dodgers still have the edge or the Braves because they gel together. They know what, like, I don't know. They just seem to pick each other up better than just being one guy at a nine. More like the Padres are right now. Speaker 1 00:22:10 I think the top end talent is most certainly there. They did a good job with depth. I had, I had my concerns that Brandon and jury coming to San Diego, cause I said he is gonna, you know, his left right splits were pretty massive. And his home road splits were pretty massive. So I was in on Soto and his debut there. And then of course, what does jury do? Hits a home, run away from great American ballpark and not even against a lefthander. So I was like, okay, if he's gonna do that, they are going to be just fine from a fantasy baseball ad drop perspective, two games I wanna throw out here. First of which in Cincinnati we have Jose Barro he's 24 years old, young shortstop. He hit two home runs recently and he's only been up for a couple games, big time strikeout rate we've seen thus far. And while he is put together some decent years in the minors with a little bit of pop and some decent speed numbers at the big league level, we've yet to see it as he's hit just 1 91 across 49 games with two home runs and two stolen bases in that time. So Matt, I'll kick it over to you first. Is there any fantasy juice to be, to be had with Barro here down the stretch in Cincinnati? Speaker 2 00:23:08 I mean, I think so. Yeah. Cuz I don't think he's gonna not play. Um, but past this year I'm not so sure they've got a couple of really good shortstop prospects coming up in their system. They had Matt McClean in there that they drafted and then they also just got no LV Marte who will be up a couple years after that from the Mariners. Um, and I pretty sure they just drafted a, a kid in the first couple rounds this year, play shortstop pretty well. Um, so yeah, for the rest of this year, I would, I would try it. I'm not sold on him long term, given the depth of shortstop that they have, maybe they move him to second base. Um, but the strikeout rate is concerning, uh, for his long term viability. Speaker 1 00:23:51 Anything add to that, James, Speaker 3 00:23:52 I mean the only two hits he has in 14 bats are home runs. Uh, this has like, and the strike, like this has like hobby BAAs first call up vibes for me like home runs strikeouts, that's it? That's all you're getting. I will say that the, uh, I mean the obvious, you know, the elephant in the room is he gets to play his home games in great Americans. So, um, I there's gonna be, you know, maybe streaming upside if he has like five, six games at home in a week. Um, I know like F SGA locks is weekly lock. So if you wanna get Brera in a week that he has six home games by all means, I think that's a fine plug and play. Speaker 1 00:24:32 And then James I'll come back to you here with Edward Cabrera made his return to the Mount in Miami eight Ks over five innings against the lowly Cubs. Yes. Was against the Cubs, but still important. Nonetheless is he's shown that he has plenty of swing and miss in his, in his game, on the mound. The, the Marlins are a little beat up on in terms of their starting rotation. So how long does he stick in this rotation coming off injury? Do they go to his six man rotation? Do they just bump him all together when the likes of Trevor Rogers and them return, but is Edward Cabrera a must add the rest of the way James? Speaker 3 00:25:02 Yeah. Um, great, great ground ball rate keeps the ball on the yard. Uh, the only problem is the walks. Like if he can limit the walks, then he'll be fine. He can pitch deep into games. Um, so yeah, I think it's, uh, I think it's close to a must add he's, you know, been a little lucky. You see, um, a 1 74 bait, you see a 4 29 xFi compared to a 2 61 year, right. It's not the best, but you mentioned Goalby like he's missing bats. He's had two elite strikeout games, um, his first and his last starts. Um, so if he can just get more consistency there and limit the walks, I think he's a great ad for the rest of the campaign Speaker 1 00:25:38 Bat. Speaker 2 00:25:41 Um, yeah. I, you know, verbal retweet, uh, everything James just said he was a pretty high ranking, uh, pitching prospect when he was coming up through the system, the Marlins had figured out how to home grow their pitching talent. Speaker 3 00:25:56 I'd say so holy Speaker 2 00:25:58 Cow, at this point also, by the way, if Yu Perez is available, you need to get him now. Like now, like he's top five in my, uh, recent top 300, uh, things. And a few of their Scouts said, he's the best pitching prospect they've ever seen. And they've been in the league for like 30 years. Um, so yeah, they, they can home grow their own pitching prospects. I think Cabra stays in the rotation. They need to figure out who's in the rotation going forward because their window to compete is starting to open. Um, so yeah, I, I, I mean the Mustad is always hard for me, cuz it always depends on who you're dropping. Right, right. If you're dropping a fringe guy, sure. He's a mustache cuz you're getting a guy with upside for a fringe guy, but we're not talking like you're clearly not dropping a number two or number three starter for Edward Cabrera. That's that's not happening at this point. So, um, it depends on who you, who you're dropping. Speaker 1 00:26:57 Absolutely. And especially if you need strike guys, I think Cabrera health willing should be a nice source of that down the stretch. But let's talk a little bit here about some levels of concern. James, I'm gonna come to you first, given that it is the Yankees actually both of the ones I have here, <laugh> two of them are with the Yankees, but let's talk here with the Yankees starting pitching. You look through the beginning of the year dominant still pretty good. But as I'm looking here each month, that St the era for the starters has gone up in June up to 3.49 still very good. July was 4.3. And now here through August starting pitching era approaching seven, what is the level of concern amongst the Yankees starting pitching just as a team, especially given that they traded, you know, C young candidate, Jordan Montgomery away at the deadline, Speaker 3 00:27:45 Uh, 10, 10 out of 1,000 out of 110 out of 10. Uh, it was concerning before the deadline. And then they came out and said, oh, we weren't gonna use Jordan Montgomery in the post season anyway. Um, so we're just trade him. Yeah. Because you don't need pitching depth at all. Right. In case one of your other starters get hurt or, you know, just using a reliable starter, that's not a viable approach ever. Is it like, yeah, let's just trade guys away, even though they're super consistent because we are, you know, trying to predict the future that our whole rotation is gonna be healthy two months from now. I mean, what kind of logic is that that is literally taking a potential world series team and just flipping it upside down that might not win a playoff series because you might not have the horses in the first round to even get to advance anywhere. Speaker 3 00:28:42 Uh, I it's, it's a giant concern. The concerns were there. Nester has never pitched this deep into the season. Dominguez Herman has not looked great and he's coming off injury. Um, I mean, Jameson, Ty has been Dr. JLA Mr. Hyde, but also hasn't pitched deep into seasons, get barring his health issues in the past Garrett Cole, although he's been, you know, great outside of a handful of starts. Look what happened in Boston last post-season. I mean, there are glaring problems with his Yankees rotation, Frankie Montas Hey, great debut buddy. Six earned in your first two in first two innings. And you know, they put out the numbers, uh, when he was pitching away from Oakland versus in Oakland, very alarming. I mean, there is nothing right now, other than Garrett Cole, like eight out of 10 starts that is like really encouraging about the Yankees rotation. Speaker 3 00:29:40 So 10, uh, it is really, really, really concerning. They should have got, they should have done whatever they could have to get Pablo Lopez at the deadline and they should not have dealt Jordan Montgomery. Um, because I mean, they made these comments and then did it anyway and then traded Jordan Mo Montgomery and then got mom's house, even though he can't pitch on the road and then didn't get papalo. Um, this is a management issue, but it is gonna turn into a playoff, uh, an early playoff exit. If you know, they can't write the ship, which how are they going to, they, they can't reverse time. They can't go back in time. So Speaker 2 00:30:18 Yeah, I'll, I'll piggyback off of that and borrow from spinal tap. Our knobs go to 11. Uh, this is, I mean, we all knew coming into the season. The major question mark was you got Garrett Cole in 17 question marks in your pitching staff, right? The bullpen was questionable to begin with, and now they're starting to get some holes cuz they've been injured and they didn't really make moves for that at the deadline. The starting rotation was a massive question coming into the season and it's still a massive question. They missed out on Louis Castillo and then he turns around and shuts them down. Right? Then they trade away, Jordan Montgomery, then go face him and he shuts them down to the tune of a one, nothing win for St. Louis. And then montage gets blown up in his first start. So I don't know where they turn. The offense is great, but that's assuming that judge and Stanton and whoever else stay healthy. Um, I'm not sure that any of their pitching prospects are really all that ready to come up. Uh, at this point, if I remember correctly, isn't clerk Schmidt out for the year with Tommy, John, and he was kind of a, a Speaker 3 00:31:26 Lucas GE Lucas, GE is, uh, they sent, they sent Schmidt back down, Speaker 2 00:31:32 Right. Speaker 3 00:31:33 Um, to stretch him out. Speaker 2 00:31:35 So he was Speaker 3 00:31:36 Pitching outta the pen. Yeah. They he's pitched outta the pen exclusively this year. And then they sent him down like, oh wait, we actually need starting pitching. Speaker 2 00:31:45 Right. And Ken Walde, Chuck, who was probably the closest starting pitcher prospect to coming up, they traded, uh, they, they traded away to a believe Chicago for the 28 year old rookie, if I'm not mistaken. Um, yeah, it's a massive, it it's a, it's a massive problem. Uh, in terms of American league playoff teams, I don't think there's any argument that they have the most concerning rotation right Speaker 3 00:32:16 Now. They have the fourth worst. Um, here are the worst, since the all star break, worst eras in baseball amongst starting pitching, uh, staffs nationals are one, Boston is two, the Rockies are three. The Yankees are four. How many of those teams are gonna make the playoffs? Speaker 2 00:32:34 Uh, Speaker 3 00:32:35 1, 1, 1, right? What and what is gonna happen early exit. Um, so yeah. Speaker 1 00:32:43 Hey, maybe Harrison Bater bails him out in the ninth. That's about the only thing you can hope for at this. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:32:48 But he's not even back till September. Speaker 3 00:32:50 Yeah. He's back in September. We have a, there is a nine and a half game lead. Speaker 2 00:32:54 They may not win the division Speaker 3 00:32:56 With a, with six games left against the blue Jays with the rest of the division. Just beating the shit out of each other, pardoned my French, uh, for the rest of the year. Cuz that's what's gonna happen. It's a good division. Um, Speaker 2 00:33:10 Camp is getting healthy by the way. Speaker 3 00:33:13 It's it is. It's a 10 Colby. I don't know. It's a 10, Speaker 1 00:33:17 I think I'm, I'm, I'm up there with you as well, but let's stick in New York here cuz another trade deadline, ACC acquisition that the Yankees went out and got was Andrew Ben and Tendi hitting 300 plus on the year enjoying great success comes to New York. And since doning the, the Bronx, uh, pin stripes hitting just 1 33 with a 61 WRC plus and a 20% strikeout rate, which is vastly higher than what it was during his time in Kansas city. He does have a decent on base percentage. Uh, it's not that decent at 3 0 8, but when you, when you consider he is hitting 1 33, it's not bad. Thanks to that massive walk rate. But what is the level of concern with Ben and Tendi here the rest of the way. And I know it's gonna be a microcosm of the entire concern of the Yankees, but let's isolate Ben and Tene here just for the sake of this, James, let's go back to, let's go back to James cuz he's, he's riled up and let's keep him, let's keep him on the edge of his seat before he can. He, before he can relax. Speaker 3 00:34:13 Uh, um, I mean like from a fantasy perspective, it's extremely alarming because what you relied upon Ben and 10 for, he's not giving you anything of, and he's not making it up in any facet anywhere else. Like he has three home runs, um, on the year. I mean it's, it's largely concerning and it's to the point where like, sure he has this great ballpark to hidden, um, when he plays his home games. But like it doesn't even benefit him because he is not hitting for power. If he's, if his Drager rate is up, he's on base percentage is down, the average is down. What's the point of even rostering him right now. Um, so it's highly concerning the Yankees need him to be a table setter and he's not even putting any forks, not, he's not putting any silverware out there, he's dropping it on the goddamn floor. Um, so yeah, I think Ben ten's, droppable all formats. If you, at this point, like what is not providing O BP, not providing average, not, and he is not doing trust any might, not even a home run in the achy uniform. So, uh, yeah. Get rid of them. Speaker 2 00:35:24 Matt. Yeah. Ben and 10 being at tables, others like my kids who just sit there and watch TV when the table's supposed to be. Perfect Speaker 3 00:35:29 Example. Perfect example. Speaker 2 00:35:31 Perfect example. Um, yeah. I'm with you. I, I think that these smaller dimensions of Yankee stadium are hurting him because he's not really known for a lot of pop, right. He's known for hitting it to the gaps and legging out, extra base hits. And that's what he could do in Kansas city. Cuz it's the largest outfield by area in baseball. It's larger than cos field. Um, and that's not the case in Yankee stadium. Obviously we've all talked about how it's a band box. Um, that's also not the case in almost any of the a L east ballparks except for Camden yards, which now has the largest left field in baseball, which is weird. Um, so yeah, I'm with you, I'm dropping him in basically all formats. I'm not even sure he is worth keeping a dynasty cuz his skill set has just seemed to, I mean I've never been that big of a Benin guy, uh, in dynasty cuz I just don't. I think he does a little bit of everything. Okay. But that's not really a dynasty keep. So I'm probably getting rid of him in all formats. Speaker 1 00:36:37 That intend seems to be a kind of Jack of all trades master of none. But since come into New York, <laugh> kind of is a bad Jack of all trades in that he is not really doing much of anything. There he's a Jack, he's a Jack something <laugh> there you go. There you go. He's we, we talked about the angels last week and a level of concern. It was pretty high. So I'm curious if it's gone up at all, consider they hit seven home runs in a game and lost. They stink. They, they couldn't hit themselves out of, you know, out of the, they, they just, they can't hit, uh, they're so fun to pick against for pitching props. If you're on like underdog or prospect, so much fun to pick against, um, what is the level of concern with the angels? I know mine sky high just cuz they stink and they just they'll find creative ways to lose even what they do hit seven home runs. So Matt, any change in your level of concern with the angels from last week? Speaker 2 00:37:22 No. I mean, it's been like this basically since the middle of may, right? Like they lost 14 games in a row for a reason. Um, they used Joe Madden as a scapegoat, which was a terrible decision cuz you really should have fired your GM. Yeah. Cause the guy sucks at putting together baseball teams and can't draft. Um, yeah, to clarify on the, on the seven homers, not only are they the six team in MLB history to hit seven homers and lose the game, they are the first team in MLB history to hit seven solo homers and be, and those be the only runs they scored in a game that's apparently never happened, which is such an angel stat. It's like, oh show, Hey, Oton struck out 12 dudes, but you have to go back to 1838 for the last time a pitcher struck out 12 guys and scored the only two runs and still lost. Speaker 2 00:38:14 Right? Like it's such an angel stat that they hit seven homers and lost and didn't score any other runs any other way in a game. Um, trouts got a congenital back thing now apparently. Um, Tani's probably gone after this contract. I don't see there's any way that they keep him. Um, and they've got really no reinforcement coming in the farm. Like their farm system is not, not great. Joe Atell hasn't panned out. They just got rid of um, Brandon Marsh, which okay. I mean I'm not sure really what that did for you. Um, yeah. It's so long story short. No, I'm exactly as concerned as I was in may, but perhaps more so cuz it's there's no help in sight. Like it's gonna keep going for like eternity Speaker 1 00:39:05 James Speaker 3 00:39:06 <laugh>. I mean, I mean, I don't know. I they're just, they just stink, right? Like you said, it, they just, the note says, plus they stink now. Like you could've just left. Like Speaker 2 00:39:18 They didn't, Speaker 3 00:39:20 You could've just left up and now and just said, plus they stink. And I think we would've been like, yeah. Uh, I mean it's concerning like again, like the tiny thing is fascinating because they are 100% not gonna agree on a, on a qualifying offer next year because like what do you pay unicorn? And then when they are, when like the argument happens and like just like they watch the Yankees lose Aaron judge because they didn't give him $4 million and judge goes out to like LA next year. I mean the same thing's gonna happen. But like basically because Otani doesn't wanna play for the angels anymore. Um, why would you wanna play for them? So yeah. I mean it's extremely concerning, but nothing new. I mean, look at all the contracts they hand out and just don't pan out when you have like the two best players in baseball and you are like 20 games under 500 every year, you need to just disband, just like start a franchise, like bring back the expo. Right. Just something, anything just get rid of the angels. I don't know. Speaker 2 00:40:21 Yeah. That was kind of my argument to NAS fans was like, okay, so you're disappointed that you didn't keep two of five great talents between Rendon and Turner and insurer and Soto and Harper look at what the angels like, they kept him and they still suck and they added Rendon and they still suck like it's about drafting and development. And I bet you that Otani doesn't wanna leave his house in LA. So he's just gonna wind up going up the I five, just a little bit to Chavez ravine and go help a team in LA who could also use pitching help, who now has a DH spot and you know, Speaker 1 00:41:00 Angels stink. <laugh> I don't know. I don't know where else to go with it. Agree. I think that that's just pretty much it it's. Speaker 2 00:41:08 I mean, Speaker 1 00:41:08 It's hard it's I don't even know if I should be concerned just cuz like it's like, like you guys have said it's happened for so long now, should I be concerned? And just like, realize like, Hey, this is a notable trend. That's probably not gonna Speaker 2 00:41:20 Change. Let's let's put it this way. I'm shocked that the Mariners actually have a longer playoff drought than the angels do Speaker 3 00:41:27 Shocked. That is crazy Speaker 2 00:41:29 Flat out shocked that the Mariners have the longest playoff drought in playoff drought of any team in any major north American sport. Literally every other team in every other sport has made the playoffs. Since the Mariners last appeared in baseball playoffs, Speaker 1 00:41:49 They're gonna have the drought soon. That's just that's gonna happen. They stink. I can't say Speaker 3 00:41:53 It enough. Do you guys wanna hear a concerning part? I just, sorry. One more thing. How Speaker 1 00:41:58 Concerning Speaker 3 00:41:58 Is it? I'm it's very concerning. I'm going back to the Yankees just to tie them tie it, tie a bow. Do you know what the Dodgers record is since acquiring Joey gall? Speaker 2 00:42:08 It's better than the Yankees. Speaker 3 00:42:09 Six, six and oh you know what the Yankees record is since losing Joey Gallo. Speaker 2 00:42:14 Oh and Speaker 3 00:42:14 Six oh and five. Yep. Speaker 2 00:42:16 So maybe he should have like just hung out in his apartment more and just not played on the team. Speaker 3 00:42:21 Just I had to throw that out there. I'm sorry, sorry. Sorry for wasting your time. Speaker 1 00:42:24 Is that the Joey Gallo effect? Speaker 3 00:42:26 I'm thinking it is. I think my, my 10 has now tripled. Like my level of concern has literally quadrupled by the second. Speaker 2 00:42:35 I mean you get rid of a guy who's hitting what one 17 <laugh> you go? Oh and five Speaker 3 00:42:41 And lose every game since it is just Ugh. Burn the, burn it all down. Speaker 1 00:42:46 Yeah. I, Speaker 2 00:42:47 So are you saying Cleveland's about to fall off a cliff? Speaker 3 00:42:51 Maybe possibly. Speaker 1 00:42:56 I'm I'm really curious now to hear what James's bold prediction for the week that lies ahead is cuz from the sound of it, it sounds like that the Dodgers are probably gonna go undefeated this week and the Yankees will go defeated and that's just gonna be a rinse and repeat thing for the rest of the year. As long as gall is on the Dodgers and not on the Yankees. So, uh, James, I'm gonna kind of take that one away from you cuz I'll just figure Speaker 3 00:43:14 Evergreen Speaker 1 00:43:15 Prediction the rest of the way. So what do you think, gimme your prediction for this, uh, this upcoming week of fantasy baseball action. Speaker 3 00:43:21 So I like, I like a two start Keegan Thompson week. Uh, this week it's been a very interesting road for Keegan Thompson this year. He has seen the highest of highs and he is had the lowest of lows. Um, and there's been really nothing in between. Um, but he has a bunch of big strikeout games. Uh, on Monday he gets to face the NATS in Wrigley. There's 15 mile per hour winds blowing in. Um, so not that offense expected there. We know how the winds play a huge factor in Wrigley. Um, but the strikeout stuff is electric. His second start of the week comes against the red. So I'm gonna go over 13 strikeouts for Keegan Thompson. I think he has ma two seven strikeout games. Maybe we get an eight mixed in there. Uh, but I think a big week for Keegan Thompson lies ahead. If he's out there on your wave of wire, uh, could help some ratios this week. Speaker 1 00:44:14 What's your prediction, Matt. Speaker 2 00:44:16 Mine is more of a long term one. Um, we'll have to check back on whatever it is. October 3rd or the last day of the season. I'm saying the Yankees don't win the division Speaker 3 00:44:29 Nine and a half game lead six against Toronto, six against Toronto remaining three at home three on three. And uh, across the border with a, with a vaccinated Andrew Ben attendee. Speaker 2 00:44:40 Let's put it this way. The blue Jay still have a pretty impressive amount of arms that they can call upon, um, down the stretch, the Yankees don't. So Speaker 1 00:44:55 Don't have arms Speaker 3 00:44:56 Yankees don't have any arms. Although Aaron judge is the only one with arms Speaker 1 00:45:01 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:45:02 I mean, everybody else is just playing soccer out there with Speaker 1 00:45:06 Yep. They, every other team has pitchers. The Yankees have guys who step on the mound and throw the ball to the guy behind the plate and play Speaker 3 00:45:14 Home growers. And XPI great play homes. Speaker 1 00:45:17 Yes XPI Speaker 2 00:45:18 And a 28 year old rookie, they just named the Cubs for their best pitching prospect. Whatever meant Ricky Teman might be up for the blue Jays later this year, he's got electrifying stuff. There's um, a few other guys who are triple a, who are lower ranked, but could help 'em out like Bowden Francis. Um, you know, so they they've got some, they've got some depth, their rotations also better than the Yankees right now without any question. So yeah, I'm gonna say Toronto winds up Al least jams Speaker 1 00:45:51 My prediction for the week. That lies ahead is what they pitch that we've already talked about. We've said Edward caber as a guy, you probably should add, especially if you need some strikeout help. I think he puts up seven plus strikeouts against Philly and it's going to make the decision a little bit tougher for Miami to take him out of the rotation moving forward. So that is it that we had here on the sheet that we wanna talk about for the, this episode of the fantasy alarm fantasy baseball podcast. Before we wrap it up again, check out all the great fantasy content that we have here at fantasy alarm for baseball, whether it's DFS or seasonal. Once again, the fantasy football NFL draft guide is free $0, 0 cents. It is free free NFL draft guide to make sure you check that out. And of course, wherever you're listening to, not only this podcast, but the whole, the whole shebang of podcasts here at fancy alarm, like subscribe, follow every platform, even if you've never been on it before, go like and subscribe there. Speaker 1 00:46:43 Cuz that little notification is always good to have. Make sure you give Matt sells a follow at the sales man on Twitter. Give James Grande a follow at the underscore real underscore Grande. Hopefully soon fingers crossed. I won't have to say all those damn underscores and we can continue. And who knows? Maybe it's just a matter until the Yankees get another good starting pitcher that you'll, that, that Twitter, that, that Twitter username one last little jab in there for the episode. But until next time we'll see you in one week for the next edition of the fantasy alarm fantasy baseball podcast.

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