September 22, 2022


Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 24: Will Spencer Strider be an fantasy ace in 2023

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Colby Conway Matt Selz James Grande
Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 24: Will Spencer Strider be an fantasy ace in 2023
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Fantasy Baseball MLB Podcast Week 24: Will Spencer Strider be an fantasy ace in 2023

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There is a ton going on in the world of MLB and Colby Conway and Matt Selz are here to break it all down. We look forward to 2023 fantasy baseball and what some players value look like for next year. Players like Spencer Strider, Yordan Alvarez, and Jonathan India could be hot names come 2023 fantasy baseball drafts.

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Speaker 1 00:00:08 But, um, you know, it can't have everything, right? Speaker 2 00:00:13 Yeah. It ultimately seems like when you're looking at the American league, there could be a little bit of shuffling for the, the central there, with, um, with Cleveland, they could shuffle, but it seems like the only thing we're really jostling for in the American league is basically amongst the wildcard teams. Who's gonna be wildcard one, wildcard, two wildcard, three. Just what order are they going to come in? Where at least the NL there's a little bit and by a little bit, I mean, there's Speaker 1 00:00:42 Like one Speaker 2 00:00:43 Exactly. It's San Diego, like Philly and Milwaukee are just fighting for two of those spots there. So that's pretty much, yeah. Speaker 1 00:00:50 And if fair is in the national league, they're closer. Speaker 2 00:00:53 Yeah. There's more fun in the national league. Right. Speaker 1 00:00:56 The American league it's like barring a collapse, you know, the, the six teams that are making it right. Because whoever wins the central, the second place team is gonna be a wild card team at this point. Speaker 2 00:01:08 Yeah. It looks like, yeah. And right now, you know, you got Cleveland and Chicago are gonna head off for a series here. So this is something where if Chicago doesn't maybe sweep or take the majority of it, then we know the six teams pretty much. It's just a matter of what order, like the wild cards are gonna come in. Um, but we'll talk a little bit playoffs kind of as we go through out here, but yeah, it's kind of, kind of straightforward there, but there's some more relevant news and notes on various players. So of course, as we come down the stretch we're on milestone watch. So Aaron judge is now up to 59. Home runs that 61 is well in reach for him. And when you start looking at judges' numbers, you know, we spent a lot of time talking about Paul gold. Schmid potentially getting the NL triple crown of things pair out well for him, we might have been overlooking the fact that Aaron judge could easily win the American league triple crown, cuz he's got the home runs. Speaker 2 00:01:55 And he's definitely not. <laugh> he's not losing that. I can almost guarantee you that has certainly going to happen. RBI he's pretty much got locked down. And in terms of batting average, he's only, I'm sorry, he's tied for second and only one point behind Luis aria in Minnesota. So, um, Aaron judge, we both kind of said, he's probably gonna get the 61 or above, so that's not really the issue. So I guess my question to you here is do you think judge pulls it out in terms of batting average to win the American league? Triple crown? Speaker 1 00:02:24 It's possible. I mean, he's been, he's been red hot down the stretch here. Um, it's, it's certainly possible. Look, he's also tied with Xander Bogarts too, um, at three 16 spot, but in fairness to judge, he's got like 10 more at bats right now, 13 more at bats than Bogart. So he should probably get a little bit of a nod there. Um, it's it's possible. Right? The only thing he needs to do is outpace Louis eyes by like two points of batting average. It seems a lot easier than what we had prescribed for Paul Goldschmidt, which was beating Freddie Freeman and then also jumping like two other dudes and homers and then hoping somebody else didn't hit RBI. Right? So like I think judge has a much cleaner path to the triple crown Speaker 2 00:03:18 And it's still gonna be tough for him. Cause when you look here in September, judge is hitting a cool 4 91, but this isn't like a gold Schmidt situation where he's hitting, you know, 200 in this area. I mean, you got Bogarts in September, who's hitting 3 92 INH. Who's hitting 3 0 8. So it's, you know, they're gonna provide stiff competition down the stretch for judge to get the American league triple crown. But I think he's gonna pull it out. I think he's got a legitimate chance to do it. And, Speaker 1 00:03:43 And so here's, he's, there's my question. If he win, if he takes the triple crown, do you hand him the American league MVP Speaker 2 00:03:52 He'd have my vote Speaker 1 00:03:53 Or does it still go to Otani Speaker 2 00:03:58 Judge would I think if judge wins the triple crown, I would, without a doubt, give him my vote that I don't have. Speaker 1 00:04:08 Yeah. It's it's cause here's, here's the interesting thing, right? Like we had Otani win the a L MVP last year, right now he's hitting for a higher average. He has less home runs this year, but he's hitting for a much higher average than he did last year. And he's pitching better. A judge who finished fourth in the Al and MVP voting last year is having just a monstrous season. So the question is, is having this huge of a season enough to out China guy who won the award last year and then is statistically having a better year this year. Speaker 2 00:04:45 And I mean, that's, that's the argument when you look last year, like the highest war player was in the American league lease was Jose Ramirez is at 6.4 and judges above 10 this year. Like this is more Otani if we're only gonna look at OT and judge in a vacuum here, OT is more competition this year for it. And it's one of those things where if judge let's just say he gets the 62, just one more above Mari's record. Um, if he, if judge get hits 62 homers and wins the American league triple crown, again, I, I think you have to give it to him and it's no knock on Otta. It's no indictment on OT at all. It's just what judge did this year. I mean, here's the thing with, with Otani the angel stink without Otani they stink a lot more. I have no clue where the Yankees would be this year without Aaron judge. Speaker 1 00:05:32 Right? I mean, I get that argument that the Yankee, for sure. You're still leading the division and the angels just got eliminated from the playoffs, uh, on Sunday. I believe Matthew met. Speaker 2 00:05:43 Oh, I thought that happened in June. Speaker 1 00:05:45 Well probably I think it happened. Speaker 2 00:05:48 They mathematically Speaker 1 00:05:48 Got Joe added to be honest, but Speaker 2 00:05:50 They mathematically got eliminated recently. Yes. Speaker 1 00:05:53 Um, so like I get the, the people who are like, well, judges had more to had more pressure on him. I'm like, well, no, because, uh, OTs, the only dude on that offense, right? Like I know Mike trout showed up for a week, hit six home runs and then cooled way off. But trout was gone for like two months, like O Tony's the only dude on that offense. And he's still putting up numbers. And he's the only guy you have to be concerned about on that pitching staff, except for like Sandoval every so often. And he's still shutting down opposing offenses. So while I get that, the argument is, well, this guy's team made the playoffs. Okay. But it's not a one team. Like if that was the case, then how does trout have three, a L MVP awards? And he's only made the playoffs once. Speaker 2 00:06:53 Yeah. It's not, it's not cuz the Yankees, I don't it's it's it's the whole argument. Like I think you see it more kind of in the NFL. It's like the NFL hands, the MVP to the best player. That's just what they do. It's not Speaker 1 00:07:05 Valuable. Yeah, no, they hand it to the quarterback. The best quarterback. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:07:08 <laugh> the, yeah, the best quarterback. So it's, it's something to me where if Tani's not on the angels, they're worse for sure. If judge isn't on the Yankees, especially looking at this collapse that the Yankees had that judge nearly almost off. Well, I mean he struggled for a little bit there, but he offset how bad it really could have been. Like it could have been a, a, one of the biggest collapses where we've ever seen in major league baseball. Well, Speaker 1 00:07:36 That's true. Speaker 2 00:07:38 But again, that's a, what if that's a big, what if scenario? Cause it's Speaker 1 00:07:40 Something necessarily, if he was playing in an entire, what if he wasn't playing in an entire division with the most hitter friendly parks on the planet Speaker 2 00:07:47 That too, Speaker 1 00:07:49 Then he doesn't hit like, you know what I mean? Like I get it, they're in the middle of a playoff hunt, but at the same time they were on cruise control for a while. So like very true really say that his numbers had anything to do with them getting up to 15 and a half games in front. Not really. Is he being clutch now? Yeah, sure. But if the Yankees don't trade Jordan Montgomery, do they need him to be as clutch now? Probably not. So, and I will still contend that they have guys like Rizzo and Donaldson and you know, uh, Stanton and like three other dudes that just show up and hit pretty well too. So yeah, as compared to Otani, he's the only dude in that lineup regularly, cuz Rendon's been out basically all year. None of their other outfielders have been able to hit aside from trout when he's healthy, which is kind of half the time. Right. And he's got like most of their pitching wins. Speaker 2 00:08:57 Yeah. I, like I said, I think if judge gets to 62 and wins the Yale triple crown, he would have my vote. Um, but again, I don't have one where it counts. So I guess I just get to say it here and we carry on, but we'll see what happens. Uh, Albert pool. So that's 6 98, you know, don't need to harp on this too much. I still think it gets to 700 you in the same boat. Speaker 1 00:09:16 Yeah. I think it'd be really cool if judge and pools hit 62 and 700 on the same day. Speaker 2 00:09:21 Ooh, we were bringing back the bold prediction. That would be cool. Speaker 1 00:09:25 That would be, that would be fantastic. Speaker 2 00:09:28 I mean baseball is a very romantic sport, so why not? Why not have it be that way? So I am with you, their let's go to Houston. Obviously. They nice little video on Twitter or for a lack of better words, Justin Verland are telling 'em to freaking enjoy it for some other words that I don't wanna quite throw around on here, but said to enjoy the moment as Houston went ahead and they clenched the clenched division and subsequently a playoff birth. So you are on Alvarez big year, 3 0 4 average 37 homers 94 RBIS did miss a little bit of a time here and there. Um, but when you look what he's done lately, um, he had a rough <laugh>. It's very weird for a guy like Alvarez to say that he had like a rough stretch per se, but in August he only had an 87 WRC plus. Speaker 2 00:10:18 So he struggled in that month, but he is come around here in September and October having a 2 58 WRC plus in the most arguably most important time for those in head to head fantasy baseball leagues. Um, so how, you know, if you work on Alvarez, the big thing was, it seems like every season, it's almost like the Houston please play Alvarez enough so that he can maintain outfield eligibility for the next fantasy season. That way we're not stuck with him in only the DH spot. He certainly did that this year. I mean, Alvarez is one of the best pure hitters in the game. We know that, but for, you know, he's obviously gonna be a key piece for the stretcher on here, but for 2023 fantasy baseball, is that really anything different to expect from Alvarez besides, you know, above average power and a good batting average? I mean that seems like his Mo and that's not going away. Speaker 1 00:11:06 Yeah. That's I mean, if you're expecting double digit deals from him, I'm sorry, but that's not his, um, he's gonna hit in the middle of that potent lineup. He's gonna be there for a few more years to come. Cuz I believe he signed an extension, um, with them, if I'm, if I'm re remembering correctly, um, yeah, he's gonna be a DH outfield eligible guy with a nice high batting average, also nice high base percentage and quite a bit of pop. That's what you're getting. Speaker 2 00:11:36 Yeah. And when you look here at impressive September, he does have a 10 game hit streak currently working in which he's hit 4 59 with a 6 64. WOBA a slug north of 1100, a 3 53 WRC plus and six home runs and six double. So 12 of his last 17 hits have gone for extra bases during the stretch. Just, Speaker 1 00:11:55 I mean that's how you get a slug over 1100 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:11:59 Yeah. It's it is insane. He's he's so good. And you know that don't Hey, don't discount that one stolen base. It's pretty good. Speaker 1 00:12:07 I'm pretty sure somebody fell asleep or, or he pulled the George Springer. Did you see the clip of George Springer? Speaker 2 00:12:15 Oh the, the one that's going around now is like a meme. Speaker 1 00:12:18 Yeah. Where he, he, he wo up and then the Orioles guy didn't actually touch him. And then he just like slid his foot in very slightly with this big old smile on his face. Speaker 2 00:12:27 Oh, you gotta love it. And I mean, Hey one stolen base, one clot stealing, you know, next year, if he goes two for two stole base attempt. So that could be, that could be quite intriguing, but let's over to the national league. Spencer Streiter went from relative. I don't wanna say unknown. I hate to call anybody that, but to fantasy baseball darling, essentially, uh, breaking big unit strikeout record, uh, becoming the, what was it? Fastest pitcher to reach 200 strikeouts in American league and national league history. And when you look at his numbers this year, I mean, I don't know how else to say it other than the fact that he's just been so good, you know, uh, whip below one and era a and the mid twos coming at 2 67, obviously the strikeouts, um, are insane. So Spencer, Streiter gonna be big for them down the stretch. What's the 20, 23 outlook like for him, obviously he's got a good offense backing him. When you look at his numbers, he's been good in his home park, actually even better in his home park than on the road. So what, what's the ceiling in 2023 for Strater? Speaker 1 00:13:28 Um, look, I'm not sure. I'm not gonna go to fantasy ACE mm-hmm <affirmative> with him just yet. Um, but I think he could be a very good S P two. I don't, I don't think there's any, any doubt about that. I think they're still gonna keep him a little bit, um, on the innings side of things a little bit, um, he's at 131.2 innings right now that doesn't include postseason, which they're basically guaranteed to go to. Um, so which ups the stress, right? And we talk about innings, but it's really about the stress innings, correct? Like if they're all easy sailing against, I don't know, Oakland is not a huge workload compared to BA a guy on base every inning against the Matt's offense. Right. Um, and in the post season, even if you don't have anybody on, you're still under a tremendous amount of stress each inning. So that being said, I don't know that he gets above, I'm gonna say 170 innings next year tops. Um, which is still pretty solid, but he's not quite to ACE level for, for next year. I'm I'm gonna put him in a very good S SP two. Speaker 2 00:14:54 Is there any concern? Cause you know, a lot of times with starters, we, you always hear the, uh, two pitch starters don't pan out for long or like success is like close to like a flash in the pan. When you look this year, fastball and sliders nearly is over 95% of what he throws. He lives off those two pitches. He'll, you know, mix in a change up every now and again, but he's predominantly a fastball slider guy. Is there any concern, like long term about being a two pitch starter? Cause a lot of times, you know, you've seen it with two pitch starters is the second they struggle. Everybody loves to call out that they're only two pitches and oh, they'd be better off in the pen and everything like that. I mean, he's shown success this year, but any long term success or any long term concerns with only two primary pitches? Speaker 1 00:15:35 No, I think he'll mix in more changeups next year. Um, I think he's doing okay right now because nobody, I mean, yes, he's been up for the whole season. Right. But people still don't necessarily have a full book on him. Um, so I think, I think he'll mix in some more changeups next year, but when you've got a combination, like his fastball slider combination, there's a lot less to be concerned about. Like, um, Paddock's combo was not nearly as good as Ryder's combo. Right. That's why paddock didn't that aside from he can't stay healthy. Um, that's why it didn't work. But when you look at Schreder, both of his pitches grade out at at least 70 and the change up is at least a 50 grade pitch. Um, so yeah, I mean there's the temptation with two start pitchers to move him to the pen. But I, I don't think that's gonna happen long term. Well, he may for spurts, um, next year, cuz if you look, he's made 31 appearances, 20 of them have been starts. So they've been doing that this year. It's possible that they do that. But I think I, I think he's got the upside of an S P two, do I think he's gonna be their number two starter next year? Probably not, but a fantasy SSP two is different than a number two in a rotation. Speaker 2 00:16:56 Correct. And really even if Schreder does do the one 60 or 170 innings on a per inning basis, he's Speaker 1 00:17:03 A lead, you're getting a tremendous amount of production. Speaker 2 00:17:05 Exactly. It's like the old, oh, like I think with Speaker 1 00:17:10 Not to mention that him being in the pen might actually help you with wins, Speaker 2 00:17:13 Correct? Yeah. And that's, you know, it's a new age of fantasy baseball. Like the 200 inning workhorses are more or less gone. Speaker 1 00:17:21 Don't happen. Like, yeah. It I'm looking at nationally beginnings right now and there's one guy over 200 and it's Sandy Alara at two 12 miles. Michael list is number two in the national league at 187. Speaker 2 00:17:39 Yeah. I mean it's NOLA Speaker 1 00:17:41 And Corbin burns and Darvish and Merril Kelly and Logan Webb are the only other ones above 180. Speaker 2 00:17:49 Well, I got the American league up and there are six pitchers above 180 innings. Jordan Lyles of course, Garrett Cole at 180 180 Aldi Aldi at 180 2 Frankie Mulas at 180 7 Jose Barios. Oh, I'm sorry. That's 20, 21. Sorry. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:18:06 I'm looking right now. I've got 1, 2, 3, 4 guys over 180 and they're all between 180 1 and 180 5, ER, is leading the American league at 185 and two theirs. Now that does include the fact that Justin Verlander missed. What about a month? Speaker 2 00:18:25 Yes. Speaker 1 00:18:25 Um, and he's at 1 57. So news flash, he's probably gonna qualify. Uh, which means my Dylan cease bold idea of winning the triple crown isn't gonna happen. Um, but Manila is second Garrett Cola, third and Bieber is fourth. And they're, those are the only four over 180. And nobody's yet to one 90 in the American league. Speaker 2 00:18:47 Yep. Yep. Speaker 1 00:18:50 So you got one picture, one in the entirety of baseball that has hit 200 inning. Speaker 2 00:18:57 Yep. And that's, that's just, it's the, it's the changing landscape and we talked about it and that's just something we have to account for in Philadelphia, Zach Wheeler set to make his return. And there's talks about Noah cider guard. Talking about starters, going to the pen cider guard might go to the pen for the Philly. So I mean, cider guard's pitching mentality has changed. We saw it with the angels and we're going to continue to see it. He is not going to try to throw it a hundred miles an hour by you. He is content to pitch, to contact, go seven innings and strike out three batters. He is content with doing that at this point, fantasy wise. I don't know how many teams he's probably on to be honest at this point just cuz he, I don't wanna say he's been bad, but I don't wanna say that he's been overly great. And with a dearth of strikeouts, you know, six innings with three earned runs and only like two strikeouts. Doesn't exactly. Do you a Speaker 1 00:19:50 Whole lot? No, he's got a 6.38 K per nine right now this year. Speaker 2 00:19:54 Exactly. And then it's just, it's something that he's not going to stick around. So I think this, this move's gonna be more felt in reality versus fantasy. Cuz like I said, how many people really are rostering him at this point? Cuz I'm pulling it up here since he got traded to Philly, you know, eight starts he's four and two solid 4.9 K per nine with Philly with a 4 7, 9 on average. It's just reality. It is what it is. I guess no fantasy impacts to be had here with cider guard. Speaker 1 00:20:24 Not really. I mean you may sneak an extra win or so out of him. Cause again, moving him to the pen. Doesn't have to go five innings to get a win. Just has to be the guy when they take the lead for the last time. Um, and you could get a mild uptick in strikeouts cuz maybe he goes more full Bo knowing he's only pitching ITing at a time rather than trying to pace himself for five, but there there's no fantasy relevance to Noah cigar at this point, which is weird to say. But um, it is what it is. Speaker 2 00:20:57 Yeah. And just fun fact with this is that it's been <laugh> it's been over five years actually over six years Synder guard has come outta the bullpen in a Speaker 1 00:21:04 Regular like the playoff run for the Mets in Speaker 2 00:21:07 20 16, 20 16. Speaker 1 00:21:10 Yeah. So Speaker 2 00:21:11 That was the last time that we've seen them there. So let's do a little bit of injury talks and some of these guys could actually impact uh, some fantasy teams down the stretch. So the first one we're gonna start with Julio Rodriguez dealing with some lower back tightness, um, missed Monday. I believe you missed Monday's game. Want to see if he cracks a lot moving forward, but if you're in a weekly league, you're probably rolling with him cuz that's probably, you're not gonna find anybody better than him to, to roll with. So probably going to be playing, uh, Julio Rodriguez. Um, an interesting one here. I'm curious to get your thoughts on, I don't think it's gonna matter this year and actually lemme say it this way. It shouldn't matter this year, but Tyler Glass now made his third minor league rehab start, uh, looked good. Speaker 2 00:21:55 And it sounds like the Ray, it sounds almost like they're non-committal about, do they want to try to use him in the postseason to get 'em a couple ins or are they fully set on 2023? I know knowing glass now's history, they should not bring him back this season. Rest up for 2023. Where, what kind of camp are you in there? Are you in the, if they need him, let him come in for an inning or two in the, in the down the stretch here to throw or are you with me and wait until 2023 Speaker 1 00:22:28 I'm I'm torn on this as my pause, uh, would, would indicate, look, I think the razor trying everything possible to make a run in the playoffs this year. Do I think they have the offense to make a serious run in the American league? Maybe if you get glass now out there, then they've got enough pitching to maybe sneak past the guardians who they might play or um, the Yankees perhaps. Um, so I don't know. I could, I could see them doing it. I could also, I see the value in, Hey, let's just pack it in. If we make the, if we make the post season this year. Fantastic. But let's have a healthy, um, Tyler LaSow next year. We also get Shane Baz back next year probably. Um, and so you have a full one, two to lead your rotation, um, next year plus McClanahan for a vicious 1, 2, 3. So I, I, I see both sides of it, but theoretically, if you get glass now back, are you telling me the rays don't have enough pitching to make it past like Cleveland or you know, if they play 'em or perhaps, um, the Yankees who are struggling right now, maybe Speaker 2 00:23:55 It, I just it's one of those things, like I think glass now's such an important piece to the puzzle just in general. I know the rays always find these pictures that they just, Speaker 1 00:24:03 I mean, they've got coming, right? Like Taj Bradley is down there and he's their number one pitching prospect and nobody is talking about him. Speaker 2 00:24:10 Yeah. And Speaker 1 00:24:11 I just on anybody else's team, he would be a bonafide ACE on Tampa. He might be fourth in their rotation. Speaker 2 00:24:19 Yeah. I just, I, I think I don't see a need to rush him back this year. Save up for 20, 23. He's too good of an arm to try to bring back here. And if I just don't envision glass now pitching one or two innings here or there in a relief appearance in the bullpen to be the diff the that's not gonna be the make or break point for this race team. It's going to be, if they can hit, we know they can hold, they can limit opposing offenses with they're pitching, can they hit glass? Now's not gonna help the lineup. So, Speaker 1 00:24:47 Right. So right now, based on the way the, that I'm reading the playoff standings, the top two division winners get a buy the rest of the four teams play, um, best of three series in the wild card mm-hmm <affirmative> rounds. Right? So I believe that that means that Cleveland would right now play Seattle, who is last in the wildcard standings and Cleveland is the worst division winner. And then Toronto and Tampa would play each other with the higher seed hosting the three games. So right now Toronto would host the three games in the wildcard. It's conceivable to me that Tyler Glass no, makes a difference in that, in that series. Mm-hmm and then if you get to the divisional series, who knows, Speaker 2 00:25:38 Right. Speaker 1 00:25:39 Does glass now make, like, let's say Cleveland knocks off Seattle. Okay. So now you've got Houston, New York, Cleveland, and Tampa are left. Tampa's the worst seed. So they gotta go against Houston. Probably doesn't help him against Houston, but let's say Seattle knocks off Cleveland. That means Tampa gets to play the Yankees. Does glass now help Tampa against the Yankees? Yeah. Speaker 2 00:26:03 Yeah. I just I'm in the camp of waiting till 20, 23, make sure that arm is fully healthy of him. And I think there's some selfish reasons in that because I would like to draft Tyler Glass now in 2023 <laugh> so I think that will wait. Work. Yeah. For, yeah, for real that'll that'll be well known. Um, as you're looking at the agenda here, we're, I'm gonna save this guy for a little bit later, actually shortly hereafter, but wanna talk a little bit Ozzie lbs, just a rough year. There's just no other way to kind of put it with him. Um, came back missed a lot of time due to, I believe was a foot injury and then comes back sliding head first into second and there goes the right pinky finger. So rough year for alies he's gonna miss the rest of the regular season. Kind of see what happens from there should be fine for 2023, but I guess those fantasy baseball managers who picked up Vaughn Grum and have been using him will now get to enjoy his production, um, the rest of the way down the stretch. So, um, any comments on the lbs injury or fantasy relevance that will be maintained for Grum? Speaker 1 00:27:03 No. I mean, Grum will continue doing what he's, what he's doing. He'll be on the playoff roster at this point. Um, but yeah, I mean, what you see is what you get with Bon G Grham right now. Um, whether he's on the roster at the start of next year, I don't know. He could be sent back to AAA since he never did AAA. Um, it'd be weird for them to do it, but other things have happened. So I would hold Grham. You'll continue to see him play down the stretch. Speaker 2 00:27:38 Yep. And then before we hit the level of concern that we always do, just wanna do a little quick hitter here. Just wanna go back to the MLB trade deadline. Cause a lot of times this is where we kind of see how those deals panned out. So, um, just gonna hit us with the best and worst move at the MLB trade deadline. I'm gonna go with the best move first because I don't want you to take mine. And that has to be St. Louis getting Jordan Montgomery. I think it's far in away a winner. There are gonna be some trades that we're not gonna know a true winner until maybe a year or two away. Wink, wink, Juan Soto deal, wink, wink, have to see how kind of like stuff like that pans out. But how do you not go with Montgomery five and two? Uh, almost a strikeout per inning. A 2.35 earned run average. I wrote about it in one of the daily roundups, I think, or maybe it was an underdog article where he was a play of the day for me, but his pitch mix has flipped a little bit in St. Louis. And I also think there's a little chip on the shoulder being dealt from, um, the Yankees for what arguably feels like no apparent reason. So I, I think for me the best move of the deadline is Jordan Montgomery and it's, I was hard pressed to find any other move to rival it. Speaker 1 00:28:45 Yeah. I, I, Speaker 2 00:28:48 So you were gonna take mine, see, you were gonna take it. Speaker 1 00:28:50 Well, I have listed as a different one, but um, <laugh> but yeah, I, I can't find, I mean, it's sealed up the division for the Cardinals. Yep. Like if you don't have Jordan Montgomery out there, I'm not sure that they have the lead in that division that they do. Um, Speaker 2 00:29:09 I mean, dare I say they got an impact arm for nothing. Speaker 1 00:29:15 Yeah. I mean, Harrison Bader's yet to play Speaker 2 00:29:18 At least for this year, obviously. Yeah. But Speaker 1 00:29:20 So yeah, they gave away a dude who wasn't gonna play and probably wasn't gonna play in that outfield as currently constructed in St. Louis, cuz they always seem to have 17 flipping outfielders <laugh> um, I mean, I'm not getting like, think about the dudes they've dealt that are starting outfielders somewhere else because they didn't have room for, I mean, Randy Rosana was one of them. Right. Um, Harrison Bader got moved. Um, who the heck is the guy, the guy, the NASCO last year at the deadline, um, lane Thomas mm-hmm, <affirmative> been pretty solid for the NATS. They didn't have room for him either. Um, so it's, it's pretty surprising the depth that the, um, Cardinals have, but yeah, that one's certainly the best move. Um, I would say for long term future, it would be the Soto move right Speaker 1 00:30:17 In perspec, you know, for, for the NATS, CJ Abrams has been a magician at shortstop mm-hmm <affirmative>, um, defensively. Like it is just amazing. His bat is starting to come around as well. Um, and now by the way, all of the guys that the NATS got from the Padres are now getting playoff experience with the Fredericksburg affiliate of the NATS as they made the, uh, class a playoffs in Jaran the 18 year old fire baller started game due for the NAS affiliate for that one. So now you're getting a winning culture in your farm club. You're getting playoff experience for guys coming up and when Mackenzie goer comes back, there's another massive piece in the rotation. Um, and Juan Soto continues to get booed in San Diego. Um, but I will, I will take the lead on the worst move. And for me it's um, the Yankees trading, Jordan Montgomery, um, so is the best move for St. Speaker 1 00:31:14 Louis. It was also the worst move for, um, for the Yankees. They also got hammered with the, uh, Frankie Montoss injury at this point too, with the shoulder inflammation, which is never good for a pitcher. So there're two, the pitching depth slash swap due that they did at the deadline did not work in their favor. They still have Garrett Cole in 17 question marks, um, for the rest of the, the, the season here. And they did not make a push to go get, uh, either of the reds starters who were available, they did not make a push to go get Pablo Lopez from the Marlins. Um, they didn't make a push to go get really anybody else that probably could have been available at the deadline. Sean, John mana might have been the better option from the A's there, although he's head ups and downs in San Diego. So yeah, for me, the worst move is, um, shipping Jordan, Montgomery out of town for a guy who is yet to play and probably won't play the rest of the year. And won't be by the way on the playoff roster, because you had to be on the act of roster by September 1st to have a shot at the playoff roster, which, uh, Harrison Bader is not on. So that's, that's Dan Speaker 2 00:32:34 And here's the big thing with the Montgomery move. I'm looking at it here. Montgomery made 21 starts with the Yankees. Do you know? And how many of those 21 starts that he had six or more strikeouts? Feel free to guess? Speaker 1 00:32:48 I'm gonna guess like two, Speaker 2 00:32:52 Four. Speaker 1 00:32:53 Okay. Speaker 2 00:32:53 So he had two with two with two with six and two with eight. He has now, as we've talked about, made nine starts with the Cardinals. Do you know how many of those outings he has six or more strikeouts in Speaker 1 00:33:06 7, 5, 6, 6. Speaker 2 00:33:10 He's got two with six, one with seven, two with eight and one with nine. Speaker 1 00:33:14 Oh, so you mean pitching to a hall of fame? Catcher is good for a picture Speaker 2 00:33:20 And a very, very well known defensive wizardry in the infield. Sure. It helps. And Speaker 1 00:33:28 The NL central helps a little bit. Adam Wayne Wright probably doesn't hurt either. Speaker 2 00:33:31 Yeah. Now sure. If you want be a naysay and you wanna knit pick sure. Two starts against the, against the Cubs. There's Colorado away from cores, Washington. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:33:43 But you know what? The Speaker 2 00:33:43 Cub Speaker 1 00:33:43 Still strike out that much like their offense. Isn't great, but they don't strike out very much. Speaker 2 00:33:48 And I think their strikeouts come against righties too. Right. I think that's where their issues are. Um, but yeah, I mean, Montgomery, he was the, he, I mean, yes, that move on the other side. Yes. That I think the worst move other than the Yankees dealing in Montgomery would be the Monta deal. I think they're gonna regret that when you look he's been bad with the Yankees, he had shoulder issues earlier in the year, they said, screw it. We'll get him and get rid of Montgomery and a subsequent deal. And all mantas has done is had a 6.35 era across eight starts with the team and a 7.49 K per nine. He's striking out less batters than Jordan freaking Montgomery is. Speaker 1 00:34:25 Yep. Speaker 2 00:34:25 Look at that. And health concerns. So there's Speaker 1 00:34:29 That too. Yeah. Tho those, those are kind of the standout ones. I mean, obviously there was a bunch of, um, you could put, you could say the Louis Castillo deal for the Mariners was a good one. Yes. Um, cuz it's shore up their playoff Speaker 2 00:34:43 Run. He's been and he's been darn good for them. Speaker 1 00:34:46 Yeah. They also have 'em for like what another year or two, Speaker 2 00:34:50 Something like that. Speaker 1 00:34:51 Um, so you know, you, you could make that claim. You could also make the claim that Milwaukee is closer to the playoffs now than they would've been had. They kept Josh hater cuz hater blew up. But I don't know that he would've blown up to this extent, had he not gotten traded. So that's tough to, to make the claims about, Speaker 2 00:35:12 And then just a couple level of concerns here to round out this episode, looking at Jonathan India, just not really a great year, 2 51 average, 10 homers, only two stolen bases. And he's been caught four times. And if you look here at his numbers in September, he is hitting just two 12 and just has really lacked any sort of really fantasy pop. Sure. He's got three hits, um, over his last three games hitting safely in each of those games, but he's three for 12 in that stretch. So, um, level of concern with John India, do you think his fantasy value is going to take a hit heading into 2023? Speaker 1 00:35:47 No. I think the concern is that he's tired of playing baseball for a team that sucks nuts and has all these, um, Speaker 2 00:35:53 There's your clip Speaker 1 00:35:55 And not being in any game since I don't know March, um, like they traded everybody. There's nothing to play for in Cincinnati. All of their top prospects are in like a ball basically. Mm-hmm <affirmative> um, so you know, it's gonna be a couple more years before the guys, before their full, um, grouping of guys comes up. I mean, I know Matt McClean's close, but like Eli de LA Cruz is still like a year and a half away. And um, you know, a couple of their pitchers are still a little bit away, so yeah, I think it's just, Hey man, I just want to get this over with, I kind of had to show up to the ballpark every day, so let's just try but not like try that's kind, that's kind of what's up with India, so I'm not. Speaker 2 00:36:47 Yeah. And then what about in Boston with Tristan Casas? Who rough start to his big league career, but again, he's a rookie it's going to happen with your first taste in major league baseball action. Now he, he was well renowned for like, uh, plate discipline and the minors and stuff. So it's a little bit interesting to see him go three for 34 hitting less than 100 here at the start of his career and his strikeout rate being at 30%. So is there any long term concern with cost or is this more of like a, Hey he's a 22 year old kid at the game's highest level for the first time getting his first taste of major league pitching. It's hard. We can't judge him on this cup of coffee. Speaker 1 00:37:24 Yeah. It's it's more so that also Boston's got nothing to play for. So I mean, I know that he's try. So he's he also came up when they were closer to making the play. Like if they had gone on a run, they could have theoretically had a shot that they would've needed like four other teams to collapse. Um, but yeah, I think it's mostly that, you know, that offense is, is pretty down right now, aside from Bogart's. Um, so, you know, I, I think it's more of that. Like he's getting his first taste of pitching the majors. They bring in a lot more different relievers, like every game than they do in the minors. Um, so, you know, and now in the minors they change the schedule up so that it's like, you see the same, like at least for, for the Omaha storm chasers, which they're about 40 minutes from me. Um, they play basically like the same team for like a week and then they move on to the next one to help keep travel costs down and stuff. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but that also means you get the same, looks like everybody for a week. Whereas in the majors you're gonna see one guy once in a series and then you may not see him again for like a couple more months. Yeah. It's pretty hard to adjust to there. Speaker 2 00:38:39 Yep. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm in that boat too. It's nothing too concern about and Hey, if this could prevent or present maybe a buying opportunity in 2023 to value, sign me up. I'm okay with it. So, um, that's all we got for this episode folks. So Matt, uh, on Twitter at the salesman, any final remarks or just what all great content do you have coming out this week across the 17 sports that you cover? Speaker 1 00:39:03 Um, so starting Wednesday, you'll see the NFL game previews out for week three, where I break down the storylines top plays, spreads over under 33 different stats for every game. Um, so that'll be out starting Wednesday. You'll see. NASCAR podcast will also be out like Thursday morning for this week's race at Texas motor Speedway. You'll see NASCAR playbooks come out this weekend, uh, check out all of the different tools we've got on site. Uh, there's a massive update to the line of generator coming within the next couple of weeks as well. So watch for that. We've been prepping for that for months. Um, yeah, so that basically covers it F one's not back till the end of September, early October. Speaker 2 00:39:47 So with the game previous, how excited are you to break down and write about the high scoring offensive shootout? That will probably not be the bears Texans game. Speaker 1 00:39:58 You know, there are some games you just gotta grin and bite your teeth while you're writing up. That's probably one of them. Speaker 2 00:40:05 That's a good way to summarize the Pittsburgh pirates baseball seasons more often than not. You just get through to the next one. So make sure you check out all that great content that Matt's gonna put forth as well as everything just [email protected] And then we will be back next week with the newest edition of the fantasy alarm fantasy baseball podcast.

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