February 01, 2023


Fantasy Baseball Podcast: 2023 Position Scarcity in Drafts

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Colby Conway Matt Selz James Grande
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: 2023 Position Scarcity in Drafts
Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: 2023 Position Scarcity in Drafts

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Colby Conway and Matt Selz talk about the news and notes of the week including Toronto and Detroit moving in their outfield walls, Grayson Rodriguez in Baltimore in 2023, and the position scarcity they're seeing in early fantasy baseball drafts.

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Speaker 1 00:00:07 And welcome into the latest edition of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball podcast. I'm your host Colby Conway at Colby r Conway, and with me as always, the sales man. So Matt sells, it's been about a week and a half or so since I last talked to you, at least via a microphone. So how is everything going for you, my friend? Speaker 2 00:00:26 Uh, not too bad, not too bad. You know, we're gearing up for, for baseball here. This is the 31st of January, so we're not too far away from pitchers and catchers reporting in full team workouts happening down in sunny Arizona and sunny, uh, Florida. And, uh, you know, less than a month away from spring training games happening and we got NASCAR ramping up. So it's getting to be my time of the year here with, uh, sports and and whatnot. Speaker 1 00:00:56 Yeah, absolutely. And we're getting close to the, the big date, which, you know, a lot of people was like pitchers and catchers reporting, which always happens around my birthday. So it's however you wanna look at it. If you wanna say it's my birthday that the pitchers and catchers are reporting, or my birthday just happens to be around that time, however you wanna look at it. But we are getting close to that time of the year, which is exciting. And of course that means a ton of content's gonna be coming out [email protected] So make sure you're followed along for the draft guide. We got the free agent tracker, where Matt and I are updating everything. I just spent riveting minutes yesterday on the 30th as you're listening to this, writing up the exquisite Josh Harrison and Zach Greenkey signings. So that's just kind of show you how in depth this tracker is going. For some guys that Matt and I were talking about a little bit beforehand, better reality than Speaker 2 00:01:45 Fancy is that Frankie going to be able to afford the guacamole now at, at, uh, at his favorite Mexican joint or not. Have you seen that quote? That's recirculating. Speaker 1 00:01:56 I have not. All I've been to fixated on is seeing how high his e r a is going to regress this year. Speaker 2 00:02:01 Yeah, he, uh, he apparently back in 2009 made a comment about how, uh, guac was too expensive at, at his favorite Mexican restaurant. And, uh, he was very disappointed to see that it went up 30 cents. Speaker 1 00:02:15 Well, inflation's a real thing, Speaker 2 00:02:17 But that was from 2009. So like, I'm not sure what it is now. I don't <laugh>, I don't typically ag guac, but I wonder if the free agent signing will now allow him to, you know, spring for the Xtop walk. Speaker 1 00:02:30 You, you sure hope so. Hopefully, you know what, what springing he does for the guac. Maybe it keeps the, uh, era r a down a bit, cuz I am, it was very pessimistic. Spoiler alert in the the write up. There's not much going for him with all the Speaker 2 00:02:43 Rules going this year. Well, five miles an hour, it's hard to not get hit by major league hitters. Speaker 1 00:02:49 That is very true. So, you know, yeah, we'll, you know, read the tracker. All the free agent updates are there and we're gonna have a ton of great content coming out [email protected] And I, I think if I remember last time we talked with the fantasy arm, m o b draft guide, I think it's everybody's favorite four letter word this year, if I'm not mistaken. And I think it rhymes with me, or we, I think it's something like that. Speaker 2 00:03:12 It is completely free. It's free for free, free, free, free, like those, you know, tax commercials. Um, it is in fact a free draft guide. Uh, it has all sorts of strategy pieces coming out. I've already written three or four of them, um, writing one about the players to target with the shift ban now in place for 2023. Some of the other rule changes in place, like there's, uh, believe the pitch clock comes to MLB this year. Uh, we got bigger bases too. So interesting to see what'll happen with stolen bases. Uh, we've got the cheat sheet that's in there, my prospect player rankings that are a part of that. My dynasty rankings are a part of that. We'll have other rankings. Kobe's got pieces coming out. We got player capsules. It's all gonna drop on the 1st of February or fairly soon after, and it's all free. So look for that starting February 1st up on fantasy alarm Speaker 1 00:04:13 And building on that too. It's gonna be a lot of stuff by position as well. Like I know I have the very riveting catcher and second based positions this year that I'll be diving in on. So as a former, as a former catcher, I wanted to have that opportunity. So I, I messaged John and I was like, listen, I, I'll take the catchers, let me go with the catchers. It's not the second you guys Speaker 2 00:04:32 On that scored for Speaker 1 00:04:33 Everybody. I sure am. Someone's gotta do it, you know what I mean? Someone's gotta do it. So it is going to be me. But you know, last time we, we had a full agenda on the last pod. If you haven't listened to it, make sure you check that out. Where Matt and I basically went in on what's actually a, I should say, who is actually a sleeper. What constitutes someone being a sleeper? What, what are or negative o i does one have to return to be considered a bust that is all in the last episode of the podcast. So make sure you check that out wherever you listen to your podcast, wherever it may be. I believe you should probably subscribe to our podcast as well. It's also probably something else that I should, I should say there. But one thing we wanted to talk about last week was some early draft trends that we are seeing in a couple interesting things to touch on. And that was gonna be looped in at the end of last episode, but we ran out of time. So now that is going to be the highlight of this episode. But before we get to that, a couple news and notes that we want to hit. Uh, Matt, I'm sure this one has to have you a little bit giddy to say the least, but it looks like in Baltimore, Grayson Rodriguez, someone we were hoping to see in 2022 before I believe it was a shoulder yes ailment that basically, Speaker 2 00:05:41 I Speaker 1 00:05:41 Think it was railroaded it. Yeah, lat. So railroaded seeing him in 2022. But it basically sounds like, you know, a lot can happen. I don't want to guarantee anything, but it sounds like a, a damn near guarantee that Rodriguez is breaking camp with the team in the starting rotation. So what should fantasy managers be expecting with Rodriguez? I mean here at least in the early going of 2023. And then secondly, how terrified are you of this ADP jump that he's about to get? Speaker 2 00:06:07 Uh, he's gonna get a massive ADP jump because he's been one of the, um, highest touted, um, pro prospects in a very long time. He's among my top three pitching prospects, uh, in the game, if not the best one. Uh, I know some others have, uh, you know, he's basically a top three pitching prospect across the industry no matter who you look at. And for good reason, he's got ace quality stuff. Uh, he's shown that throughout his minor league career to this point. And like you said, he, he would have come up last year had a LA injury not derailed his, uh, season halfway through aaa. He was, he was just dominating down there. He threw almost 70 innings of AAA last year. Apologized for any noise in the background. My dog has decided that this is the time to chew a bone. Um, but there were almost 70 innings at AAA last year. Speaker 2 00:07:05 Uh, he pitched to a 22 e r a 2 0 4 fip for those of you that like fip, uh, 29 oh X fip. So all of those suggest that he was quite good. He also posted 12 and a half strikeouts per nine, uh, which translates to a 35.8 strikeout rate for those of you that like the percentage based one. Um, now all of that being said, do not expect him to come up and blow the doors off the joint in the AAL east. Okay, sure. Baltimore became a lot more pitch friendly last year when they made their left field wall the deepest in all of baseball. Um, but he's got the rest of the AALS to contend with. Uh, there, he's also a rookie rookies take some beatings early on unless you're incredibly spectacular, which most rookies are not. So I would expect 'em to make about 25 starts, assuming health and everything. Speaker 2 00:08:04 And I would say maybe about a three seven e r a probably. And I'll go between about nine and a half and 10 strikeouts per nine for em. So that's pretty reasonable. It's not elite level, pretty reasonable from a rookie, but his ADP is going to, uh, take a massive jump. So you have two ways to approach this. Either you draft him now in best balls where ADP still hasn't caught up yet or you hope he takes a little bit of a shellacking in the spring so that when draft time comes some of the shine and polish has been knocked off of him and you get him for a better deal even though he'll still be in the rotation. Like that's kind you don't want to do in the middle before he's made any spring starts or worse comes to worse, he makes three spring starts and he strikes everybody out and everybody's losing their minds. And then you're not touching Grayson Rodriguez cuz he's gonna cost too much in drafts. Speaker 1 00:09:02 The, the interesting thing, and you hit this inadvertently cuz my next question to you is going to be where is his innings cap going to be? Because it's inevitable, right? He threw like 75 ish innings last year, then he had the last last shoulder that derailed things a little bit. So I think you're doing it right, kind of saying like 25 ish starts is probably where you're looking at. But you know, Baltimore tends, at least to me, they seem like they might be a bit more careful. So I mean if he's gonna get 25 starts, are you thinking maybe instead of, maybe it's not necessarily an innings limit per se, but it's like, hey, we're gonna get 25 starts from this kid and we're gonna cap 80 to 85 pitches for each one and we're gonna try to avoid the triple digits per start in terms of pitch count. Speaker 2 00:09:45 Yeah, I would assume so. Baltimore is pretty renowned for developing their, their talent right now. Also, keep in mind their GM was the assistant GM in Houston who has had a magical run of developing starters. I mean they lost Justin Berlander and you can make the argument that their rotation is just as good without berlander in it as it was with him in it. Um, so yeah, I mean if if, if you work it out and you go okay, like five innings to start for 25 starts, that's about 125 innings, right? I think that's probably his cap. Speaker 1 00:10:22 I think you're right. I think that's what it's gonna come out to. And and you also inadvertently hit on this as well. I think worst case scenario from a fan fantasy perspective with Rodriguez and it's kind of a double-edged sword comes out in the spring, most people down absolutely dominates. And we're now going to pay at ceiling for a guy that we're going into the year knowing that this innings limit is right. I mean it it's it's virtually inevitable it has to happen. Speaker 2 00:10:45 It's go Yeah. It's going to be because a, he only pitched about you said about 75 or so innings last year across the minors cuz he had a couple of rehab starts to begin the year and then really settled into aaa. Um, and we've talked about previously where they don't really like to jump innings for pitchers by more than what, 35 a season. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And so if you do the math there, if it's 75 and you're jumping it by 35, that's 110. So I think 125 might be pushing it a little bit. Um, but yeah, I wouldn't overpay because even if his ratios are good, even if his strikeouts are good, there's going to be a limited number of them because of the innings cap that they're, that they're going to have on him. Cuz Baltimore I don't think is going to make the playoffs. They just want him and ley rushman to get into a groove so that starting next year they can really start to make their push. Speaker 1 00:11:46 Yep, absolutely. And that's that a least we're gonna talk about that here in a little bit, um, probably a little bit later as well, but more so in a little bit before we get there. Um, former, can I call him a Washington standout? Am I allowed, am I allowed to do that like I do with basically anybody who leaves the pirates? I say former Pittsburgh. Great. Am I allowed to do that? Speaker 2 00:12:06 Uh, yeah, sure. <laugh> Okay. I mean I was a big fan of his in Washington, so Yeah, we can, we can go with that. Speaker 1 00:12:13 Okay, we'll go with that. So former Washington standout, former Washington Great. Michael A. Taylor heads the Minnesota in a deal for two left-handed pitchers. So Matt, gimme your thoughts on the trade and then my second question that I'm going to lead you into it, Taylor's a pretty good defensive alfield to say the least. Do we see Byron Buxton DH at all to try to preserve his health and let Taylor play in center field in 2023? Speaker 2 00:12:40 It's possible. It certainly opens the door, uh, to that possibility because right now their DH bat is not as full fledged as Buxton is, which, you know, there's a lot of, when Buxton is healthy, he is, I think inarguably a top 10 player on offense in baseball. Um, but the question with Buxton is, is he going to stay healthy because he's right, failed to play a hundred games and basically every season he's ever played in the majors and now you have a gold glove center fielder, um, who can take his place or can play there while you save Buxton. So I think that opens a variety of routes. Um, for Minnesota. It's certainly insurance for when Buxton gets injured, not if, um, and so yeah, I think, I think it opens a variety of of options. I don't think it's going to eat buxton zip bats. They're clearly not taking him out if they don't have to. Um, and DH won't kill you. He'll certainly play enough in the outfield to keep his outfield eligibility. It's not like he'll go into next year being atil only guy. Um, I just think it's an insurance trade Speaker 1 00:14:05 And I mean Taylor's a good one to have too because what, what do we say with Buxton? Excellent offensive when healthy, excellent defensive when healthy. So with Taylor, you know, a good defensive player in his own right, at least defensively speaking, you're not sacrificing anything there. If you do try the Buxton at DH experiment and looking at this team, like I'm looking at roster resource right now, I get it. Platoon effects going to switch pen and right to your lefty, but right now they have Nick Gordon as the starting dh like Speaker 2 00:14:32 You, that's like Michael a is a better bat than than Nick Gordon. Speaker 1 00:14:37 Yeah. And it's just a matter of, you know, we talked, I I think we talked about it last year on the podcast, do we see Buxton at the DH spot? And you know, you know, I'm trying to look up here if we got Speaker 2 00:14:49 Anything like, I mean theoretically what you could do to be be perfectly honest, is you could take Gallo outta left field, put him at dh, move Buxton into left field, put Michael a in center, that way there's less wear and tear on Buxton and you get both bats and you don't and you improve your outfield defense and you get Nick Gordon out of the DH spot. Speaker 1 00:15:08 That's an option too Speaker 2 00:15:10 Because Gallo and left field is atrocious. Speaker 1 00:15:14 Yeah, well Gallo Speaker 2 00:15:16 There's lot Speaker 1 00:15:16 About Speaker 2 00:15:16 Gall atrocious too, but Speaker 1 00:15:18 Yeah, I was gonna say, I you said it not me. So now you're the bad guy, not me, but Speaker 2 00:15:22 I mean, come on. It's not like, it's not common knowledge that <laugh>, he's atrocious movie that Speaker 1 00:15:29 Is, that is not a hot take that is a hundred percent certain, but just had to touch on that, uh, trade a little bit. Uh, anything from the, the return from the Royals, it's like two relievers guy was in the double and triple A most of last year. Anything to write home about those guys or it's just, just another deal? Speaker 2 00:15:46 It is just another deal. It's like a depth piece for a couple of depth pieces. Kansas City has had some trouble recently developing their ones, like people including myself, thought that they would have a pretty good four headed rotation given their last couple of drafts across starting pitchers with, you know, Daniel Lynch and Eck and um, Jackson Covar. And the only one that seems to have panned out for that entire group is Brady Singer who had a deceptively good season last year. Um, and so I think, you know, Brad Keller's decent too. Um, so I think, I think it's just depth pieces that they just want more arms. Speaker 1 00:16:32 Yep, I I can see that too. And then couple things here. We did get some park news, which is always exciting and I am, hopefully you agree with me. One is much more exciting than the other if I'm being honest. Um, for, Speaker 2 00:16:45 I think they're both exciting but one is more exciting. Cool. For Speaker 1 00:16:48 Sure, for sure. So one of them, um, Detroit, their field is going to become a little less, I'm gonna say a little less picture friendly, you know? Yes. Um, just a little bit. So we'll talk about that one a little. But the main one we gotta talk about is Toronto. They're just gonna say, screw it, we're gonna go for 15, runs a game, we're just gonna have fun with an offensive firework display every single night. Just adding to the allure of the American League east in that division. So, you know, first off, let's start with this. I mean how, okay, so we see it in Colorado. If you're a ground ball hitter, you go to Colorado, you're not gonna become a 30 home run guy. So like the park upgrades not gonna fix swings, but you know, for some of those guys that were like, you know, I'm doing like those best balls on underdog, I have the second overall pick. I took Jordon, this news came out, I moved Vladi Jr. Up to like number two, put 'em in that home park with slightly upgraded things. So what do we do here with these park upgrades? And I wanna start with Toronto cuz again, that's the more exciting, exciting one given the state of affairs in that offense. Speaker 2 00:17:53 So they've turned Toronto into a softball field basically like I'm pretty sure I've played on a, I'm pretty sure there's an adult softball field like a mile from my house that's deeper in right center than Toronto's going to be at this point. Like it's laughably short. Um, the only way they're gonna be able to keep balls outta this park is if they turn the air conditioning fence on and blow the air towards the fans sitting behind home plate. That's <laugh>. That's the only way that that this is gonna keep balls into park. So yeah, you gotta, people I think are going to overreact to this though, saying that I think now moving Vladi Jr up to number two I don't think is an overreaction. I think he's top five. This bumps him a little bit cuz now you get more, more power numbers, more runs driven in probably. Speaker 2 00:18:54 Um, but it's not gonna make like Bob Boche or Kevin Bgg top eight players, right? Like you're not all of a sudden moving Kevin Cure Meier into your top four rounds because oh now he is in a Homer park. Well no it's still Kevin Kier Myer. It's still Kevin biu. Right. Um, so don't overreact. I would move him up a little bit. Um, but yeah, it's also gonna help a, at least hitters as a whole cuz obviously they all have to go to Toronto and go play there. You know what, eight, nine times a season. The side effect is, I'm not sure how I'm liking this for Toronto pitchers. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, uh, and I have to use a va. I took a voucher last year in my home league, which allows me to extend a guy one year past when I'm supposed to be able to extend him in contracts. Speaker 2 00:19:51 And I was going to use it on either Walker Bueller or Chris Bassett and then Bueller wound up needing Tommy John. So clearly I'm not gonna extend Bueller cuz he's gonna be useless next year. So I was gonna use it for Chris Bassett, which you know, going to Toronto from city field, not a great turnaround but I think he's good enough to hold his own. But now with these wall moves it's a little disconcerting cuz not only did they move the walls in, they shortened them too. So, um, it's, I'm a little concerned with the pitching also, it's also curious to me that they did this before fly Junior hit his arbitration years or that they tried to buy out his arbitration years. Cuz now you're gonna let him tee off and then try to sign him long term after you've just artificially blown up his numbers. Speaker 2 00:20:45 That's a little, that's a little interesting from a financial standpoint. Um, Detroit's wall moves are interesting. I saw an animation the other day put together by some, some stats folks from M L B that basically said since 2019 if they had been playing in the dimensions they'll have in 2023 over those four years there would've been 38 more home runs hit in Come America than there were. So over four years, you're talking basically just under 10 extra home runs total a year. Not just for the Tigers but in terms of every game played there. So it's a little bit of help. I'm not sure it's as much as Toronto's, but it'll help a little Speaker 1 00:21:33 Bit. Yeah. And when you look at Toronto's pitchers, I mean could this create a buying opportunity? Cuz like I'm looking through the numbers here, you know, GOs man's arsenal's led by that. I think it's, I think his is technically a splitter I believe. Yeah. Um, and then you got like Alec Manoa, Jose Bes are both kind of 40% ground ball guys. Bassett's always been right around that low 40 mark and then last year it jumped to 48% with the Mets. If he can sustain that ground ball rate, maybe just, maybe he can offset this and if everyone's going to reverse Toronto offense this and basically basically say well I can't do Bassett now in the American League east, maybe there's a buying opportunity with these guys. I think maybe it's gonna be more so of a cautiously optimistic uh, type endeavor with when looking at these guys in drafts. Speaker 2 00:22:19 Yeah, I mean I think if you were expecting Bassett to be, would you say expecting item to be an s p two, like a low end s sp two this year before the wall move was decent Speaker 1 00:22:31 Mm-hmm Speaker 2 00:22:31 <affirmative> or you have 'em more as an s sp three before the wall move? Speaker 1 00:22:36 Uh, Speaker 2 00:22:37 Probably. I think you gotta move Speaker 1 00:22:39 I think. Speaker 2 00:22:39 Yeah, I think you gotta move 'em down to, to a low end s sp three or an s sp four now I think is what happens. Speaker 1 00:22:46 Yeah. And when you look at it here, I mean this includes relievers but since January 1st, Bassett's about the 61st pitcher, um, off the board, Speaker 2 00:22:55 12 team leagues would be the fifth pitcher. Speaker 1 00:22:58 He's around pick 1 54. So you're talking 12th round is 144. So you're around the 13th round and 12 team formats. I mean at, at that point if he slips anywhere below that, I mean the pit, the starters after him, Dustin May, Luis Garcia always injured Chris Sale, Jordan Montgomery, there are some guys I really like their sands sale but like maybe there's an Speaker 2 00:23:19 Opportunity here take Bassett, I would still take Bassett over those guys. Speaker 1 00:23:23 Yeah and I mean but this is the thing though with this news. If we're all gonna overreact, like would you be surprised if May Garcia sale in Montgomery all went above Bassett because oh I koon have Bassett now cuz the, the fence has moved in eight feet so he's now gonna go from a sub one homer per nine guy to a four home run per nine guy. That's Speaker 2 00:23:41 A good reaction. But I think there's buying opportunities. Speaker 1 00:23:44 Yeah. Yeah. And then then, and even maybe with some of the bigger guys too with like Gosman and Manoah, if they swap or if they, if they slip down a couple of spots, you know they have enough swing and miss stuff that you know Yeah. Whether the fences are at the edge of the infield or where they're at normally they'll still miss, you Speaker 2 00:23:59 Still have to hit Right. These guys don't have to hit it to get it over the fence. Correct. And the other thing is that I would say that Toronto's outfield defense has improved this year with their moves that they've made. Um, I mean that's again assuming health, but we always wanna assume health and never wanna assume people get injured except for Byron Buxton. Um, but assuming health would George Springer likely Dalton Vao, um, Kier Meyer and then you could even sprinkle in Whit Merrifield could rotate in there with bi playing second. Um, I think that's a decent enough outfield that they may actually be able to get to some of those balls and rob some homers. Even with the, you know, the closer walls. Speaker 1 00:24:46 I'm not expecting a ton, but I'm a little worried that where I'm getting Whit Mayfield at and drops, I'm not gonna be able to get him much there anymore. I mean don't get me wrong, he's not gonna be a 30 home run guy now with this move, but every little bit will help. And he came on a little bit down the stretch and obviously he can run a little bit. So just a guy that I'm keeping my, keep my eye on a little bit Speaker 2 00:25:04 By the way. You want, you want a sleeper here Brandon Belt? Speaker 1 00:25:09 Hmm? I still can't believe he's in Toronto. Speaker 2 00:25:13 I mean Okay. But like is there any better Park swap for a hitter this off season than going from Sam Brandon to Toronto? Speaker 1 00:25:20 No, it's just, I'm gonna have to get used to not seeing him in those, in those orange threads. Speaker 2 00:25:25 I mean true there is that but Speaker 1 00:25:28 Like, I mean he's been, I mean like think about it, he's been, he's been with the Giant since I was in high school. Like when I got my driver's license, he was with the Giants all the way through. Speaker 2 00:25:38 Yeah, that's insane. I mean he and Brendan Crawford were the keys to that whole run, like the building blocks for their whole run. Speaker 1 00:25:51 Yep, yep. No do I do like belt A good bit to say the least. I can't argue with you there, but Matt we talked about it a little bit already. Draft guide, it's going to be free [email protected], check it out. All the strategy pieces, I'm sure there's gonna be like rankings, there's gonna be the projections on the site, you know, we're gonna have everything there. Strategy pieces, positional previews, spotlights, all of that. Debates and everything. Player debates. Oh man, I, I think two years ago I debated Buxton and that one weighed on me a little bit. I was wrong but you know, Speaker 2 00:26:23 I mean no matter what that you take, you're wrong. Speaker 1 00:26:26 That's true. That is very, that's Speaker 2 00:26:29 The only guy that if you're, if you're pro or con, you're in the wrong on Byron Boxton. Speaker 1 00:26:34 I guess we all agree on something, am I right? Speaker 2 00:26:36 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:26:37 But anyway Matt, let's talk a little bit of early draft trends here. About 15 or so minutes left. Just so talk some early draft trends that we are seeing. So obviously we've done player capsules for multiple teams, we've done a couple drafts, I think I'm on four or five best ball drafts now on underdog. We'll come back to that in a bit. But what have you seen from a positional standpoint that it's like, hey, either you know, maybe this position is high and top tier talent but the depth is absolute garbage so don't miss out, um, on there or you're stuck waiting cuz there's something um, obviously relievers is very fickle in its own right cuz it will forever be that way and it will never change. But any position of note to you that is just eye popping in terms of maybe it's a lack of top end talent. There's absolutely no depth or anything like that. Speaker 2 00:27:25 Um, so in terms of eliteness, I think the deepest position is shortstop. I think you can go quite deep in shortstop and find a guy that you would be perfectly fine being your starting uh, being your starting option. Um, for shortstops like looking at a d p right now on N F B C from January 1st through today. So basically the entire month of January and I'm seeing, uh, let's see, let's, let's do this. So the 12th shortstop is Tim Anderson. Okay, 13th is Willie Emmis who I'd be fine with. Jeremy Pena is somehow still the 14th shortstop off the board. The guy who he replaced Carlos cor is 15th cuz everybody's concerned that the 12th year of a contract is going to, you know, screw him over in 2023. It's not folks he'll be fine this year. Um, he's the 15th. Ahmed Rosario is 16th and you go all the way down to Javi BAAs at 18th who's okay, right? Speaker 2 00:28:40 Like the cutoff is probably after Amed Rosario, but that's 16 starting shortstops that I'm okay with with nabbing. And then you could go a little bit upside with, you know, can CJ Abrams actually put it together? Can Ezekiel Tovar have a heck of a season in his rookie year in Colorado knowing what shortstops typically do in Colorado. He's 25th off the board. Um, Louise Garcia for the Nats, not the pitcher of the second basement slash shortstop. It's 27th off the board. So like there is ridiculous depth at shortstop in terms of positions where you've gotta strike soon. I would say it's, it might be corner infield. Might be the shallowest. Speaker 1 00:29:28 Yep. Speaker 2 00:29:29 Like third base right now the top eight third basemen are Ho or uh, Jose Ramirez, Bobby Whit, Machado, Riley, devs, Anado, Bregman, gunner Henderson <affirmative>. After that it's Muni, Jose Miranda, AO Suz, Matt Chapman like Cab Brian Hayes is a sleeper there, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative>. But like in terms of bonafide dudes that you trust, there's probably eight. Speaker 1 00:29:56 Yes. So shortstop is so fascinating because it's very deep like you said, like any of those 16 that you mentioned cool with even Javi Baez, I'm okay with him there at 18. But when you look at this, of course I'm talking ceiling here, you could have five shortstops go 30, 30 this year. Now again that's a very, very big stretch, but Turner, Whit, Bechet, Tais, O'Neill, Cruz, like there is enough juice for potentially five players at this position to go 30 30. That is insane. Just simply put absolutely, absolutely Speaker 2 00:30:35 Insane. I mean if Tim Anderson stays healthy as there a shot, he goes, Speaker 1 00:30:40 I mean the fact that the fact that you can even make a case for six is insane. Like there's not many positions that can do that. Now again, will it happen? No, no I know that. But you know, it's, it's worth mentioning like this you don't have to take and like one of the first two short stops or three short stops because oh you know, well it thins out pretty quick. So I kind of have to at third base you might want to because you have the first Ramirez in Bobby Whit, you know, wit's got shortstop too but you know, exciting. I like those two. But then Machado, Riley devs, you're kind, although you'll see in the draft guy, but Deborah's guy I'm not very high on this year but yeah Speaker 2 00:31:18 You're talking I'm not either. Mainly cuz of his uh, surrounding cast. But Speaker 1 00:31:22 Yeah, and you're talking average in power there so you might as well wait around and take Anato then you got boring old Bregman at seven, chase upside with Henderson at eight then Power and strikeout Suarez Chapman. I love KA Brian Hayes after that. No thank you. Third base is a bit rough to me even looking at it. I cannot stand second base. Speaker 2 00:31:43 Yeah, that would be my, I Speaker 1 00:31:45 Can not stand in this position. Speaker 2 00:31:47 Yeah, obviously by the way, catcher is the shallowest. We all know that. We're just skipping over it cuz there's like three dudes. You could draft a catcher and everybody else is a crapshoot. Um, but second base I think, I think you're right, there's maybe five, Speaker 1 00:32:03 I mean maybe there are five second base men Speaker 2 00:32:06 I know, but like Simeon Altuve, ugh, Ja Chisholm still counts as the second baseman, correct? Als, Edmond, Speaker 1 00:32:16 Those are five. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:18 Um, I mean right now based on adp, those are the top five Speaker 1 00:32:23 For sure. When I'm like the drafts I've done, look the Speaker 2 00:32:25 Second base there's between LBS and Edmond because correct LBS is in the top 50, Edmunds 72nd and then Jimenez is 82nd and then the next one is Glab Torres at one 15. Speaker 1 00:32:39 Yeah, this position sucks. Speaker 2 00:32:41 Yeah, it's, it's very bad. Speaker 1 00:32:45 Like I like jazz. I, I'm out on semi this year, I just, he's another bus guy of mine so I'm just, I don't like him that much. I like jazz up there. I like Edmund for speed. And then after that, honestly at second base and these drafts that I've done, I've just hung out and absolutely smashed the draft button on Jonathan India in Whit Maryfield because at that point I'm gonna take that price and I don't really want to pay third, fourth round for semi and Altuve. I'll just wait and hope for the best between India and Maryfield, Speaker 2 00:33:14 You know, who's intriguing to me way down the list as a guy who's currently 20th off the board as could tell. Marte, Speaker 1 00:33:20 I thought you were gonna talk about biceps lux. Speaker 2 00:33:23 No, I'm kind of out on, on Lux. I just don't think the bat is playing as well Speaker 1 00:33:27 As, well you don't mean the pictures of him flexing with his biceps or just not getting you in best, best shape of their life season here in January. Speaker 2 00:33:35 You don't have to be jacked to play baseball though. That's the, that's the problem. Um, I don't, I I think Catel Marte is intriguing to me at 20. Speaker 1 00:33:46 Agreed. Um, but again, Speaker 2 00:33:49 Diamondback's offense is I think better than people give it credit for and they're gonna have with Alec Thomas and Corbin Carroll coming up and Jake McCarthy, um, you've got three dudes who could steal 25 bags and that kind of bass movement in front of Kato Marte in some form or fashion in a circular lineup means he could actually produce some runs. Speaker 1 00:34:17 Um, and listen, I'm not saying we're the be all end all of fantasy analysis and expertise, but all we've done is crap on the top couple guys and all we've done is hype up the current second baseman. The 14th. The 16th and the 20th. So I think that's what you need to know about second base. Speaker 2 00:34:31 I mean it's just like I'm okay with any of the top five. It depends on what you want, right? Minus semi I'm not gonna give you um, yeah minus Simeon like Altuve will give you a decent mix of everything Chisholm could, if he stays healthy, he's got the pop and speed to go at least 25 30. Um, Al's I'm always concerned about batting average and where he'll hit in there order. Edmond is basically speed. So there's not a whole lot of combo. Like we were talking about Shortstops, there could be 5 30, 30 shortstops. There's not gonna be, there may be 1 30 30 second basement and it technically qualify as an outfielder by the end of the season. Speaker 1 00:35:14 Well you said it, let's talk about outfield cause I'm gonna say it this way. I'm gonna lump this whole position in. They're lucky Josh Chisholm's coming to the outfield for fantasy eligibility. I, so I've struggled with outfield in these best ball drafts cause I've waited, I've tried, I've tacked outfield early, I've waited on outfield and I have not liked what's happened when I've waited on outfield. Speaker 2 00:35:37 So here's my big thing with outfield. To me the depth clearly depends on if you're in a three outfield league or a five outfield league. Speaker 1 00:35:45 Of course Speaker 2 00:35:46 My home league is a five outfield league. The depth and it's also like, well this year it's gonna be like 18 teams. So the depths goes ridiculously fast, right? So the elite guys go and they go quick if you're in a three outfield league, I think there's more, like if you're in a 12 team league with three outfielders, I think there's more than enough depth in outfield to be fine. Cuz you're talking about 36 starting outfielders, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And so in that, in that league, the 36 starting outfielder is Hunter Renfro, the 37th is Ian Hap Nimo Bader. I mean none of these guys are outstanding but they're decent, right? Ha's got pop nimo score runs. Bader can steal some bags. But if you get past that, like the fact that Lars Newt bar is the 43rd outfielder off the board is a problem. Like I, I just don't see it for, for him. But I would, I would agree that if you are in a very deep outfield league, outfield can be a very big problem. Speaker 1 00:36:58 And even on, even like on underdog when I'm doing these, these best ball drafts, like I can't even tell you if I have not, if I did not attack outfield in the beginning it was a uh, how, how do I say a bit of a rough go. So like for example on this one I had the second overall pick I took Jordon, this is the only one I've actually completed. Everyone else I'm still in the midst of doing. I then waited until round six in then outfielder, I went back to back outfielders round six and seven and ended up with Taylor warden Nick Castanos. Speaker 2 00:37:29 That's a problem. Speaker 1 00:37:31 So not to mention that we come back with Concor who I think I'm gonna end up with in every draft cuz he's just there every single time. And then honestly the outfields I've like the most are the last two I took and Brian de La Cruz who will read about in the draft guide in Max Kepler. I mean outfield has been rough and this and this best ball draft that I did an underdog, it started with six straight outfielders. Of course otani is included, an outfielder, an underdog. But there was an outfielder eight of the first nine picks in this one. Speaker 2 00:37:58 Yeah. So I guess my question becomes, I think you can either have a couple of very good outfielders and then fill it out with dudes who can just play the position but you're not really happy with or you can wait and put together an, I think a reasonably balanced outfield. Not full of big names but like reasonably balanced. I think it's gonna be hard to get a balanced outfield I think is the problem. Because if you go with top flight outfielders, you've just sacrificed third base, second base and first base <affirmative>, which you need elite bats there because otherwise they fall off a cliff. So I think the biggest thing for outfield this year is going to be finding, uh, an a a way to get a balanced outfield where you're not sacrificing depth or fantasy relevance at other shower positions. Like you could punt catcher cuz everybody but three people are gonna be punting catcher. Speaker 1 00:39:06 Yeah. And then, and like this one, I waited until the sixth round to do take my first outfielder since round six. We're now in round 17 I've now taken like five out six outfielders and I have say a Suzuki Lars Newbar, Cody Bellinger, Trey Mansi, Michael Conforto and Brian de La Cruz. There's that one. I didn't that one, I didn't take one in the beginning like I did with, I don't now of course I don't have a yon making it look better. Speaker 2 00:39:31 That's true. Speaker 1 00:39:32 But you know, and that one then you know you're starting off Flagg Guerrero Max Sures or Brandon Woodruff, Jose Abreu. Corey Seager, you gotta love that. Speaker 2 00:39:39 Yeah. By the way, according to N fpc ADP for the month of January, Yor on's the fifth outfielder off the board. Speaker 1 00:39:47 Yep. Now and again that could be partially too, you know, with like on underdog it's, it's points based so he's gonna get a, a little bit of a boost cuz he doesn't run. But regardless still a top tier option obviously. Um, so that's something there. But you mentioned punting positions, so catcher's an interesting one. Um, especially on underdog where they're lumped in with infielders and they're not their own unique. Speaker 2 00:40:11 Oh I think I would definitely punt in Speaker 1 00:40:12 Thing. I don't, I don't know if I've ever drafted a catcher to be honest if, I mean maybe if it got to the final last round I would take, I took like Wilson Contreras because it was better than drafting some bum from Pittsburgh who's gonna stink. So, you know, maybe in that case, but at price catchers aren't going like in underdog. So, you know, but if we remove that one from the equation though, or is there, is there something like a position that you're punning or is catcher the main one? Speaker 2 00:40:38 Um, I don't know, perhaps first base. Speaker 1 00:40:47 And is that cuz there's depth pieces that you like more? Is that because it's not Speaker 2 00:40:52 Like, I mean I think there's, I think it's deeper than it gets credit for. Like let me Speaker 1 00:40:58 Like Andrew Vaughn at first baseman 12 Rizzo at 14, Speaker 2 00:41:02 Right? Like if you go Rizzo at 14 Mount Castle, 15 Toles at 16, Ty Francis at 17 Josh Bell at 18. Speaker 1 00:41:09 I can't believe that was that low. Speaker 2 00:41:10 Yeah. First of all, what are you people doing that's a terrible, like he needs to be higher. But I'm perfectly fine with those five guys. Like heck, I'm even fine with Joey Menez at 21 if I'm fully punting the thing. Um, or I mean Trey Mancini's going at 28th. That's a little surprising to me. I know he had a downtime in Houston, but it turned out Dusty Baker didn't even want him, so didn't really play him. Um, but no, I just think like if you look at Rizzo at 14, can you tell me there's any actual huge difference between him and Matt Olson at five? Speaker 1 00:41:57 I mean, I mean I think the easy way is, you know, you could say Ridge is almost like a poor man's Olsen, but at the end of the day we're still talking 25 plus Homers and a you're Speaker 2 00:42:05 Still talking about 25 homers. Yeah, about the same run production and Olson probably has a better batting average, but in the end of the day, does batting average matter that much right now in fantasy baseball? Speaker 1 00:42:21 Uh, no. Speaker 2 00:42:24 I mean, Speaker 1 00:42:25 You, if you're not an elite, if you're not an elite separator, if you're middle of the pack, you're not helping, you're not hurting, Speaker 2 00:42:30 Right? If you're not like over 300, you're not like, you know what I mean? So I just don't like Hoskins going at nine. There's no difference between Hoskins to me and, and Josh Bell at 18 Speaker 1 00:42:49 Other than I'd rather have be at price. Speaker 2 00:42:52 Right? Because especially if you're in a, in, in a league like on base percentage league Bell's gonna have a higher on base percentage than the Hoskins, I think. Speaker 1 00:43:03 Yeah. And, and, and that's the whole thing, you know, it's of course every position you can find the poor man's version of somebody. But you know, there's some places where it's not so like obviously like for me, if I don't get Jazz Chisholm on punting second base and I'm waiting for India and Merrifield, I mean I've already said that. I've made that clear. Speaker 2 00:43:22 That's what I've locked in. I mean first and second are probably the two that, that I would punt aside from Keer because look outside of like, I mean it's I guess catcher's a little deeper than we give it credit for, but they're still really only seven guys that are, I would say separators for me being real Muto Vao who also qualifies at outfield Will Smith Ruman. Salvi Perez, I'll still give him credit for that Contreras and Kirk after that. Is there that much of a difference between Melin and William Contreras and Sean Murphy and Stevenson and like not really. Speaker 1 00:44:08 No. At that point you're, you know, we're kind, you know how we talk about like in the late round draft, you just need a reason to draft somebody. That's what you're doing with those guys. You're, you're gonna look at one thing and buy in to, you know, oh Contreras is hard hit metrics, boom. And that's gonna be your basis for taking 'em at that point. But yeah, I mean those top seven catchers comfortable with, after that you're drafting someone based on conviction or you're trying to do something like with your team. Like if your team lacks power but you're great and batting average, you might love Cal Raleigh. You know? Right. Because that's what Speaker 2 00:44:40 Comes down to, or a little bit of an average boost from Catcher k Bear Ruiz at 14 could help you there cuz he's probably gonna hit two 60 something, which is very good for a catcher Speaker 1 00:44:49 And I, and I think, I think you have it right on the head or hit the nail right on the head, the top seven catchers you are drafting because they can help you offensively after that you are drafting that you're catcher based on team need. If you need pop, do you need average? Do you maybe need a couple stolen bases from somebody in there? That's ultimately what you're doing at the catcher position at least. Speaker 2 00:45:10 Yeah, Speaker 1 00:45:11 But I Speaker 2 00:45:11 Mean, but the other thing is that that like there's so many catchers that are now in like every other day roles that it doesn't even make the, like can you honestly tell me that Sean Murphy is gonna play like 120 games in Darnell is gonna play like 40? No, I think it could be close to a split, especially if, if half of the Brays rotation likes pitching to Darnell better than they like pitching to Sean Murphy. Yeah. Then you know, you've gotta split there. So at that point both become less valuable. Speaker 1 00:45:52 Well, and then you still have someone too, like Gar I think, if I'm not mistaken, of course by the time this comes out it might change, but Gary Sanchez hasn't signed anywhere. Speaker 2 00:46:01 No, Speaker 1 00:46:01 No. Don't get me wrong. I'm not hanging my hat on Sanchez, but he's another guy. If he goes into a spot where it seems like semi-regular playing time, he's gonna move up the board and he's gonna be a guy that you draft for a little bit of pop. Yeah, I, I mean I won't be, but someone will, you know, it's just, you know, it's a cup. It's a cup of tea. Catcher is a cup of tea position in fantasy. The top seven are guys you can trust from there. It's a cup of tea. It's your personal preference based on your roster. What do you need to try to basically salvage a little bit from this otherwise mediocre offensive Speaker 2 00:46:34 Position. Right. Also, who would you rather have Zino or Bo Nailer in Cleveland? Speaker 1 00:46:41 How about I take one of the top seven and we call it a day. Speaker 2 00:46:44 There you go. I mean, so there's teams that you're just avoid, like Christian Vasquez has zero fantasy value. Speaker 1 00:46:52 Yeah, it's, Speaker 2 00:46:53 Yeah zero. Eric Haas has basically zero fantasy value. Speaker 1 00:46:57 Remember when Gral was like a top five option? Speaker 2 00:47:00 Yeah. I mean now he's like 20th. Oh my gosh, home Omar Novas is the starting catcher for the Mets. He's going off at 33rd on the board. Speaker 1 00:47:11 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:47:11 And of course Homes is the starting catcher for the Cubs if I'm not mistaken. And he's 35th off the board. Speaker 1 00:47:18 It's one of those things where of course everything that we're saying here, well it does apply but not as much to two catcher formats where you have to start two. Obviously Speaker 2 00:47:28 I'm in a league with it's two catcher formats and like there are the difference between real Muto and Bario and Smith in that league and like Sean Murphy is amazing. Would Speaker 1 00:47:43 You double tap a catcher like back to back round if you're at a wheel? Not one, two obviously, but you know, like a Speaker 2 00:47:49 Catch and and top seven, like let's say half of the top seven are there. I'm taking, I'm double tapping. And then, because the advantage that you can get, like let's say if you can double tap Ruman and Kirk, the advantage you get doing that and then having to wait on a depth piece at second base, a depth piece at second base is not a big enough difference. Like Kittel Marte, there is not enough difference between Kittel Marte at 20th off the board for second base right now. And um, Tommy Edmond going fifth off the board at second base. Like that's a, that's not a big enough difference between those two to make me forfeit a top seven catcher. Like let's say I take Ruman and then I go take Edmond at second base and then I have to come back and fill in catcher with, I don't know, Jonah Heim. Like I'd rather have Ruman and Kirk and then Marte at second than Ruman and, and Tommy Edmond and Jonah Heimer Vasquez. Right. Like so I would, I I could see myself double tapping catcher. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:49:09 Yep, I bet. Yeah. Two catcher subs. I think it's certainly formidable but we're running outta time here. One last thing I want to throw at you here. We'll talk about the pitcher position really quick. Like I said, we don't have much time since January 1st. Brandon Woodruff is the ninth starter off the board. I have pushed him up as high as the fourth starter off the board. Yay or nay. Well the answer is yay, I have done it multiple times. So that's not what we're arguing. Is that something that you can get behind, I guess is probably a better way of looking at it? Speaker 2 00:49:39 I think. I think that's fine. Like he's ninth out the board combined, right? You've got Edwin Diaz in there, you got a manual class A in there, so you got two closers in there. So if you're just talking starters right now, he's the seventh off the board. I could see taking Woodruff over St. Strider and probably Degra, Speaker 1 00:50:04 I did take him above deGrom and St. Strider. Speaker 2 00:50:08 I would probably, I could take him over all Canara too. Speaker 1 00:50:13 Ooh. Okay. So Alara went, here's Speaker 2 00:50:16 The, here's the thing with Alara. If you look at his, I, I just wrote the player capsule for um, Alara. Speaker 1 00:50:26 Um, I hope you're gonna say what I'm thinking. Speaker 2 00:50:29 He, I think he's in line for some regression. Speaker 1 00:50:31 Well he's an accumulator. Speaker 2 00:50:33 Yeah, I mean like look, he had six complete games last year. When's the last time a picture had six complete games in a season? Like it's been a while. Right. So, and even as good as he was, and I'm not saying he shouldn't have won the n l si young cuz he should have, I think it was pretty clear, but his strikeout rate dropped last year from 2021. His um, he got better with walks, right? But his, his xFi and Sierra and FIP all said he was probably more of a mid, like about a 3 25 e r a guy rather than a mid twos. So I think you're gonna see innings drop a little bit. I think you're gonna see the E R A come back up over three. Um, the strikeout rate is not as high, like it's under nine K per nine. So he's striking out less than a guy per inning. So I would, I would take Woodruff over all Q guitars. I, for me, I have no problem with Woodruff being the fourth starter off the board. I'm not behind the strider, the, the strider boost. I, I'm, I'm just not like it was a phenomenal rookie year, but there is no way he gets quantifiably better in his second year than his rookie year wise. Speaker 1 00:52:00 Yeah. And this, this draft is the only one I've completed. So this what I'm gonna leave you with, you got one word. Okay. The order of starting pitchers off the board before I took Woodruff, it went Garrett Cole, then Corbin Burns, then Sandy Alara, then Max Scherzer. And then right before I picked Brandon Woodruff, it was Carlos Rodan. Speaker 2 00:52:25 That's high for a couple of those guys. That's hi. Like mind Speaker 1 00:52:28 You, this person that picked first has to be an American League East diehard because they went Yankee Red Sox, Yankee Rays, then a twin, but then Toronto. Toronto, they must love the Al East Speaker 2 00:52:39 Other that or they don't like staying up late to watch baseball <laugh>. I just wanna crack Speaker 1 00:52:42 Out like that or that or that. Speaker 2 00:52:45 Um, I don't know that I would've had Surez are that high. I just made the argument all Canta shouldn't be that high. Speaker 1 00:52:55 So I got a gift with Woodruff is what you're saying. Speaker 2 00:52:58 I think you did like Woodruff just keeps proving that he's, he's a one two with Burns and if you're gonna take Burns a two, I don't see much of a difference that would, that would make, you know, like if you don't have a problem taking Corbin Burns as a second picture off the board. Is there that big of a difference between him and Woodruff in your mind to make Woodruff like the seventh starter off the board? I don't, I don't think so. Speaker 1 00:53:29 Yep. I am right there with you. Redon at five was interesting. I was happy for that one. Cause I wondered Woodruff really bad. So Speaker 2 00:53:36 Like I don't think there's gonna be that big of a drop off for Woodruff as some others think. Like I make the, the comp for me for Woodruff or for for Rodan this year is what Gosman did in Toronto. Hmm. Like Gossman went from San Francisco to the Al East, right? Speaker 1 00:53:59 Yep. Speaker 2 00:54:00 He's basically a two pitch pitcher that sprinkles in a third pitch. Right. He uses a lot of movement in his stuff and he sprinkles in a third pitch and it didn't really kill him that bad going to Toronto. Now you get Rodan going from the Giants to the Yankees. He's basically a two pitch pitcher who sprinkles in a third pitch and the two pitches are elite. Yes. Like maybe the best two pitch combination in baseball. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Here's the other thing. Yankee stadium is harder for right-handers than Toronto is like right-handed hitters. Yankee Stadium is harder on right-handed hitters than Toronto is. And Rodan being a lefty making it next to impossible for lefties to hit him neutralizes the short porch and left be the Yankee stadium. Speaker 1 00:55:03 Agreed. Speaker 2 00:55:04 So I don't think there's gonna be that big of a dropoff. All that said, I don't think he should have been like the third starting off the board. Speaker 1 00:55:12 Yeah, I agree. Speaker 2 00:55:13 Like I would've taken Woodruff over him and I'm a Yankees fan and an ads fan, but like I think there's a longer run of success with Woodruff than there has been with Rodan. And I still like pitching in the n l central against weaker offenses than I do against pitching in the al East against stronger offenses. So Speaker 1 00:55:36 Assuming you can avoid your, as long as your starts don't come against Pittsburgh in the central I know what you meant. Speaker 2 00:55:40 I mean okay. Speaker 1 00:55:42 At least three of the hitters in that lineup, Speaker 2 00:55:45 I mean Yeah. Right. 84. Well, okay, but how long until Brian <laugh> Brian Reynold just traded? Speaker 1 00:55:51 Let me have it, let me have the moment for right now. Let's just enjoy Speaker 2 00:55:54 It. Let's, I mean they want, they want a, apparently a soda return for Brian Reynolds, which I find Speaker 1 00:56:00 Hilarious. I love it. Let's make it happen. Speaker 2 00:56:03 I don't think they're getting it. Speaker 1 00:56:05 I don't either, but I, I don't either. But Speaker 2 00:56:07 Some can hope that's not happening. There's, there's no, Speaker 1 00:56:11 I mean, yeah, I mean, it'd be cool if they got like Soto and tattoos, but it's cool. It happens. Like, Speaker 2 00:56:17 I mean, but here's the question. Like what are they gonna start doing with these prospects? They have a ton of them and they never called them up. Same. And they never developed them. Same. Speaker 1 00:56:25 Same. Exactly. You just answered your own question. I don't, I don't understand what, what the issue is. Speaker 2 00:56:30 Like what are they gonna do? Like what? Speaker 1 00:56:32 Listen, the fans can't get more mad than they already are because we're holding onto this pipe dream of what could be. And if you never get to that point of what could be is what it is, then you can't get more mad. Speaker 2 00:56:47 I mean, Speaker 1 00:56:48 Like, think about it this way. We always have something to look forward to. There's always some cool prospect that will get to maybe come up or we'll trade him at some point for some bum, you know what I mean? Like, I'm still holding onto the dream of the Tyler Glass. How Jameson time, Mitch Keller, 1, 2, 3 rotation led. I'm still holding onto that dream and it's 2023 <laugh>. I'm just, I'm just saying, Speaker 2 00:57:10 Just saying Speaker 1 00:57:11 Like his back. Like it's, it's basically like 2015 all over again or whatever year he left, left my heart Speaker 2 00:57:21 <laugh>. I mean, I, I don't know, I don't know what they're doing with all these guys, but they have a bunch of dudes who can play and they're never gonna see the light today and they're gonna get traded. And I'm hoping against hope that Quinn Priester isn't the next Mitch killer. Cuz that would just, that would just make me very upset. Speaker 1 00:57:44 I mean, hey, Keller wasn't bad last year, about four years late, but hey, wasn't bad down the stretch. Speaker 2 00:57:50 I mean, that's true. But, Speaker 1 00:57:53 But then again, they didn't expect Keller to be a 3.91 e r a across 160 innings. Either like they were expecting like top tier stuff. Like the guy Speaker 2 00:58:03 Like Mitch Keller was supposed to be the guy like in the mold of a Gar Cole. Speaker 1 00:58:08 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:58:09 Or Glass now or even now. Shane Baz, sorry Colby, um, boy <laugh> that, that Archer deal is looking worse and worse by the day. <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:58:23 I already forgot about it. Speaker 2 00:58:25 I mean, giving up Austin Meadows and class now and Shane Bass. Speaker 1 00:58:35 Yep. All for nothing. Gotta love it. Speaker 2 00:58:37 That's not great. Speaker 1 00:58:39 Got to love it. But Matt, that'll put a bow on this week's episode. So, um, of course, check out everything [email protected] All the content get, make sure you're privy to any updates with the draft guide that is free. It's the free draft guide Fantasy Rman B draft guide is free. Can't say that enough. Give me a follow on Twitter at Colby r Conway. Give Matt follow at the sales man on Twitter. Check out the MLB free agent trackers. We're getting updated. And of course, all of the fantasy baseball content that'll be rolling out here in the days and weeks leading up to spring training, and then eventually the start of the season. So that'll do it for this week's episode. We'll see you next week with the newest edition of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast.

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