March 02, 2023


Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Injuries To Gavin Lux, Tyler Glasnow, Joe Musgrove Change Fantasy Values

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Colby Conway Matt Selz James Grande
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Injuries To Gavin Lux, Tyler Glasnow, Joe Musgrove Change Fantasy Values
Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Injuries To Gavin Lux, Tyler Glasnow, Joe Musgrove Change Fantasy Values

Mar 02 2023 | 00:47:08


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James Grande and Matt Selz break down all of the recent injuries to key fantasy baseball players like Gavin Lux, Tyler Glasnow, Joe Musgrove, Brendan Rodgers, and Seiya Suzuki. How do we deal with those injuries? How are their values changed? What recent signings have teams made? All that and more in the latest fantasy baseball podcast.

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Speaker 1 00:00:07 What's going on, everybody? Happy Wednesday. Uh, by the time you guys hear this, happy Thursday or maybe Wednesday or maybe Thursday. It all depends on how Matt sells schedule plays out for the rest of this week. We know Matt, uh, busy as always, uh, doing God knows what, and that, by that I mean everything. Um, but welcome into the Fantasy Honor Fantasy Baseball Podcast. Know I am not Colby Conway. Yes, that is Matt Sells On the other side of the Glass. I am James Grande Colby. Uh, I think he's, uh, doing snorkeling somewhere. Um, Speaker 2 00:00:42 He's on vacation. I dunno where. Speaker 1 00:00:43 Yeah, I mean, he's, of course he's on vacation. Colby's always on vacation. Um, living the good life, uh, except the fact he's a Pirates fan. That's probably not, um, the best life to live. But, and Texas fan. Um, I'm a Texas fan. It's probably, it's not very good, um, very often for Colby. Um, you know, sad to see JJ Wat retire. Uh, the Pirates did a hype video for Vince Velasquez. So not, not a lot of things going well for Colby in, in sports world these days, but Matt, thank you for having me on. Um, what's going on with you, brother? How, how's the, uh, beginning of spring training been for you? Speaker 2 00:01:16 I'm good so far. I have dodged bullets with my keepers. I had to submit my keepers today and so far I have dodged bullets with those, but I don't draft until the end of the month. So I've got, I've got like another three and a half weeks to dodge bullets over here at the rate that these guys are getting injured in freak occurrences and whatnot. So we shall see. But today on my right <laugh>. Speaker 1 00:01:41 Yeah. All right, good. Today, today is what matters. Uh, we will worry about what's to come, uh, in the baseball world. We know that there will be plenty more injuries to come, unfortunately. Um, nothing we could do about those. Uh, especially with players being sped up in every facet of the game. Uh, not really used to the way that the speed of the game, uh, is being played at. So I'm sure people are gonna tweet things more often early on and, um, it is what it is before I, I don't know if you and Colby have talked about it, um, yet, but I I a quick take. What's your opinion on, um, the, the speed in which pitchers and and batters are being asked to, you know, play at, like, what, what is your initial takeaway from watching this first week of spring training? Speaker 2 00:02:30 I think it's fantastic. I don't think it's too fast. I think it cuts out all of the Nomar Garcia Parro re gripping of the gloves, um, in between every pitch. He never Pedro, Speaker 1 00:02:41 Pedro Baia, Pedro Baez throwing one pitch in the, in the time that an entire at bat is being played out. Speaker 2 00:02:48 Yeah, seriously. Like I think he went two and a half minutes between throwing pitch two Speaker 1 00:02:52 And a half Speaker 2 00:02:54 And didn't even do anything. Like he grabbed the Rozen bag and then he decided on which four pitch sequence he liked better and then went through the signs again. And then like, I, I don't know, I, I love the speed of the game, like the fact that you're getting six, five games and you're getting scoring and it's not more than two hours and 45 minutes. Right? Like that's great. The Nats and Astros played a three two game that went to the 10th inning and it ended in two hours and seven minutes. Speaker 1 00:03:28 Yeah, it's amazing. Speaker 2 00:03:29 Like it's just fantastic. Like this, this is what baseball should have done a while ago. The speed of the game was ridiculous. I think everybody knew it was because every batter stepped out every 10 like every single pitch and regroup and undid his belt and redid his belt and had to think through what pitch he just saw. Like you're not a professional hitter who seen thousands and thousands and thousands of pitches, like right. I look Max Scher struck out Joy Menes in 27 seconds the other day and no, there was not an automatic strike call that was a legit strikeout in 27 Speaker 1 00:04:10 Seconds called bullying. That's called bullying. Matt Speaker 2 00:04:13 <laugh> called, I mean, yes, but <laugh>, I have no problem with the pitch clock. How about you? Speaker 1 00:04:21 Uh, I like the pitch clock. Um, I'm a little indifferent about the automatic like strike and ball scenario when the pitch count is reached. Obviously there has to be like means to an end with the pitch clock. You can't just have a pitch clock and be like, okay, we're gonna, like, nothing happens at the end cause then no one's gonna abide by it. Right. Um, so I understand the Speaker 2 00:04:45 Salary recap and the nba Speaker 1 00:04:46 Yeah. Like the salary cap, right. Um, but like it's, I think it's just something that I have to get used to. I just don't want games to end on something like that. And we saw it at least not the game end, but what it was bases loaded. Three, two count in that in, I forget which pre, uh, pre spring training game and they called straight three and then they, or it was top nine and then they went to bottom nine because the, in the in like I don't want that to happen in a regular season game or you know, September, October. So I'm happy we're getting used to it now and, and I think this spring training maybe more than ever, maybe the most important for everyday players to get as much as many at bats as possible to get acclimated to it. Right. Um, so yeah, Speaker 2 00:05:34 Which is interesting cause there's the W BBC and they don't have a pitch clock, Speaker 1 00:05:39 Right? So it, I wonder, I wonder if players will just still do like rhythm rhythmic things that they're doing in professional baseball. Cuz you know, you play w BBC for quite a while and then, you know, that's probably gonna creep back into your routine and then it's like, oh wait, I have to adjust again. And then yeah, you're striking out on automatic strikes. So I like it. I just, I think I just don't want it to hinder very important games later on in the year. Um, even during the regular season maybe. And let's say you lose out on like a division by half a game, you're like, oh, well, you know, that could have been avoided if, I Speaker 2 00:06:23 Mean, it's true, but I will play devil's advocate today. That's six months from now and they will have played 160 something games fair. Um, or 150 something games with a pitch clock. Fair. Not to mention if you're losing a division by a half game, I guarantee you there are about a, a lot of other pieces other than get in the box. One second, sir. I mean, sure there's going to be people just like there were after the Super Bowl with the hold call that they admitted was a whole, like Bradberry admitted it was a hold. They said, well, you can't call it then. Okay, well then what's the point of the pitch clock if you're not gonna call it through the course of a normal game? Right? So like, I guess we'll come to that bridge when we get there, but they've had it for, I don't know, a week and it's made a market improvement. And there's only been a couple of calls against like Machado the first pitch, but Chatto ever faced, he got called on an automatic strike <laugh>, but after that he is been fine and he hasn't had a problem with the pitch clock. And he said, look, I that's on me. I'll get faster bear. Right? Speaker 2 00:07:31 But yeah, I I don't think there's gonna lead to more injuries though because like in the minors, they've had this for a couple of years and there has not been an increase in, um, you know, there there's been a standard amount of injuries. Speaker 1 00:07:47 Okay. So well ding our time's, our time's up here, we're on the pitch clock. Our pitch clock is now over, uh, onto the next time. I'm just kidding. Uh, yeah, I, I I, I like, I like what baseball's doing to speed up the game. I think anything to speed up the game will attract more youth, uh, into the game, which is obviously, um, as of right now the target audience, uh, let's shift into some notes here and, uh, you have it on the top of the show sheet. Injuries, injuries, injuries that ex what you listed and you couldn't have been more spot on starting off with, uh, the Los Angeles Dodgers who lost their starting shortstop for the year. Gavin Lux due to a torn ACL l he is going to miss the entire 2023 season. So I ask you, Matt, what is the Dodgers immediate and long-term solution, um, to fill the position at shortstop? Speaker 2 00:08:48 I think right now their, their immediate solution is to play Miguel Rojas agreed there. Um, I think they could stick Chris Taylor there if they want to. I'm not sure they will. I think Rojas, at least defensively doesn't kill them, right? Sure. That wise you're gonna lose something between Lux Well, what they hope to have from Lux and what you anticipate getting from Rojas. But defensively, uh, Rojas will be fine. Um, they can make up offense from a few other places. They have a fairly deep farm system that they can call some guys up from to, um, to play. I'm not sure that we see a shortstop prospect come up, but in the long term, I don't know that they make a trade. Yep. Like I've seen people going, well, they're the Dodgers, they can just make a move. Like, like folks are like, well you could trade for I K F. Okay, but is that actually an upgrade? Speaker 1 00:09:47 Right? Speaker 2 00:09:49 So, Speaker 1 00:09:49 Well not defensively, I'll tell you that it's not, not defensively. Speaker 2 00:09:53 Um, I, you know, they already bailed the Yankees out once by trading for Gallo last year, year. I don't think they're gonna bail 'em out again by trading for a reserve utility infielder. Um, so I think they roll with Rojas. Does it take a hit for offensive stats for some other folks? Yeah, but I think they're still the, if they're not the best team in that division, they are very close to the best team in that division. Right. Um, and the other three are not that close. So it's a two horse race. We'll see what they do, come trade deadline, but right now they're not gonna, I think they just roll with Rojas. Speaker 1 00:10:32 Yeah. Um, Rojas is obviously, I think the immediate option, and you mentioned Chris Taylor, he has had like 250 career games at short. So like, you know, if they're not, if they're, if Rojas is an absolute zero offensively, I can see Chris Taylor getting more and more starts at shortstop. Um, I was also thinking, and I don't know if it's kind of like a lateral move. Jose Glacia is a free agent right now. Um, he and he had a really good year, surprisingly offensively last year Yeah. In, um, Colorado. And when you look at the splits and I, I think immediately people are like, well he played in Colorado. When you look in Jose Glacia splits last year, he was better outside of Coors Field than he was in Coors Field. Um, and I think we know Jose Alaia is obviously an elite glove. Is he again, lateral move to Rojas? Speaker 1 00:11:30 Potentially. There definitely an upgrade in the bat. I mean, we're talking about a guy last year, he hit two, he hit 2 92 last year. Um, career now 2 79 for a guy that was expected to never really hit. Right. Um, yeah. 30, 33 years old. Just an option. I I was thinking of, um, still a free agent, right? I I think he's personally an upgrade over Rojas, especially if he's gonna provide, you know, moderately the same offensively two 90 last year, again, not expecting two 90. Um, what if he had two 80? That's an upgrade over Rojas, right? Speaker 2 00:12:08 Yes. That's definitely an upgrade over Rojas. Uh, for sure. That's a, that's a good, that's a good name to watch for sure. There's been teams, there's been a little bit of a flurry of tra of, uh, signings and we'll get to a few of them in a little bit this week to like minor league deals as depths depth guys. And I mean, he played in LA I mean yes, it was for the Angels, which everybody forgets about in LA but Right. Um, he has played in that market. Right, right. So Speaker 1 00:12:39 And he started his career in Boston too. So like he's been in big markets, he's been in big markets before. Yeah. Um, that glove, his glove will carry in any market. I mean, he can pick it. Um, and the offense is a plus. That's why I think, and, and if, if we got to a situation, let, let's, we'll just run, let's say Iglesia were to sign, okay, let's rapid fire this Rojas, uh, without EGL fantasy viable or no Speaker 2 00:13:09 Rojas without egl. Speaker 1 00:13:10 Yeah. If he's the starting, if he's the everyday showing Chris Taylor, if Chris Taylor becomes the starting shortstop fantasy viable or no, Speaker 2 00:13:18 He viable. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:13:20 Um, and then if ELAC were to be signed and start every day fantasy viable or no Speaker 2 00:13:28 In that lineup, yeah. Probably Speaker 1 00:13:31 Desperation calls for Des Desperate. Speaker 2 00:13:34 I'm not standing in a 12 team league. He's your starting short stop. Right. But if you're in a deep, like a 15 Speaker 1 00:13:42 Teamer Yeah. 14, 15 teamer. Yep. Speaker 2 00:13:45 Maybe a middle infield Speaker 1 00:13:46 Option. NL only NL only league potentially. Um, alright, let's Speaker 2 00:13:51 Move on. Pro profiles still out there. Speaker 1 00:13:53 Yep. Profiles still out there. We know profiles played all nine positions before. So, um, yeah, we'll see. <laugh>, uh, let's move on to another injury. Uh, someone who is off injured, someone who is not unfamiliar with, uh, injuries and it's unfortunate. Um, once the headliner of a big trade going from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Tampa Bay Rays Tyler Glass now, um, I mean look, he just has not stayed healthy. And now we're looking at a guy who potentially is gonna miss two months with oblique injury and that's out two months. Who knows if it's out two months and then start ramping up if it's out two months, including the ramp up period. Um, currently, uh, since the start of the new year, um, on N F C, he is the 33rd pitcher, including relievers coming off the draft board. Stocks have to be down on Tyler Glass now, right? Have Speaker 2 00:14:59 To Yeah. I mean, obliques are notoriously tricky injuries. Yep. That can linger even if you think they're, they're a hundred percent healed, you could go out one start and yank it and then miss another month. Um, so this is unfortunate. I know everybody was excited to see Glass now back on the mound after his injury, he says stemming from which time? Well, his injury stemming from what he says was losing the sticky stuff mid-season. Um, you know, but I'm with you. I'm not sure if the, the six to eight week timeframe is when he can get back to a pitching regimen or if that's when they expect it to be game ready. Because if it's game ready, that makes a big difference, right? Correct. If it's back to pitching, you've gotta add on at least another month. Speaker 1 00:15:51 Right. And then, and then Speaker 2 00:15:53 He hasn't built up innings, Speaker 1 00:15:55 So Right. And that yeah, you're right. It's another month before he's even being ramped up for another month. Then we're looking at like June where he is fully ramped up. Speaker 2 00:16:08 Yeah. Maybe he's gotta start on flat ground and then he is gotta throw from the mound and then he is got a start building the innings in minor league rehab starts. And so look, Speaker 1 00:16:21 These are, these are, these are the names being drafted around him. Speaker 2 00:16:27 I'm not touching glass now anytime soon. Speaker 1 00:16:30 These are the guys around him right now, right? Speaker 2 00:16:33 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:16:33 Uh, Ryan Heley, Felix Batista, Tristan, Mackenzie, Rob, these are the starters just going, being drafted. I'll just go starters. Mackenzie, Robbie Ray, George Kirby, hunter Green Severino, Logan Gilbert, Logan Webb, Blake Snell, nester Cortez. I'm literally taking every single one of those names before Glass now and it's not even, there's not even a consideration for glass now in that Speaker 2 00:17:01 Range. Correct? Speaker 1 00:17:03 Um, I, I am, I am very down on a guy that, I mean we could say this, what you started your Tyler Glass now breakdown with is what every M l B podcast has started with when mentioning Tyler Glass now since the start of his career. Um, because he 114 innings is his, max 14 starts is his max in any year. Like some, some talented players in all sports just never get a chance to showcase their true abilities. And I don't wanna, I'm not calling it curtains on Tyler Glass now by any stretch of the imagination, but, uh, I think we, you know, I think we do have temporary expectations moving forward with how it has now. So Speaker 2 00:17:46 Mark Tompkin, who is the raised beat writer for Right? The Tampa Bay Times Speaker 1 00:17:51 The Times. Yep. Speaker 2 00:17:53 His article that came out, what's the date on this published? The 28th of February. The opening sentence is the Rays top right-handed starter Tyler Glass now will be sidelined until it leased late April due to an oblique strain. Speaker 1 00:18:11 Okay, so that sounds like the end of April. So that, Speaker 2 00:18:15 That he's, so then last night was injured throwing light batting practice. Um, a Tuesday morning MRI revealed a grade two strain and an initial timetable that he will need six to eight weeks to return to major league game action. Speaker 1 00:18:33 Okay. So, so the two month span is, I'll be back on. So Speaker 2 00:18:37 Now until getting back on an MLB mound. So if he's only missing a month, not terrible. Speaker 1 00:18:45 Yes, but it's still like, okay, it's dice. We're we're getting onto a mound, right? Yes. We saw this last year. He comes back for the two, what, two regular season games and then he makes the one post-season start No, no game. Over 50 pitches or 60 pitches, whatever he threw and then now he's missing the following spring training, all of it. Not a single outing done, done for the spring training. Now we're ramping up. So even if he's back on the mound, you know, middle of, Speaker 2 00:19:21 He may not get September out of him Speaker 1 00:19:23 Middle April. Right. That's what we're that's what we're thinking. If at the, at the earliest hest. Speaker 2 00:19:29 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:19:30 So at the earliest mid-April by the by he is not ramped up as a starter until into May. And if it's the latter stages, it's late May then we get June, July, August, September. Maybe Speaker 2 00:19:45 You also to figure out, like he went down in June of 2021 with Tommy John, with Speaker 1 00:19:52 Tj. Yep. So Speaker 2 00:19:53 You got the short season in 2020. You have a half a season in 2021. There's not me in 2020. When's the last time he had a full innings load? Has to be at least 2019. Speaker 1 00:20:04 He's never, never, he had, so I have it up right now. His, here are his innings workload during his m o B career. 20 16, 22 years old, 23 innings. 20 17 62 innings. 2018 he was traded to Tampa Bay used as a reliever and a starter career high 11 hun. Uh, 111 innings. That is his career. High 11 starts 45 appearances 20 19 60 innings. 20 20, 57 innings. 20 21 88 innings last year. Six innings. He, even if we, even if he comes back in the middle of April at the earliest possible timetable, what is his, here's the over under. Matt, I'm gonna set it over under for you. You're gonna tell me over under, because this is gonna 75 innings this year for Tyler Glass. Now I think that's a fair over under because I Speaker 2 00:21:06 Think he gets over it, but I'm not sure he cracks a hundred by that much. Speaker 1 00:21:09 I I was gonna say what it over under a hundred. He's done it once and with the noble Speaker 2 00:21:18 Can you figure he misses what, five or six starts if he's coming back late April and it's probably six starts. So the best 28. Speaker 1 00:21:26 I mean you have to, you have to think Tampa's cautious, like there's no way with his injury history that they're just like six weeks. I Speaker 2 00:21:34 Mean the most work he's ever made in a season is 14. Speaker 1 00:21:38 Yeah, it's, I I just don't, I do not see a scenario where like people can project him at like 125. Like maybe he cracks a hundred maybe, maybe it's hard. It's really hard to get a read on where he is because we want him to be great. He looks dominant when he is out there. Tell me he's gonna be healthy. Just tell me like, just tell me that this opening, Speaker 2 00:22:07 I mean he also yeah, he came back and made two starts last year and pitched 6.2 inning. So he went six point in. Speaker 1 00:22:14 Well and then he made the playoff start where he looked really good and it's like, oh wow. Tyler Glass now. Right. That's that dude when he is healthy like mm-hmm. <affirmative> two years ago he was gonna win the cy Young or he was going to be in the contention for the Cy Young and then his arm fell apart. Well, two, two years. Yeah. Two what? 2021? Yeah, 2021. Like the talent is just pops off the page. There's no doubt there. It's just, wait, final answer. Hundred innings for Tyler Glass now over, under, Speaker 2 00:22:49 Under. Speaker 1 00:22:50 Okay. Um, I would not draft him in the top 50. I would probably not draft him. Um, let me just scroll through the names. I mean like Speaker 2 00:23:00 He's not gonna get you enough innings to matter. Even if his e r a and strikeouts are good, they're not gonna wait enough to make that like you're comparing him against a reliever for innings load at Speaker 1 00:23:11 This point. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. Um, tough blow for Tyler Glass now. Um, tough blow for people that have already drafted Tyler Glass now cuz he, again, he's gonna be, I mean pitcher 31 with top 10 upside at full strength. Just we can't Speaker 2 00:23:27 And no earings to Blue Speaker 1 00:23:31 Un unfortunate injury. Um, another injury, uh, Joe Musgrove broke his toe. Uh, he is going to miss at least one month. Um, what's your take on Joe Musgrove? He like Tyler Glass now being drafted as pitcher 30, uh, 31. So slightly after glass now or slightly before glass now. What's your take on Musk Grove and his fantasy outlook? Um, after seemingly gonna gonna miss him up. Speaker 2 00:24:04 I'm not that concerned about this one. It's a toe. Yeah, it's broken. It heals. He gets back. There's no soft tissue injury. It's not a Liz Frank thing. It's not a tendon. There's no surgery. Um, some dude dropped a plate, like a weight plate on his foot apparently. Um, and um, look, if he misses a month, you're still talking. He may get back by the second week in April and then you're talking, he misses maybe two starts. Speaker 1 00:24:40 Yep. Speaker 2 00:24:42 I mean that's assuming that it heals well, but even if it doesn't and he can put up with the pain, they probably just put him out there because at some point it's just a broken toe and it's not like it's an elbow or a rib or, you know, something that you would have to have a, you know, concern about. It's right, it's a toe. Um, it is on his drive foot, which is um, so his drive foot or his plant foot, it's his left big toe, Speaker 1 00:25:16 Right? Uh, it's his plant, Speaker 2 00:25:19 It's his plant foot. So theoretically if he can avoid, like if he can deal with the pain of putting his foot down, he'll be fine. Speaker 1 00:25:27 Yeah, I think I, I'm not concerned at all. This is a guy who's been, has made 30 starts a year or the last couple years and so that's suggesting he's missed a couple starts here and there and this is his, uh, window to miss a couple starts and he'll be old, reliable Joe Musgrove, uh, you know, three 18 era A and 21, 2 93 A and 22. Uh, this a guy I would take a shot on as pitcher. 30 something off the board over Tyler Glass now as well. Uh, oh. Yeah. So yeah, I, I like Mu Grove not worried really at all about the injury. Um, Speaker 2 00:26:03 And by the way, if he heals faster, he may only miss one. He may only get skipped the first time through the rotation, so. Speaker 1 00:26:10 Right. I mean the arm, the arm, I'm sure you know, he's going to the, the throwing regimen is not going to stop because of a toe injury. So, um, he, his arm will probably be as fresh, uh, as it would be, um, someone who is not gonna be as fresh as they could be going in opening day. Uh, say a Suzuki, he's dealing with an oblique, uh, oblique strain. David Ross said there is no timetable yet, um, but it should be, uh, coming out shortly. What is your opinion on Saya? 28 years old? We know he withdrew from the World Baseball Classic, you know, had a very wishy washy rookie season in the M L B. Um, Speaker 2 00:26:54 He was better when he came back from injury. Speaker 1 00:26:57 He was definitely better when he came back from injury. He, he also had like the most white hot start of a career. Like he was incredible the first week and then he was terrible and then he got hurt and then he was very solid. What, uh, what's your take on the injury here? Um, and if, if he's forced to miss any time into the regular season, what's your take on his possible replacements as well? Speaker 2 00:27:19 Um, so they said it's a mild strain. I don't know Speaker 1 00:27:22 What Right. Speaker 2 00:27:24 What that Well they Speaker 1 00:27:25 Also just like fail. They, they're like failing to disclose, they're also failing to disclose anything about it. They're said mild, but it's like okay then wire, are you just not disclosing anything? Speaker 2 00:27:35 David Ross gave an interview that's on Twitter that's 28 seconds of him saying absolutely nothing. Like there's words coming out of his mouth. Right. But nothing is said. Um, they basically said we're gonna go off how the guy feels. Okay. Isn't that what you're always supposed to do? Like, right. Speaker 1 00:27:51 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:27:52 Can Thanks Dave. That that's helpful. Um, I, I don't know, this one's tough for me cuz he really needed to hit the ground running Yep. A little bit to recoup from last year and get Mojo going and whatnot in terms of who his short-term replacement could be. I don't know. I think the Cubs could go a bunch different ways. They have a very interesting roster. Speaker 1 00:28:18 It is the weirdest. It has to be the weirdest this Speaker 2 00:28:20 Year. You could put Trey Mantini in outfield. I mean, he could play there, right? He played in, yeah. Uh, he played outfield in Baltimore, so that's fine. Not great defensively, but he is also like not going to kill you. Like sticking Nick Castanos and then outfield. Um, Zach McKinstry is a pretty decent, um, defensive outfielder you could stick out there. Um, Speaker 1 00:28:48 There's no weirder team in baseball. They are so weird. This team is so weird. Speaker 2 00:28:53 They're either gonna score a bunch of runs and strike out a bunch or score no runs and strike out a bunch. Like Speaker 1 00:28:59 Yeah, they're go Yeah. The the consistency, the consistent there is they're gonna strike out a bunch. Speaker 2 00:29:05 Yeah. Cody Bellinger in the middle of it is gonna be just very interesting. We could see, I don't know if Brennan Davis gets off to a hot start in the minors and say a Suzuki's gonna be delayed, then maybe you see them call up Brennan Davis, um, or Alexander Cano could be coming, but I, I doubt that they call those two up for such a short term thing. Um, yeah, it's, I think the most likely thing is you see Trey Mancini in the outfield and they just plug some bat in dh like Edwin Rio or Morrell Yeah. Or Matt Mervi. Speaker 1 00:29:48 They've also, uh, Ross pitched the idea about, um, wisdom playing right field, which would put Morrell at third, which he spent like the la the latter part of the year playing. So they could always do that. Um, I think Morrell is gonna have a he Speaker 2 00:30:04 Murdered at the corner too. Speaker 1 00:30:05 Yeah. Yep. Um, I like Morrell. He just needs to not strike out so much and be so, so crazy at the plate. Like, uh, he swings at everything. Um, but there's a, there's a lot of potential there. I, I like the position eligibility. Um, so I think he would be my primary target if say it were to miss extended period of time because again, David Ross just no, no selling ev anything about this injury. Um, final injury, I Speaker 2 00:30:34 Think, I think the Cubs, if everything goes right for them and things go wrong for the brewers could finish second E NL Central. Speaker 1 00:30:43 Yeah, I mean their pitching staff is very interesting. There's some high upside guys there. Um, they definitely, you know, like Ty had a pretty good year with the Yankees last year. Justin Steele was a really good at pitcher for them last year, very high strikeout upside. Um, and Adrian Sampson was pretty decent. Uh, just smiley, you know, another guy who has never been able to stay healthy and they revamped that bullpen. I I like their bullpen. They Speaker 2 00:31:10 Should get Hendrix back Speaker 1 00:31:12 Too. Yeah. And they sh and they should get Kyle Hendrix back too. So, um, they do have like a pretty solid rotation overall. Um, and then the, like you said, I mean their lineup is clearly the, the question mark of this team. I mean, who knows what's gonna happen. Um, they, they, they're also like, Hey baby Cody Bellinger, we'll figure it out again. And Speaker 2 00:31:31 Um, I swear to God, if they can fix Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers can fix Jason Hayward, it's gonna be the weirdest, the weirdest storyline that the two lefty outfielders switch teams and all of a sudden their swings work. Speaker 1 00:31:46 What's the movie? Is it, uh, where they like swap parent, they swap parents or something? Parent uh, parent trap maybe? Is that what No, Speaker 2 00:31:55 There's Parent Trap where they're identical twins and then they swap. But then there's Speaker 1 00:31:58 Also Oh yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 00:31:59 Then there's creating places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd. Speaker 1 00:32:03 Yes. Maybe that's what I'm thinking of. Um, Speaker 2 00:32:05 They swap, uh, one of them's rich. One of 'em is a guy off the street and these two rich guys swap them and they trade stock picks and stuff. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:32:15 There you go. That's, uh, Cody Bellinger and, uh, Jay. Um, Jason. Speaker 1 00:32:21 Yeah. So, um, final injury, uh, we're dealing with here Brennan Rogers suffering a dislocated shoulder. Uh, another just kind of timetable question mark. We we're unsure. Um, they said there Bud Black indicated there will be more information on the timetable in the coming days. So, you know, we should find out more about Brennan Rogers shortly, but while we wait, um, how concerned are you? Uh, again, nothing like concrete, so I don't know how worried we can be, but, um, another guy who I think needed to very bad start to his 2022 season, pretty good finish to the 22 season. Um, I, I feel like he needed to get off to a, a pretty good start too. Uh, what's your take on the Rogers injury and, and where the, the Rockies can turn if it is fact serious? Speaker 2 00:33:21 Yeah, so they were able to pop the shoulder back in. It happened when he dove for a line drive. Um, they were able to pop the shoulder back into place on the field, but that doesn't mean that there's not damage around it, right? If something pops out, something likely got stretched or torn or, you know, so the best case scenario is he stretched stuff too far and it just needs time to tighten back up and whatnot. So they send him for an MRI on Wednesday, we'll have to wait and see what those results show and, and whatnot. But, uh, I think what I heard is them talking that they could move, move, uh, Ryan McMahon to second base and then play either Chris Bryan at third or Montero at third, or even Nolan Jones, um, at third base. Um, so they've got some, some places they could go. Speaker 2 00:34:27 I mean, in terms of fantasy value though, Brendan Rogers needed a good start because he's been as mismanaged as the Rockies have been over the last few years. It's hard to blame them for trying to do what they're doing with their middlefield. When you have three dudes between Hamson and Rogers and McMahon, they come up at the same time and basically show the exact same skillset, right? <laugh>. So, um, so hoping that it's not serious and it's just he needs like, some time off in spring training and he'll be good to go. But if not, I think you see McMahon move, uh, from third base to second and then they'll put, maybe they can get something out of the, uh, Nolan Ado replacement in, I don't know. Speaker 1 00:35:12 Great. Monte, you look good last year. Montero, um, at times he had a good stretch of games. Um, I don't think it hurts that he gets to hit in, uh, Corfield. So, um, I agree with everything you just said. Um, let's shift our focus away from the injuries and onto some signings this week. Um, so Rug Neto door signed with San Diego, Elvis Andrews signed with the White Sox. Luke Voigt signed with the Brewers, and Michael Fulmer signed with the Cubs. Um, so I'll ask Matt, which of the four guys is the best fantasy asset, um, headed into 2023? Speaker 2 00:35:55 For me, it depends on roll. I think Oor might be, I think Fuller's probably second. The reason I'm saying Odo is they need a lefty bat in that San Diego lineup. They, they don't have a great one, Speaker 1 00:36:14 Have great mustache. I have a great mustache on one of their lefty bets. Um, that doesn't count. Speaker 2 00:36:22 No, not, not, not so much. Um, they also don't necessarily have a lockdown. Like, I mean, I know Kim's been good in whatever, but he's not really a lockdown second base option. Speaker 1 00:36:39 Yep. Speaker 2 00:36:39 Really. Um, so I think that signing, I think a door gets more playing time than he's, than people think he might. And then Boomer, I think he's sneaky, a sneaky good addition to that Cubs bullpen. Speaker 1 00:36:56 He could end up being the closer here. Speaker 2 00:36:58 He could, there's nobody like guaranteed that that role right now. Um, and Luke Voy, it's a minor league deal with Milwaukee. I don't like Milwaukee at all. Like I just can, can't figure out what they're doing aside from Burns and Woodruff. Right. I like those two dudes. And then outside of that, I have a hard time seeing where anything comes from. Poor Milwaukee and Andrews, I know he filled in for Tim Anderson last year in on the South Side, but Anderson's healthy and I don't think he gets, I don't know, unless I'm reading his role completely. Speaker 1 00:37:33 They're, they're projected to start him at second base. I mean, he's a better option than, um, Louie, Louie Garcia in my opinion. He, for Elvis ands for whatever he's been, he was very good last year, uh, after that trade. Speaker 2 00:37:53 That's fair. And Speaker 1 00:37:54 Look, I agree. I act, I actually think Fullmer is the best edition of the four because I look he has as much closing experience as anyone on that team, um, a couple years ago. 14 saves, I mean I guess like Boxberger has the most, uh, closing experience. But like Brandon Hughes is their projected leader in Saves this year. Um, he has eight career big league saves. That was last year. Yeah, his major league, that was his the first time in the big leagues. Um, but if he struggles like the cups are not short on guys that could close games. I think Foamer is a sneaky, like if you haven't draft or if you've drafted pickup, if you're, you know, if you have deep rosters, um, I mean this could be his job that he runs away with. He's looked to good outta the bullpen in the last couple years. Speaker 1 00:38:55 I'll go Andrew second. Uh, cuz he is projected to start. I don't hate the Odos thing, uh, because you are right like Soto Kronen Worth and then what are they gonna get outta Grisham? Who knows? Like, he's been so up and down. He was great in the post-season. Terrible in the regular season. Um, so I, I think Fullers one for me, I think Andrews is two. If we can get second half of the year version, um, as opposed to the Oakland version. Cuz the Oakland version was trash. Uh, Luke Voigt probably doesn't even make the team in Milwaukee. Um, so I agree. Uh, Matt over at Fantasy Alarm, have you heard about this little thing called the um hmm. It's called the, I think it's called the draft, the draft guide, right? The l b draft guide. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:39:46 We guide you, we guide you on how to draft. Speaker 1 00:39:49 We guide you on how to draft. Uh, that's right guys. Uh, the 2023 Fantasy alarm Fantasy baseball draft guide is available right [email protected] slash draft guide. Or is it MLB draft guide. MLB draft guide. Speaker 2 00:40:06 MLB Speaker 1 00:40:07 Draft guide. And uh, Matt, do you know what's better than paying money for something? Speaker 2 00:40:15 Getting it for Speaker 1 00:40:16 Free? Getting it for free? And that's what this year's number draft guide is. It's free, um, $0 0 cents. All you have to do is create an account fantasy alarm and click to download and you have all of the draft guide articles. I see just looking at things. Colby Conway Know your Fantasy Baseball League rules. Ryan Hallam coming out with the Fantasy Baseball Injury Report. Ryan Kirksey breaking down all the ballparks around the M L B. Matt sells, the Matt Sells, uh, on this podcast. MLB players affected by the shift, everything you could want under the sun about the draft guide, including league strategy, high stakes draft analysis. We just did a fantasy baseball mock draft the other day. Um, Matt was in it, I was in it. I had the first pick, obviously I took Aaron Judge, the best player on baseball, um, uh, <laugh>. Matt, Matt, Matt has given me a face, but like it's, it was my pick, so I don't care what he says. Um, Speaker 2 00:41:18 <laugh>. Yeah, that, that's not who I would've with. Speaker 1 00:41:20 Yeah, I, no, neither would I. But that's what a mock draft is for, to see the di how different draft warrants play out. Uh, I also do, uh, generally room for the Yankees. Um, but I mean everything under the sun here in the MLB draft guide, uh, you can acquire for $0 0 cents. That's fantasy draft guide, $0 0 cents free, free, free, free, free. Um, and Matt also out is the MLB cheat sheet. Um, um, what is the, what is the length for the cheat sheet? Uh, thanks. sheet. Speaker 2 00:42:02 I believe it's MLB cheat. Yeah, or MLB cheat. It'll be in the menus. So if the links we just said don't work, it's fine. It'll be in the menus. Um, they'll be, uh, you know, landing page that also has links to it, automatically downloads. Um, yeah, it got, it has a, uh, draft grid that breaks the draft down into, uh, half rounds. Whether you're in an auction draft or snake draft. Gives you like 300 plus, like it lays out an entire 29 round draft by the top of a round and the bottom of a round. And tells you the players who fit in there where you should be drafting them by position. Uh, it has all sorts of rankings. It's got, uh, Howard Benders mixed league rankings, Al and NL only rankings top 300 rankings. My top three 50 dynasty rankings, my top 400 prospect rankings are in there. Uh, it also has the entire articles of the top 10 sleepers, the top 10 busts, and the top 10 rookies with, you know, not just rankings. The actual articles are in there with the text and whatnot. So it is a very simple one stop shop for everything you need for your draft. And again, it's free. Speaker 1 00:43:24 It's free. Um, and menu, Matt, that's what we call 'em here. We call hashtag menu. Matt will, uh, have that for us, um, probably by the time this pod is dropped, if not, uh, shortly after. Um, Matt, before we get outta here, uh, any final thoughts, uh, on, uh, everything around the diamond? Speaker 2 00:43:47 Um, yeah, I'll just say, you know, you gotta keep watching the flow of information, right? Don't believe everything you read from managers who say, oh this guy's gonna go from having six bats last year to 600 bats this year. That's not gonna happen. Nobody does that unless you get Wally picked, which isn't gonna happen because there's no hall of Famer sitting behind him. Um, you know, watch for some of the guys injury results like Brendan Rogers say Suzuki, um, we still don't have an exact timeline on Jill Musgrove, so you gotta watch for that and see how that's healing. Um, and then, um, yeah, just, you know, hope that your guys don't get injured and if you have any questions, you can always hit us up in Discord. Um, I was answering questions in there earlier today. Remember, if you're going to ask us questions, please give us all of the pertinent details, what kind of league it is, what the situation is. Speaker 2 00:44:52 If you're saying, oh, should I trade Garrett Cole for this? Can we please know who your other starters are? Because if Garrett Cole and then there's a dumpster fire like the rest of, like the back half of the Yankees rotation, we're probably gonna say no. But if you have Cole and you've got like a Surez sitting there and you've got Bieber and you've got, you know, a couple other dudes we'll say, yeah, might be reasonable cuz you can afford to give 'em up. So remember to give us all the details before, you know, we gotta play 20 questions to get all of the details out of you. The more info you can give us, the better advice we can give you. And again, if you don't like the advice, you can follow your gut. You're not obligated to follow adv, our advice, it's your team, your decisions follow your gut. And there you go. So that, yeah, just anytime you ask somebody questions, it's not just me, not just Grande, not just Colby, anybody including on Twitter. I know there's a character count, right? Try to get as much detail in there as possible. Speaker 1 00:46:01 Well there was a character count, Matt. Now you could type essays. Um, you can type basic millions, millions of characters if you want. Um, and speaking of Twitter, we're looking, we're the, where can they find you, Matt? At the sales man, right? Speaker 2 00:46:15 Yep. T h e s e l z m a n. Speaker 1 00:46:19 And you can find me at the underscore reel underscore grande. Um, again, that is at the Sales man and at the underscore reel underscore grande. Matt, big shouts to you. Big shouts to Colby snorkeling in The Bahamas right now. Big shouts to you guys in the FE Nation. Um, I believe next week Matt is uh, also going snorkeling. Uh, col will be back. Matt's going snorkeling. I don't know if I'm, I'm Speaker 2 00:46:45 Well, no, I've been Speaker 1 00:46:46 Timeline the Speaker 2 00:46:47 Week. It'll be the week Speaker 1 00:46:48 After. So Colby, col and Matt. Okay. And then see you later. Col, col and Matt will be back next week, me and Col on the following week. Uh, big shouts to everyone for listening. Thank you guys and we'll catch you guys later.

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