March 21, 2023


Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Jose Altuve, Edwin Diaz, Nolan Arenado, and Juan Soto Injuries

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Colby Conway Matt Selz James Grande
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Jose Altuve, Edwin Diaz, Nolan Arenado, and Juan Soto Injuries
Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Jose Altuve, Edwin Diaz, Nolan Arenado, and Juan Soto Injuries

Mar 21 2023 | 00:57:31


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Colby Conway and Matt Selz are back to talk about all of the latest injuries in baseball including Jose Altuve, Edwin Diaz, Nolan Arenado, and Juan Soto as well as what some young player's stock looks like just 2 weeks before Opening Day.

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Speaker 1 00:00:08 And welcome into the newest edition of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast. I am your host at Colby r Conway, and I am glad to say as much as I enjoy talking with, uh, James Grande, the self-proclaimed underscore king, as he likes to say, with all of the underscores in his Twitter handle. Um, after I had a vacation, it was Matt's turn for a vacation, but at the sales man on Twitter at the sales man in real life has returned from vacation ready to talk some shop, and last week it was a bit dull. So James and I kind of talked about some other stuff, but this week we are not short of news updates. So, uh, Matt, we're gonna jump right into it, but first I got asked how is vacation and how is everything going for you? Speaker 2 00:00:48 Uh, vacation was pretty good. Thanks for asking. Um, not necessarily as fully relaxing as, uh, I anticipated thanks to a lot of the, uh, injuries that we've, you know, that will be touching on because I also have, um, I'm prepping for my home league's baseball draft, uh, coming up a week from Saturday and I'm not gonna be there, so I have to get my proxy ready, which takes even more work than if I was going. So it wasn't quite as, uh, relaxing as I was hoping. But, you know, overall a break from work, I didn't really have to do anything. So that was, that was nice. Um, but yeah, that was, uh, your past week there, Colby, cuz we haven't talked in a couple of weeks, you and I. Speaker 1 00:01:33 Yeah, it's been, everything's been fine over here. Just hanging out and, you know, just seeing the news coming out, watching the spring training standings, not seeing Pittsburgh move up at all, but seeing some cool, you know, you know, with, uh, cab Brian Hayes hitting some home runs, loft the ball, excited there. Uh, and just a lot of content coming out here at Fantasy Alarm. So, of course, let me start with this Fantasy alarm. Fantasy Baseball draft guide is free. Make sure you get, um, your access to all of the great content that is in there. Uh, from the free agent tracker to positional spotlights to strategies based on leagues. All of it is in there. So get your free copy of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide. So Matt, let's kind of get into it. Let's talk with the World Baseball Classic and Injuries as that seems to have taken Twitter by storm. I will admit it. I do like K F C from bars stool. Um, I do enjoy some of the stuff that he puts out there. Uh, his take on the World Baseball Classic was interesting, um, saying that it was meaningless and there was injuries. I do believe he's a Mets fan, so he could also be a little bit jaded based on the whole thing. So before we talk Speaker 2 00:02:37 About Keith Speaker 1 00:02:37 Oberman, you what Speaker 2 00:02:39 I said, same with Keith Oberman, if you saw that Speaker 1 00:02:41 Tweet, maybe not quite to that extent, but Speaker 2 00:02:43 Yeah, that was, Speaker 1 00:02:44 That was insane. That was, that was way, way, way farther than, um, where it needed to go. So let me start with this. All right. So, because Edwin Diaz got hurt in the World Baseball Classic, does it suck? Yes. I understand. He's probably not gonna be dog piling or celebrating in a spring training game, but that injury could happen at any point. Like we've seen it throughout the season and in previous seasons. Like, whether you're at the World Baseball Classic, whether you're at spring training, whether you're at home in your own freaking house, you can get hurt. You know, you and I can get hurt sitting here. Who's to say that this nice little microphone I have doesn't lean over, falls right on my toe. I have a broken toe. Whether I'm doing this, whether I'm doing this podcast from a coffee shop, from my house, from your house, or if I'm sitting outside in the middle of the street, I can get hurt. They can get hurt. So the whole of like, we gotta cancel the WBC because these players get hurt in a quote meaningless game. All you have to do, watch a game, you can tell it is not meaningless to them. Speaker 2 00:03:49 Right? Like a couple things. One, where was the outcry for canceling spring training when Gavin Lux tours a c mm-hmm. Speaker 1 00:03:56 <affirmative>, Speaker 2 00:03:56 Right? Like it happens, there's dudes every year that go down with injuries in spring training. Does it suck? Yes. Is it a necessity, a part of the game to get ready to play the season? Yes. The W B C happens once every four years. It's not an every year thing. It's like once every four years. And to your point, Trey Turner who played in a road game seven World series game that was a heated series and very back and forth, one of the weirder world series we've seen maybe ever said that the game against, not, not the semi-final game, the quarter final was that Venezuela, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, he said that was the loudest atmosphere he's ever been a part of as a baseball player ever in any situation. So it's clearly not meaningless. And to your point about Edwin Diaz, a, he didn't get hurt pitching, he got hurt celebrating. Okay, that's two different things, right? Secondly, what's the difference between, let's say that Edwin Diaz makes it outta the wbc just fine comes to spring training, the mound is a little different. He steps funny and tears the patellar tendon in spring training or Mets fans claiming we should cancel spring training. What happened to Edwin Diaz Terra's patellar tendon in the very first game of the year? Should we cancel the season because Mets fans closer got hurt? Speaker 1 00:05:37 I mean, Nimo got hurt and I don't think there was all that much discourse about canceling spring training. Speaker 2 00:05:41 Exactly. Uh, Mariana Rivera tore his a c l one year shagging fly balls pregame very early in the season in Kansas City. If I, if I'm not mistaken. Speaker 1 00:05:55 And batting practice hasn't been canceled Speaker 2 00:05:57 And that wasn't kept. Now they stopped him from Cleon, he came back, but Right. We didn't cancel batting practice because the Yankees Hall of Fame closer got hurt. Like, does it suck that your guy got injured? Yes. Yes it does. But the next guy we talk about, there were two dudes injured on the same day. One in the W bbc, one in spring training by basically the same thing happening. And everybody's clamoring about the W BBC one and nobody's talking about the spring training one. Speaker 1 00:06:30 Yep, absolutely. So before we go onto that next, let me just ask you this, cuz from the fantasy perspective, we have to cover it here with the Met, that's who I drafted. I know a lot of people are gonna look to David, uh, David Robertson, but I, I was in a league, uh, shortly, well, maybe not shortly after about half a round maybe, but all the Mets relievers were available to me and I chose a vino above any of 'em. Speaker 2 00:06:51 Yep. Let me put it this way. Joe Giardi, who was Dave Robertson's former manager in New York, didn't even trust Robertson to close games for Philadelphia. Speaker 1 00:07:01 Mm-hmm. Speaker 2 00:07:02 <affirmative>, I'm not trusting Robertson, I'm trusting Aino who throws Frisbees. Speaker 1 00:07:08 Give me the, give me that, that Frisbee slider. I'm gonna roll with Ada Vino there. So, yep. Uh, listen, Speaker 2 00:07:16 And by the way, who's to say they don't go out and go get David Benard at some point? Speaker 1 00:07:22 I mean, I mean, I'll, I mean, lemme just, I think what Alvarez they have Mauricio, right? Speaker 2 00:07:28 Yes. Who is blocked now for like, eternity. Speaker 1 00:07:32 Okay. So what about Speaker 2 00:07:34 Alvarez? Wait, where are you gonna play? I mean, unless you move Mauricio go to third base, where are you playing him? Speaker 1 00:07:39 I mean, I'm just putting out a hypothetical of like, what about Alvarez and Mauricio for Bednar who says no, that's what, who I I'm not saying no. Speaker 2 00:07:48 Well, Pittsburgh wouldn't, of course you're getting two top point prospects. But the Mets, I'm, if I'm the Met, I'm not offering both. Speaker 1 00:07:55 No, for sure. That won't happen. Speaker 2 00:07:56 I would offer maybe and one of those guys, Speaker 1 00:08:04 I would take one of those guys for Bednar to be honest. But, Speaker 2 00:08:07 Or I would just go with, I would start with one of those guys and see if it gets you Bednar. Speaker 1 00:08:11 Nah, I'd give 'em both to Pittsburgh. We need 'em. That's what I would say. Give us both. Well, it can't hurt. Um, yeah, so hand injuries suck. Hand wrist oblique. Those are, I always kind of call it like the equivalent to like the forearm for a pitcher in term, like for in terms of a hitter. It's just, they just can wreak havoc. And now Altuve is out. Uh, I believe there's no timetable. It's broken thumb, right? Speaker 2 00:08:36 Yes. It's a fractured thumb. Fractured an mri and an X-ray confirmed it. Um, their gm, Houston's gm, uh, as I went believe Monday morning, which is when we're, we're recording this about, uh, one Eastern, uh, Monday for a timetable. So Monday morning, March 20th, uh, the Houston GM said that there's no timetable, but he will require surgery. Um, so they just basically have to get him into surgery and then see what happens after that. Speaker 1 00:09:08 And here's what I'm gonna say too. After the injury happened, I put out a, I tweeted it on whatever day that was. Now at this point, um, here's the, here's gonna be the big thing. Whenever they come out with a timetable, I don't know, let's say eight weeks, that might be a little bit optimistic knowing how a how important a thumb is to a hitter. You know? Cause obviously you have to, I don't know, grip the bat. But yeah. Being cleared to play is vastly different than 100% healthy. Speaker 2 00:09:36 Correct. Speaker 1 00:09:38 Once Altuve comes back those first couple weeks, we are probably going to see a little bit of reduced exit velocity. There's going to be some, his batted ball profile's gonna be slightly different because it's going to be an adjustment. And that thumb has got to get back to strength. I, I dislocated my thumb in college and coming back, going through the rehab and everything back when they said I was good to go to swing, to catch and do everything. There was still about another two to three weeks until the thumb felt close to fully healthy. It is an adjustment when he swings. That was first couple times, God forbid he gets jammed or takes one off the end of the back, that expletive hurts coming back, just to say the least. So again, being cleared to play is different than 100% healthy. So whatever they say his timetable is gonna be, he's gonna need a few weeks of leeway because a thumb is pivotal to the, to the offensive game for a hitter. Speaker 2 00:10:32 Correct. Um, so I don't know. I've seen eight to 10 weeks floating around there for a while. Um, but if he hasn't undergone surgery yet, I'm not sure how we can really, like, I don't know if surgery changes that timeline, um, or not because obviously now you have the scar has to heal and then like the, the actual bone and whatever has to, has to heal. So, um, we'll see, he's Speaker 1 00:11:02 He's gonna move down draft boards. You're gonna have to, he's gonna have Speaker 2 00:11:05 To. Oh yeah. I mean if we're talking, let's say 10 weeks right from today, we've got what, about a week and a half at this point until opening day. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So if you 10 weeks includes that, then you're talking, he's gonna miss basically eight and a half weeks of the season, which puts him back at what the beginning of June Speaker 1 00:11:29 Around there Speaker 2 00:11:31 At best Speaker 1 00:11:32 Throw throw two weeks in there, give or take for the a hundred percent healthy and any wiggle room, we're talking mid to end June. Speaker 2 00:11:38 Yeah, we're talking mid-June. So you're missing more than a third of the season of Altuve. So any like shot at a 2020 year that you thought you were getting from him is likely to like, he would have to come back and just absolutely smoke the bejesus outta baseballs. Um, Speaker 1 00:12:00 And that won't happen Speaker 2 00:12:02 And that that won't happen. Not to mention there's no guarantee that the thumb doesn't like that he's tentative for the first while when he is back. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and not hitting for power, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So Speaker 1 00:12:16 Well what if, what if they ease up him on the base pass? God forbid he jams it sliding into a base. Like I understand they have the hand gloves and stuff for protection, but like, I hate, I hate to equate it to the N B A, but like there are certain players in the NBA a that they're just trying to get them to the postseason. They want them ready for that. Who's to say Houston's Speaker 2 00:12:34 Not this Speaker 1 00:12:35 Good enough spot? Like, Hey Altuve, we're gonna win a hundred games this year, whether you steal 30 or 10 bases, we're still gonna win a hundred games. Probably so, right? Like, who's to say they don't maybe play it a bit easier? He, I mean, he's not getting any younger. I know this is a freak injury, so this is not a soft tissue thing cause it's, this is not Father time is beating Altuve. This is a freak thing just for the record. Speaker 2 00:12:58 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:58 But let me ask you this then. I mean, we kind of talked about Altuve a little bit, but it seems like the, the easy replacement looks like they might go with, uh, David Hensley. Any interest in deeper formats? I mean, last year at aaa, 10 homers 20 stolen bases with a four 20 O b p 17% walk rate last year. Any interest in Hensley? I mean, obviously an al only formats, um, a starter with a pulse is someone that has to be owned. Um, but what about like deeper mixed formats from the beginning of the year? Can we, can we, uh, squeeze any fantasy value out of Hensley who's going to be the presumed starter for them now at the Keystone? Speaker 2 00:13:30 Yeah. I, I think he's interesting. Look, he is just a late round guy. When I mean late round, we're talking like last five rounds of a draft, right? And if you're waiting that long on starting second base, you've gone astray somewhere else in your draft. Um, so look, the the offense is gonna put up runs. Is he gonna hit with the big bats? No, he's not gonna hit in the same spot that Jose Altuve would for obvious reasons. But if we're looking at roster resource right now they have David Hensley hitting sixth in front of Chas McCormick, Jake Myers and multi mul, uh, Martin Maldonado. It's not, look I know we dogged on the bottom ha or the bottom third of the Astros lineup a couple of pods ago. But those guys will still put up runs. Two of the three of them are projected for 12 to 15 homers. Speaker 1 00:14:25 Mm-hmm. Speaker 2 00:14:25 <affirmative>. So is he a, is Hensley like the next coming of Jeremy Pena who was phenomenal? No, but is he a serviceable second baseman for, for a good offense? Yes. Speaker 1 00:14:40 And now when you look at roster resource, I believe last time we looked at this, Tucker was not hitting second nor was paying up at first. I know we talked about Dusty Baker is more or less ageist and will prefer correct Brantley there. But until Brantley's back, are we going to get what we wanted? Or should I say, am I going to get what I wanted with Tucker hitting second at least to begin the year? Or at least we have a shot at it depending on Brantley's status. Speaker 2 00:15:04 Let's see how you don't like, agreed you have to, right? That's the only logical spot for Tucker in this lineup. Speaker 1 00:15:13 Well, and they're so right. I mean, even with Altuve, they're right-handed heavy. So like, you've gotta get, you've gotta have, you gotta have a lefty up there. It's Speaker 2 00:15:21 Right. Your daughter and Tucker are the only two lefties in that lineup. And Yor Don's already dealing with a hand thing. So Tucker's the only healthy lefty in that lineup at this point. You have to put 'em up there to cause problems at the beginning of the game. Speaker 1 00:15:36 Yep, absolutely. And then another, another freak issue that popped up. Um, Nolan Anado took one, uh, WBC took one off the hand. It seems like the X-rays came back negative. I saw that. I believe. Um, what's your concern with Anado? It seems like, at least for me, I think I'm still in a waiting game. Kind of see how it all plays out. You know, it doesn't seem to be as bad as Altus, but you never really know until, you know, so, uh, how are you approaching the anado hit by pitch situation right now? Speaker 2 00:16:03 Yeah. Um, I'm waiting. I certainly wanna see him on the field, um, and playing, you know, consecutive games. Um, before, before I really have confidence in, in drafting 'em. Um, cuz it's possible, you know, sometimes these x-rays show up negative, but if you get it taken right after it happens, there's a chance that the swelling actually blocks what's going on. Like for example, when I tore my a C L in college playing pickup basketball, they had to wait like, I don't know, almost a week to do the MRI because the swelling was so bad that it would have blocked any useful information we would've gotten from it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So if that's the case, then perhaps we have to wait and find out and maybe he'll go for another one or, um, or why not? So I'm, I'm waiting the fact that the initial x-rays came back negative and the initial ones on Altuve showed a break is encouraging for, um, I I also don't think, like, even if it's super sore, I don't think he misses the, you know, many more than maybe the first couple of games of the season. So I'm not that concerned. Speaker 1 00:17:27 Uh, Brandon Nimo, I believe it was a knee issue sliding in apparently. It sounds like they don't think he'll even miss a single game, at least regular season. As far as, um, from what I'm seeing, any concern with Nimo in this issue? I mean, other than the fact that we're not talking about it all because it only happened in spring training and not the wbc. Speaker 2 00:17:44 Um, no, I mean the fact that the Mets medical staff doesn't think it's an issue, I don't know if that's a bonus or not, um, given their history on injuries. Um, but yeah, I, I'm not, I'm not that concerned, but Nimo is also a guy that I'm kind of iffy on drafting anyway, as we've talked about before. Cuz it's not like he uses his speed to steal and he is not gonna hit all that many homers. So he's basically an on base guy and a runs guy. So th that knocks him down my draft board a little bit. I'm not concerned about the injury. Speaker 1 00:18:24 Then last but not least, there's uh, some guy in San Diego, um, Juan Soto never heard of him, but mild oblique strain, uh, we talked about earlier, don't like obliques. How should we approach, um, Soto if, if we're drafting soon, like I have a draft tomorrow night, but Soto's kept so he is kind of irrelevant but maybe there are keeper decisions coming up or home league drafts maybe this weekend and such are, do we just have to take the wait and see approach with Soto? Because I mean obviously we're not gonna get a chance to test out his oblique nor would he want us to test out his oblique cause I wouldn't even know what to look for. But is is it same type thing wait and see approach with Soto as well? Speaker 2 00:19:02 Yeah, I mean the fact that they said it's a mild oblique strain but then he is day to day is kind of conflicting to me. Cuz usually an oblique strain is something that's going to keep you out for, I don't know, at least a week. Right. They also tend to lender, which is the more concerning thing to me, is it like if they get 'em back on the field to start the year because San Diego needs to get off to a hot start to challenge the Dodgers. Right. That maybe it crops up later in the year and causes more issues. So I'm not like, I'm not saying you don't take soda in the first round. I'm just saying you take it knowing that there may be, you know, some off days coming to have 'em, uh, rest. By the way, yo alma Kata apparently also got a bruised rib in the, uh, the, the wbc Speaker 1 00:19:53 I believe it was a concussion Speaker 2 00:19:54 Too. Well so Speaker 1 00:19:56 Did that not Speaker 2 00:19:57 Happened? They said he had a concussion but then Bob Nightingale take this for what his worth cuz it's Bob Nightingale tweeted that Mancato was cleared after being treated for a possible concussion. So Oh, okay. I I see that too. Um, but the bruised rib is what they're going with, um, which is, there's nothing they're gonna do for it. It's just pain management at that point. Right. Takes some ibuprofen and get back out there. Um, Speaker 1 00:20:23 I mean, you know the saying ibuprofen IBU playing. Speaker 2 00:20:25 Yeah, exactly. Um, so there, there's that, it's a minor thing but it is your <unk> and those things tend to creep up on him. So soda, I'm not all that concern. I mean my concern is for later in the season. Yep, yep. Is that how you read it too? Speaker 1 00:20:42 Yeah, I mean it's, I I think I'd almost be at the point of like, hey, if they're gonna come out and just put 'em on 'em on the IL to begin the year, I'd almost rather take the, the week and a half off now, let it be a hundred percent. Cuz obliques they seem to just, they can pop back up. Yep. And you cannot rush the oblique too soon. And I would rather, you know, if say just to make things easy, if I don't get Juan Soto until April 10th, but I get 'em the whole rest of the way from there, I'm fine with that. Yeah. No need to rush him out there for April 3rd for me to have him till April 10th and now he's gotta miss three weeks because it's back and worse. And now you have to let him get a hundred percent healthy. So take, take it in stride now just if e if he begins the year on the il, but as long as they remain that they're not overly concerned about it, I'm not over overly concerned about it. Hell, maybe in your league maybe you'll get the dip and maybe you'll get Soto back into the first, maybe even late second if other people are afraid. So could create a nice little buying opportunity depending on what we hear. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:21:39 So some other news and notes from around spring training mostly, you know, this is kind of mostly spring training I guess. So, uh, as you all are listening to this, the positional spotlight, uh, for the catcher position came out yesterday, uh, Monday, March 20th talking about Will Smith and it's kind of the, the Dodgers will Smith, not the actor Will Smith. Just to, just to confirm that there or Speaker 2 00:22:02 The reliever Will Speaker 1 00:22:02 Smith or the reliever Will Smith. Yeah. So we're talking about the catcher in Los Angeles kind of, uh, I was excited and then a little bit less excited. So I'm curious to hear what, what you think here. Um, will Smith spent the majority of the year hitting fourth last year? Dave Roberts was basically more or less confirmed that Will Smith is going to hit third. But there was also a report back near the end of February that Roberts basically said that Smith's probably not going to DH as much as he did last year. Which because they signed JD Martinez who if he plays the outfield, he will break into pieces. Um, I think he's played like 45 games in the outfield over the past three seasons combined. Um, so if Smith's gonna lose out on some DH at bats, are they just gonna run him into the ground catching? Speaker 1 00:22:46 Is he just not going to play? Is he gonna be limited to pinch hits? Basically he's not, he's not going to have zero wet bats as a dh. There's so many things that could happen that could cause him to be a DH and maybe Martinez does sneak into the outfield on occasion. Um, to me, will Smith is still at best the third rank catcher at worst, the fifth rank catcher for me. So he is very high, very high floor. I just don't know. I like him hitting third with Bets and Freeman ahead of him. I don't know if I like him losing out DH at bats because if I'm drafting Smith that high, I want as many at bats as possible. Now he's shown in 120 games he can be dominant, but I would like to him to be there and not be a guy that I draft and he only plays in like 110 games or so. Speaker 2 00:23:31 Yeah. I'm not sure that I'm that concerned about him losing DH at bats. I'm not like, I don't have the number off the top of my head with how many games he played or how many, um, at bats he Speaker 1 00:23:44 Registered, he had 91 at bats last year as a dh. So it's not a ton, but they already said that he's not going to DH that much again. Now again, if JD Martinez gets injured, it's a different story but Speaker 2 00:23:55 Right. But it also could be that he played 137 games last year and they just don't want him up like quite that, quite that high. Like if they're trying to get him a little bit more off days, then you don't deh him. He still plays catcher as often as he did and then they're in the sweet spot and you're still getting a, a dominant bat hitting third in a very good lineup. Speaker 1 00:24:26 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:24:27 It's just so Speaker 1 00:24:28 They can't, they cannot catch him 130 games. Speaker 2 00:24:31 Well I also think that they're probably also looking at the fact that he's hitting third this year as opposed to fourth and realizing that you get a smidge more at bats per game hitting third than fourth. So if he plays the same amount he'd go up in at bats. Speaker 1 00:24:48 Right. Speaker 2 00:24:49 So, and you gotta keep Austin Barnes fresh cuz Austin Barnes is a pretty good catcher of his own Right. And JD Martinez, you didn't assign him to put him on the bench. Um, so, Speaker 1 00:25:02 But you can't play him in the field too much or like I said, he'll crumble. No, Speaker 2 00:25:05 But that's why you have Will Smith not playing as many, you know, games at dh. I'm fine with that. I'm not, I'm, I don't think that they're saying Will Smith is now only gonna catch three games a week as opposed to five. Like I think he's still gonna catch the four or five games a week. He's just gonna get an extra off day thrown in so that he's not worn down and he's still as good for the long haul as you know, they want him to be. Yeah. Without, you know, killing him in the process. Because if you look at his second half last year, he hit only 2 46 compared to 2 72. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> in the first half. So the bats, you know, took a toll and it was 2 38 in September by the way, his last 105 at bats of the year, he hit 2 38. Speaker 1 00:26:01 There was a big shift too. They started pounding him with breaking stuff out of the zone. And like it's right, you know when you're writing articles and you're researching and you're coming up with narratives or a reason to explain something when you happen to see like, oh as a, a perfect trend of like, well as the months went on last year, his batting average went down, pitches out of the zone went up, swings out of the zone, went up, swings and misses out of the zone went up and you get that perfect harmonious little uh, nugget that you need to craft your narrative based on the story or whatever. That was basically what happened to Will Smith. They just punished him with breaking stuff outta the zone. He swung more. Right. He swung and missed more. Speaker 2 00:26:37 Yeah. And it's not a perfect fit for the narrative because if you look at May he hit two 17 in 83, that's in May and then 2 95 the next month and then two 70 and 2 81 2 there. So he was all over the place. But in general, the second half when being a catcher does get tiring. He hit 2 46. So there's a few different things going on that they figured out his weaknesses and perhaps they don't want him doing that again. That like he feels like he has to press late in the year. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, but I'm sure like Dave Roberts is the king of trying to keep everybody fresh. Speaker 1 00:27:11 Yep. Speaker 2 00:27:12 And Speaker 1 00:27:12 Well they're playing for October. Speaker 2 00:27:14 That's what this, that's, that's what this smells Speaker 1 00:27:17 Of. Are you, do you agree with me? Will Smith at best third rank catcher at worst about Catcher five? Speaker 2 00:27:24 Yeah, I put Speaker 1 00:27:25 Cause cause he doesn't steal so you can't put him up with Vao and R Muto. So I think you can go with him at three if you want to go ruman ahead of Smith. I'm, I'm, I get it. I'm with you there. You can sell me on that. And then fifth, I'm, I'm more down on Salvador Perez than others. So that's why I think I Speaker 2 00:27:42 Would put most with the head of, of Speaker 1 00:27:44 I would too. I can't put Smith below five. Speaker 2 00:27:47 I think Smith to me is third or fourth. Speaker 1 00:27:51 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:27:51 I could be sold either way on the Ruman argument. I would probably put Ruman ahead of him just because what we saw Ruman do in part of a season last year was phenomenal. And now you can argue that the lineup is even better this year and is arguably toe-to-toe with the Dodgers. Given what the Dodgers lineup currently looks like. Like a lot of people are gonna have a problem with my statement on that. But can you honestly tell me that the Dodger's offense isn't markedly better than what the os are gonna roll out there? Speaker 1 00:28:30 Yeah, he's, I in the top five catcher rankings in the draft guide. I have Rushman third Will Smith fourth. Speaker 2 00:28:37 I would, I would that that's yeah. Speaker 1 00:28:41 Yep. Speaker 2 00:28:42 Um, I would say Rushman third. Yeah. Will Smith fourth. That's fine. Speaker 1 00:28:45 So I, I'll be, I'm gonna, I'm gonna preface this. I love this guy. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. Shinar Fuji might have a nine walk per nine and a nine K per nine. Yep. This year. Cuz he is currently sporting that right now in <laugh>. He's made four starts in spring. He's three and oh for the record, but he is got 13 walks, 17 strikeouts. He has a, he has a <laugh>. The fact that he only, he has a 1.5 whip despite only allowing seven hits is just baffling giving that walk. Right. Doesn't have 17 strikeouts though. But the walks are a major problem right now. Speaker 2 00:29:23 Yeah. It's gonna be like, um, that scene from Bull Durham where they're talking about New Klu who had five strikeouts, five walks, five hit by pitches, hit the mascot twice, <laugh> and somehow still won the game. Right. That's what we're gonna see. It's not like he's getting a whole lot of help from that offense either. I mean let's face it, Oakland sucks. Um, but he does get a boost when they go, when they go back home. Some of those foul balls that don't do anything in spring training are actually going to get caught in the Coliseum cuz there's like 97 miles of foul territory there. Um, he's gonna be exciting to watch for all of those reasons. Is he gonna walk a guy? Is he gonna strike him out? Is he gonna hit him? Is he give, gonna give up a hit? What, what's happening here? Um, he's technically the yeast of Oakland for whatever the heck you want to take that for. I don't know. Uh, where, where are you drafting him or are you drafting Speaker 1 00:30:27 Him? Oh absolutely, I'm drafting him. Why not this guy's, this guy's riveting content like <laugh>, I mean I I already have it. I already have it textbook for whenever he makes his first start in the year on prize picks and underdog. I'm taking the over on his walks, whatever it is, it's Speaker 2 00:30:42 Just over. And by the way, uh, the projections over on FanGraphs, they have a bunch of 'em, you know, zips, the bat attc, whatnot. They are all over the place on 'em. They have 'em between five and 11 wins. They have 'em between 92 and a third and 166 innings. Uh, they have the highest K per nine they have is 8.97, which is almost nine K per nine. And then they have him between 4.26 and 5.17 walks per nine. Uh, and then the e r a is anywhere from 3.7 all the way up to five flight. Speaker 1 00:31:24 Yep. Speaker 2 00:31:26 So, Speaker 1 00:31:27 I Speaker 2 00:31:27 Mean, nobody seems to know what to do with, with with him. Speaker 1 00:31:33 You know, we, and we've talked about it later on in drafts. You just need a reason to draft somebody right now. Yeah. Since March 1st. He's going pick on average 4 87. So we're talking after, after the four 50. Why not wins? Yeah. You may not get many of them. No. Now whip he could, he could <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:31:52 He's gonna single-handedly blow up your whip. Speaker 1 00:31:55 Yeah, he really could. Now the only thing is it's like he could also get, he, it's very reasonable that he can go out there on his opening start go about four and a third with four walks and 10 strikeouts. That could happen. The strikeouts gonna be very good, but that he's going to be a liability and whip. So I think you almost have to kind of look at your league settings and if it's, maybe if whip's not involved, maybe you can get away with it. The, he's gotta harness the command. If he can harness the command, he's gonna blow out this 487 80 p that he currently has because the strikeouts alone are going to cut that in half. Now the other stuff is gonna be a problem, but Speaker 2 00:32:32 Yeah, well you're not drafting any Oakland starters for wins this year. Like you're just crossing that off the board if you're going with an Oakland starter. Because Speaker 1 00:32:39 I mean, in Fujina you can basically take with your last pick hope for the best. And if he comes out there through his first three starts of the year and it's spring training all over again with a ton of walks, you just cut 'em like you're not gonna miss much. So Speaker 2 00:32:51 What we going off the board for, for wind totals, by the way, if we looked at this recently, uh, now they're at 59 and a half. Speaker 1 00:33:01 I was gonna say it's gotta be close to, it's in the low low sixties. I would say Speaker 2 00:33:04 It's 59 and a half. And this is on Vegas Insider. I'm not sure, uh, when exactly um, the last time these were updated nor do I know the book that it's from. But currently, okay, so currently they have, hold on, I'm checking the, the list here for the athletics and it looks like current lines across the book I might band and DK and whatnot are 59 and a half. Speaker 1 00:33:36 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:33:38 I might take the other, Speaker 1 00:33:40 They're gonna be bad. Speaker 2 00:33:42 They're gonna be atrocious, Speaker 1 00:33:46 But Fumi will be fun to watch. Pitch Speaker 2 00:33:47 Heck yes. Speaker 1 00:33:49 All right. He'll be fun. Draft him late. Hope for the best. It's, it's a, it's a true dart throw. If if there's, if there's ever he's the epitome of a dart throw cuz that's ex, that's exactly what he is going to be. Um, <affirmative>, if you've seen the player capsules on the site, a lot of us worked through those. I had the NL Central that was one of mine at the time. I was very confident and I may have to admit I was maybe overconfident that Nolan Gorman was going to win the second base or DH job. I figured he was gonna get one of 'em second base. He may not be the starter there just Speaker 2 00:34:25 Because No I'm not any you that's Speaker 1 00:34:26 Brendan Donovan. Well cause Brendan Donovan has turned into Aaron Judge, Speaker 2 00:34:30 It's unbelievable. That hit everywhere and he plays like 14 positions. Speaker 1 00:34:34 I know, I know. So he's, he he's seen his ADP jump but Juan Yez has not been very good. Sure. Nolan Gorman has struck out 15 times in 38 at bat. You don't like to see that. But he does have a 9 88 O p s so the results have been there. He's gotta cut back the strikeouts cuz that was the issue last year. But we have to think that he's the leader in the clubhouse for the DH spot for the Cardinals, which is last time I checked a pretty darn good lineup. Speaker 2 00:35:00 Is he though or is Jordan Walker making a late case? Speaker 1 00:35:04 Well I'm under the asum walker's. I figured he's gonna get one of the one of the outfield gigs. Speaker 2 00:35:11 Yeah but I don't know who you dig out of that outfield like large debar is staying. Speaker 1 00:35:17 Yeah he ain't going anywhere. It would have to be, he's Speaker 2 00:35:19 Playing one of the three Cuz defensively you need that guy in the outfield. He's been spectacular there and the bat hasn't exactly been terrible. Tyler O'Neill's gotta stay because of what he brings in power and speed. Right. Speaker 1 00:35:32 As long as he can stay healthy. Speaker 2 00:35:34 Yes. Dylan Carlson's the only question mark is the bat's not not as good but I think you give him some more, some more run. Speaker 1 00:35:44 My thought was stick Walker, take Carlson out. Walker goes to the outfield Gorman dhs Speaker 2 00:35:51 I think Gorman's a bench guy right now. Speaker 1 00:35:54 Okay, now here's, okay so here's the other, I guess the other way to look at it, Gorman is only going off a couple picks before Fumi. Are you okay with a late round dark throw on Gorman in the fact that they do roll him out as a dh? Cause we know the power's legit. He just has to put the bat on the ball more often. Speaker 2 00:36:09 Yeah. If he can compel himself to not swing at every pitch throne like he's some new playing MLB the show the then yeah the power's unreal. Like he can launch these things into space. Um, and we saw that it it in the miners when he went on that ridiculous run last year. Um, but the problem is he is not making enough contact and it's not like they're necessarily hurting for lefties in that lineup. Right. You got Edmond News, a switch hitter, you got Dylan Carlson's a switch hitter, you got Brenda Donovan's a lefty, you got Lars Newbar, it's a lefty. So you've got two lefties plus two switch hitters who could be, who are probably gonna hit Lefty more often than not against righties. Right. So you've got theoretically four lefties in that lineup to begin with. So it's not like they're hurting for lefties and that gives 'em an advantage. Mm-hmm <affirmative> what they need from 'em is contact. So right now I think they give Jordan Walker a shot at dh. Speaker 1 00:37:09 What about, yeah, what about though if they platoon it, because when you look at Gorman, I mean last year you'd hit a 2 0 1 ISO against Righties versus 1 0 5 against lefties. When you look at Carlson, he was better against lefties hit three 17 against lefties. Do you think they try to do something like that or do you think they're gonna open the, or see if Carlson can figure it out and then okay, lemme say this. I guess we're operating the assumption that Walker's breaking camp with the team, right? Speaker 2 00:37:37 I'm pretty sure he is. Okay. Speaker 1 00:37:38 That's what Speaker 2 00:37:39 I'm, why Yeah, I don't see like the only reason to do it is to like control his contract. But at this point it's not really service time. It's related to where you finish in the, in the voting like for the awards at this point. Right. Like so even if Jordan Walker comes up halfway through the year and mashes and wins rookie of the year, then you like it changes the conversation. So I'm of the belief that Jordan Walker is going to break camp with the team. Speaker 1 00:38:15 Could it be, could it be okay for Walker if he plays the out here's the other against Lefties. Speaker 2 00:38:22 Here's the other interesting question. If Nolan Anado actually has a broken hand then Jordan Walker's absolutely breaking camp and playing third. Speaker 1 00:38:36 Was that a pun intended? Speaker 2 00:38:39 No, actually I didn't even realize I did it until you pointed it out. Um, <laugh>. So, Speaker 1 00:38:48 Okay, so let's say, so if a's out Speaker 2 00:38:51 Then Walker Carlson's in right field Speaker 1 00:38:56 And Donovan's still at second? Yes. Okay. Brenda. Speaker 2 00:38:59 Brenda Donovan's not going anywhere. He's playing second base. Speaker 1 00:39:02 Right? Speaker 2 00:39:02 So the only, the only tweak to that would be if Brendan Donovan actually plays third if ADOS out and then you put Gorman at Second Speaker 1 00:39:11 Walker DHS Speaker 2 00:39:13 And then Walker DHS and you still have Dylan Carlson and Wright Field. Speaker 1 00:39:17 Do you, I mean so I guess what I, what I was thinking too is first coming up he's gonna make his major league DA regular season debut and stuff. There could be a lot going on. Is there any benefit to switching him between outfield and DH or could that cause more havoc? Because I guess if you look at the splits, let Carlson Carlson play against lefties and then Walker can DH and then when a rightie pitches stick walker in the outfield, get Gorman in at dh, take Carlson out just playing the splits. I just don't know if it's better to yank around a guy like that of dh outfield, outfield, dh, dh, DH outfield. I guess you won his back line. Speaker 2 00:39:50 No, I think you want him settled at one spot. Um, Speaker 1 00:39:57 At least in the, in the beginning. Speaker 2 00:39:58 Yeah cuz if you're already platooning him, he's gonna check out for three outta the five games of the week, right? Well Speaker 1 00:40:04 Like no, not Walker. Speaker 2 00:40:08 Oh, okay. Walker Speaker 1 00:40:09 Basically against lefties Walker DHS against Righties. He plays the outfield. So Carlson sits, Speaker 2 00:40:19 Carlson Speaker 1 00:40:19 Sits against Righties, Gorman sits against lefties. Speaker 2 00:40:22 I think they probably just want 'em at one Speaker 1 00:40:25 Probably Speaker 2 00:40:25 Spot like we've seen too many times when teams get cute with rookies and just go, oh we'll just play 'em anywhere cuz they're good. And then you're like, well it's four years later and this guy still hasn't adjusted yet cuz like you screwed them up. Like look at what the Billys did with Alec, Bob and Bryson Scott. Speaker 1 00:40:43 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:40:44 There's a re and Jonathan India to a degree from the Reds too took longer than he should have because they kept moving dudes around. Right. Yeah. Like there's a reason why guys come up, play a position, get used to it, take off and do well. Speaker 1 00:41:01 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:41:02 So I I I think Jordan Walker blasting Garrett Cole the other day for a homer. Pretty well sealed his shot at, uh, at breaking camp with the tape. Speaker 1 00:41:16 Yeah. So All right, well, we'll we'll kind of see how that goes. A quick one here before I wanna go on a rant about an NLS team, but um, you have to send this to me right before we started, uh, I guess Pete Fairbanks is adding a splitter to his repertoire, although it looks more like a cut split if is such a thing. Um, he, it's it's, it's him and Jason Adam for saves. That's what it's going to be in the Tampa Bay bullpen. They did pay Fairbanks a little bit. I mean I guess I'm not going to sit here and go well he added a new pitch. He's the closer. I mean I I do think he's the one to own, but I'm not, it's not because of this new cut split he had it, it's just a new wrinkle. If anything I think it helps him out and over the long term should allow him to emerge as the guy if Tampa's going to go with a guy. So do you think Fairbanks has the early edge right now in terms of the lion share of the ninth inning work for Tampa Bay? Speaker 2 00:42:06 Yeah, I mean I think he always did coming into the season. I don't think it's a surprise that he's likely the closer. Um, that being said, Tampa seems to work in like 14 dudes a year, um, whether they're healthy or not. And let's face it, they've had trouble keeping dudes healthy in Tampa. But um, I mean even if you just look at projections, it looks like Fairbanks has about, um, two thirds of the saves and Adam has about a third, which seems to make sense to me. Um, the new pitch does seem frightening though. It has about 11 inches of drop compared to his fastball yet is only four miles an hour slower. And when we first washed it, your thought was like, oh, this is just a crappy slider, but it turns out it's a splitter with a a little bit of cut motion, which could just be filthy Speaker 1 00:42:57 Like. And you said it was only what, a couple miles an hour off his fastball? Speaker 2 00:43:00 About four. Speaker 1 00:43:02 So I mean that's basically the same Speaker 2 00:43:04 When the clip, uh, the, so who tweeted who I'm trying to Lance, uh, Bartowski I guess tweeted it. Um, and the clip shows the new splitter, I guess they're calling it coming in about 93 miles and 92 to 93 miles an hour. And his fastball's about 96 to 97. So it's only four miles an hour slower than the fastball, but it's got 11 inches of break, uh, vertical with a little bit of cut motion to it. So it's not necessarily the gap you want off your fastball, but the splitter is technically a fastball. So it's, I guess it's acceptable to sit halfway between a change up and a and a fastball. Speaker 1 00:43:57 Yeah. And it's just like I said, I'm not saying that he's the closer just because he is added a split change. Right. But, but I'm not, not saying that I don't think this is going to help him extend the, the leash that he's going to have. I do believe as the ninth inning guy. Speaker 2 00:44:10 Correct. I mean he already threw a slider, like he was mostly fastball last year anyway at about, you know, 97 to 98 miles an hour. And then his slider, he threw it like 38% of the time at about 86 miles an hour. So it's just a, it is just a third pitch to give 'em a little bit more wiggle over 'em if something's not working on a given day. Speaker 1 00:44:40 Yep, absolutely. So I'm gonna end with this. This is gonna be the last thing that we have time for here, but I gotta, I got, I gotta do it. I wish I could get this stuff bleeped out cause it would make it sound really good. But I mean, what is Colorado doing? I, I mean Speaker 2 00:44:55 Just, I have no idea. Speaker 1 00:44:56 What are, what are they doing? There is talent there? They hate their prospects. Yeah. There's reports coming out this spring that maybe we'll arrest some of our good guys at home. That's stupid because you're gonna have to score runs because you're Speaker 2 00:45:07 Pitching pay tickets to see the guys. Why are you resting them at home? Speaker 1 00:45:12 Exactly. And I mean that's where they wanna see him. Like, I'm drafting Chris Bryant because I want him to hit at Coors. I'm not drafting Chris Bryant because I want him to rest at home and play those games on the road. And now like I understand, I don't even know if I understand. I I, I can get behind the json pro far signing. He's gonna be too expensive now in fantasy because he's gonna get the Coors bump and the leadoff bump. So that's, uh, that's a kiss of death for me getting him at any decent value. Chris Bryant, the 47 year old Charlie Backman, CJ Chrome, McMahon Daza, we're gonna stick Muta at third cuz you, I can't say it, was it Ella Harris Montero? Yes. Yeah. I mean why not just play him? Like what, what are they gonna do now? Are they gonna go sign some shortstop so that they don't have to play Ezekiel Tovar? Or are they just gonna keep blocking anybody with a pulse? Like this is how bad teams stay bad. Like this, this lineup Mustak was good years ago. Okay, that ship has sailed pro FARs fine, I get it. Blackman was good years ago. Like, I mean the rich or I guess the poorest stay poor in this case cuz they're, they're just blocking the, the future of, of this team. So like what are they, what are they doing? Can you make any sense out of this? To be honest, Speaker 2 00:46:23 Other than they are cementing their legacy as the worst run organization in all of sports, aside from maybe the Phoenix Coyotes who don't like to pay bills and got kicked out of their arena. Like that's basically the only team in sport. They're better than and they got evicted. Like, uh, I don't, I don't know. They gave away, they literally gave away Nolan Anado. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, right? Austin goer's been freaking terrible for them. I mean, just like any pitcher in Coors, he was never gonna succeed. But he's a soft tossing lefty in Coors. It's never gonna work. Y'all should have figured that shit out. Um, Eloise Montero has never gotten a chance to prove what he can and can't do. He's 24 years old. Let the dude play, man. Like that's the, that's the guy you got for your gold glove Hall of Fame third basement and you're not playing 'em because you'd rather play a wheelchair bound Mike Muta. Speaker 1 00:47:26 Yep. Speaker 2 00:47:26 Right. Like and JSON Pro four. Okay, you're gonna stick him in left field. I can't say that that's not, that that wasn't an area of need. Like who else are you gonna play there right now? For sure. What? Speaker 1 00:47:39 For sure. I, that one I can get behind. Speaker 2 00:47:41 I Speaker 1 00:47:41 Mean, cause you can sell me on it. Speaker 2 00:47:45 My only down, my only concern though is that now you're moving Chris Bryant to right field, which is arguably a spot where you get injured more than left field. And Chris Bryant already has a bad back and bad knees and bad everything Speaker 1 00:47:57 Else. Remember he's resting at home though. You have time to rest. Speaker 2 00:48:00 Right? So like, it's just like, okay on its surface if you are, there's lineup, seems like it was put together by a 12 year old remembering big names from 10 years ago. Speaker 1 00:48:14 Or it seems like we're playing MLB the show and we're sorting by overall. Speaker 2 00:48:18 Yeah, like JSON profile leading off Chris Bryant, Charlie Blackman, CJ Krone, Ryan McMahon, Jonathan Daza, Muta Elis Diaz, it catchers a decent bat at catchers whatever. It's catcher Zi Gil Tova I'm actually excited about. Cause I think he could be a very good young shortstop for them. But like this also comes on the heels of them playing 14 different dudes at second base over the last three years and they get bailed out. Cause Brendan Rogers is injured, right? Grr is injured. Otherwise they probably wouldn't have made some of these moves. But like it's so bad that Garrett Hamson had to leave because he wasn't getting any playing time. So he had a good young speedy middle infielder who you never played. And it's just, I and McMahon got the second base job, but I think he's only there cuz he is a lefty and they needed another lefty in the, in the bat order. I don't know, like, we'll see what happens when Brendan Rogers comes back from that shoulder. Speaker 1 00:49:22 If, Speaker 2 00:49:23 If, cause I mean it is a torn labrum so it not great, but like, and what happens when, when gr comes back, where are you, where are you going in the outfield? Speaker 1 00:49:33 Well, I mean there's, they'll probably just rotate. Speaker 2 00:49:36 Where is pro far going? Speaker 1 00:49:38 I'm I'm, I'm I'm under the assumption this, I mean, we can't rule anything out in Colorado. They're just gonna play musical chairs in the outfield unless, Speaker 2 00:49:44 Hey, unless the big daza out because he's the younger dude. Speaker 1 00:49:48 Well, Grichuk Grtk is substantially better against lefties than righties, right? Yes. He's a lefty killer. So maybe they rotate that somehow or do something like that. Or they play musical chairs and they go, Hey, three game series Chris Bryant, you're getting it's, or it's a four game series, you're gonna get one in left, one in center, one in right. And then you'll get the fourth game off. And but don't forget you only sit at home. Speaker 2 00:50:10 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:50:10 You're gonna play all the road Speaker 2 00:50:12 A sport where you're crucified for being over the age of 30. They're starting lineup. Pro far is 30. Chris Bryant's 31 and a half Blackman's almost 37. CJ Kron is 33. Mustak is 34 and a half. Diaz is 32. And by the way, if Richard hadn't gotten injured, he's 31 and a half. Like Ezekiel Tovar is 21 and a half years old. The next closest guy in age to him is McMahon. At 28 years old. Speaker 1 00:50:46 When you have a team that's this old, typically it's, you know, it's, it's a team that's been good for a little bit. They're riding out this starting lineup as long as they can. And the end is near, they're an old team that stinks. Speaker 2 00:50:58 Like they added Bryant to this roster. They added pro far to the roster. The Charlie Blackman's been there for like 15 years. CJ Crohn's been there for a couple of years already, but like he was over 30 when they signed him Mota, they just added. And he's like, literally I could play a better third base in the majors at this point than Moose Dakis. Like, it just doesn't, it just doesn't make any sense. And by the way, their closer is the guy that knocked out Jose Altuve for like 10 weeks, Speaker 1 00:51:31 Who's also old, Speaker 2 00:51:33 Who's also Yeah, like 37. Speaker 1 00:51:36 It's, I have no clue what they're doing. Speaker 2 00:51:39 I don't know what, what they're doing. Speaker 1 00:51:40 I team to travesty. Speaker 2 00:51:41 They're, they're, the ownership is atrocious. The GM has no clue what he is doing. Their scouting department doesn't seem to be like their scouting department seems to be good enough to get decent dudes in their farm system. But then they're not developing, like Michael Tolio at First Base has been one of their top prospects for, I'm not kidding you, like a while he was drafted four years ago in the first round and he's still in the minor leagues. Like they, they're not advancing their guys. Um, it doesn't, it doesn't make any sense what they're doing. Speaker 1 00:52:25 Nope, it does not. But that's my rant. I think that's, I think that's what I'm gonna start doing. I think we'll put at the end of every episode. It's gonna be an open door couple minutes just for a rant, just to, just, just to complain about something. Cuz we all need to complain. It's what we do best. That's what we do best. Um, I'll, I'll come up with a catchy name for it, get me a little jingle and everything and then I can just go to town with a rant about something. Um, but we'll see how that goes. But that'll put a bow on this episode we're getting ever so close to the season. Uh, as always, make sure you keep listening to the podcast. Get your copy of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball draft guide. Need to get your hands on that. Also, if you aren't already, or you, I guess you could be, uh, you get premium discord access, you g I guess join today. Go all pro. So there's tweets about that. I've retweeted it. It's at the app Fancy alarm account. Do you have any info on that, Matt, out of curiosity? Speaker 2 00:53:21 Nope. I'm right there with you. Just like, you know, when you sign up and Speaker 1 00:53:25 Yep. Says Speaker 2 00:53:26 Access to all DFS content helping people for like the last week and a half. Um, Speaker 1 00:53:32 Yeah. Oh, I guess I just should have said this code MLB 50 50% off the first six months and then you get premium discord access. You get talked to us questions during the live draft. Uh, we were talking with someone last night through the teen rounds of their draft. Any keeper questions, any baseball questions, hang out with us in the Discord. It's always a good time and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Speaker 2 00:53:52 Yeah, one last thing. If you're gonna ask questions, it's perfectly fine. We'd love, uh, answering them. But give us all the pertinent details please. Like if you're at a Points league and you're asking me to decide between a guy who eats a lot of homers and a guy who eats a lot of steals, I need to know the scoring difference between Homers and Yep. Steals. Because if, if steals is twice as many as Homers but the guy steals, like if it's a difference between Jose Ramirez and Aaron Judge, but steels are worth twice as much as a Homer, you gotta go Jose Ramirez. But on the surface you might take care of Judge cuz he's got a boatload of homers and a decent amount of steals. Right. So give us all of the pertinent information please. League size, what type it is, whatever. If there's weird categories mm-hmm. <affirmative>, let us know, uh, points, whichever ones make the difference. Um, it just helps us answer your question better and more informed without having to go back and ask like six different Speaker 1 00:54:52 Mm-hmm. <affirmative> Speaker 2 00:54:53 Questions and then, you know, you get an answer quicker and more informed. Speaker 1 00:54:57 Yep. And there's no such thing as oversharing. Like I would rather correct. I would rather you tell me a bunch of stuff that I don't need to know versus me having to ask. Just because, you know, we want to get you an answer in a reasonable amount of time and you know, I want to answer your question and hopefully not be wrong. So the more info I have, the better. So Speaker 2 00:55:14 Definitely. And if you're asking us like, should you trade so and so, give us who the rest of that position is. Like, if you're asking me, should you trade Garrett Cole? Well I need to know the rest of your starters. Cuz if you also have like Brandon Woodruff or Shane Bieber or Degra, then it's more palatable to trade Cole. But if you have Cole but your next guy is like Shinara probably a note. But we need to know that information. And if you're asking us to who to pick up, give us, you don't have to list everybody cuz I don't need to know all thousand people that are on the waivers. Right. But there have been several questions where somebody goes, well should I pick up this guy or this guy? And I say, that guy and they say, well, does it change if these five dudes are available? Well why wouldn't they in the, the first one? So just give us all of the information. If you don't care about the extra guys that are there, fine, don't put 'em. But if I give you an answer and then you come back with, well, does this change? Well, do you want those guys or not like <laugh>? Cause if you don't want 'em, then no, it doesn't change my answer. If you want 'em, then maybe we'll see. Yep, Speaker 1 00:56:25 Yep. I think you, I think you're absolutely right. And again, we'd like, we wanna help. Definitely happy to help. I like to know the context. That's why you'll see, um, if, if there's not info, I'm asking multiple questions back, like, I'm correct. Speaker 2 00:56:37 Listen, Speaker 1 00:56:38 I work in customer support. I work in customer support full-time. So I under, I'm not afraid to ask questions to make sure I know what exactly you're talking about, but make it Speaker 2 00:56:46 Easy. I've done, I've done customer service too and that's key. We, we need as much information to make an educated decision and answer as possible. Speaker 1 00:56:56 Yep. So throw it in there. We'll be in the discord. Be happy to answer any questions. Uh, I mean you can tag me directly if you want. That way I get the notification. I'm pretty well I'm a millennial so my phone's always around. Let's just be honest. Right. I'm not gonna sugarcoat Speaker 2 00:57:08 My phone never goes off. It's literally my alarm o' clock. Speaker 1 00:57:10 Yep, that's right. So make sure you're also on top of all that. Give Matt a follow on Twitter at the sales man. Give me a follow on Twitter at Colby r Conway and we will see you next week with the newest edition of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast.

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