April 21, 2023


Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Trevor Rogers Injured, Carlos Rodon Faces Setback

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Colby Conway Matt Selz James Grande
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Trevor Rogers Injured, Carlos Rodon Faces Setback
Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Trevor Rogers Injured, Carlos Rodon Faces Setback

Apr 21 2023 | 00:30:35


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Colby Conway and Matt Selz break down the latest in MLB injury news including Trevor Rogers, Carlos Rodon, Jacob deGrom, and Corbin Burnes along with who to add and drop on the waiver wire. They cover weekend streamers as well discussing who you can count on for good starts.

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Speaker 1 00:00:10 And welcome into the midweek edition here of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast. I'm your host Colby Conway at Colby r Conway on Twitter. And with me as always, Matt sells at the Sales man on Twitter. So Matt, I'm gonna ask you how you're doing, but I would venture to hope that you are probably better than some of the pitchers around the league that we're gonna be talking about here in a couple of minutes. Speaker 2 00:00:32 I'm definitely doing better than some of the pitchers around the league. All of my limbs are working properly and are accounted for. Um, so that's, that's a bonus. I also still have a job, unlike another pitcher who, uh, came to an end today. Uh, not like he's still on the planet, he's just out of a job in Arizona after yelling at Wilson Contreras. Um, so yeah. And, Speaker 1 00:00:54 And stinking. Speaker 2 00:00:55 And stinking. He was terrible. He was the get off my yard guy and then didn't keep anybody off his yard. Um, I also still have a job on, unlike Max Scher, who's probably suspended for 10 days. So I'm better than a lot of the pitchers that are out there not in throwing a baseball, but you know what I Speaker 1 00:01:11 Mean. Yeah. Aside from many injuries that we've seen and him, I mean, Scherzer had the ejection, which I believe comes with a 10 game suspension. He's obviously going to appeal it Asing. Speaker 2 00:01:19 What? I highly doubt that he wins that appeal. Speaker 1 00:01:22 Yeah. And I mean, as we're recording this, it's uh, Thursday afternoon. So if you are a Fernando Tati Jr. Owner, you were excited to get him back in the lineup after he basically homeward and every minor league at bat leading up to this, it seems like. So you get to get him back. But we're gonna start with, I, I don't mean this in jest and I don't mean this rudely, but recurring guest basically friend of the program almost in Jeffrey Springs. Yeah. This is now the third straight podcast. We've talked about him. Uh, we went from, I believe it was Ulner neuritis to, he was just kind of gonna miss some starts to the IL for two months. Now it's reported he's gonna get Tommy John that's gonna keep him out into 2024, uh, into the 2024 season. So Redraft leagues, no keepers, no dynasty. You can safely drop springs. Don't even worry about him on your IL dynasty managers. You're, you're holding springs. Cuz what we saw in the couple of starts that you had was absolutely electric. So, uh, Matt, any long-term concern with the Tommy John surgery here for Springs? I mean it, the Tommy John is not the kiss of death that it once was for pitchers. Speaker 2 00:02:26 No, it's not. Our only concern is that it certainly seems like Tampa's Rack Tampa is racking up the pitching injuries here between Baz and Glass now and Springs and you know, if we want to go beyond that, Brendan McKay never was correct after Tommy John and then I think he broke his elbow on the way back. Um, so that's our only concern really, is what Tampa does with their pictures. I'm a, if you can hear the background, my dog decided to drink water right as we're recording. So that's, that's frustrating. Um, so that's, that's our only concern. But going forward, I mean he should make a full recovery. He'd be back some point in 2024. It's basically a year recovery at this point. And then going forward, um, I guess we'll they, did they fully announce that Taj Bradley will be in the rotation going forward or just till his next start? Speaker 1 00:03:23 I mean they, they can say what they want. They can say what they want. I know they're gonna protect him, but that arm needs to be in that rotation. Speaker 2 00:03:30 Yeah, he's been spectacular. And in terms of protecting him, he threw 133 plus innings last year. So granted last week we spoke, or earlier this week we spoke about how most of those were at aa. Okay. But they're still innings. Right. Um, so I would assume that with Springs now fully out of the rotation for the rest of the year that Bradley is gonna be up. So those of you that we're hoping to protect him this year, like me, uh, we're gonna have a tougher road to hoe here cuz he'll be there. But, uh, no, no real long-term concern for Speaker 1 00:04:05 Springs. And it goes out saying if Bradley's available in free agency on your fantasy baseball league, go pick him up. Stop what Speaker 2 00:04:11 You're doing then this six weeks. Cuz there's no reason he should still be Speaker 1 00:04:13 Available. You should, you should pause right now. Yes. Pause, then go pick up Bradley, then come back and join us for the rest of the, for the rest of the show here. But, Speaker 2 00:04:21 And then at the end of the year just leave the league cuz the people you're playing with have no clue what they're doing. Speaker 1 00:04:26 That too. And then a couple of ACEs have I not necessarily have gone down but some injury news has popped up. So the off injured Jacob deGrom has wrist soreness considered minor, they say, but of course everything starts off as considered minor. So take that with a grain of salt. Corbin burns text strain, you guessed it considered minor. Take that for what it's worth. And Carlos radon for some, somehow this, this is the one that I'm, I'm, it's going to kind of ruffle my feathers a little bit. Yes. Yankees are still calling this minor. Speaker 2 00:04:55 Mm-hmm <affirmative>, Speaker 1 00:04:56 How can we keep calling it minor? We are at weeks, we've now basically we've the, the injury has moved. Like now there's another body part that's ailing him. Correct. Like Speaker 2 00:05:08 And he's going for another scan. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:05:10 Going for another scan. He's not throwing How is this still minor? That is where my question comes in cuz he originally it was what it was, it was forearmed tightness, right? Speaker 2 00:05:18 It was I think so her shoulder thing and it was something that he had dealt with last year and they weren't that concerned about it. Speaker 1 00:05:27 Okay. Oh great. So it was minor then too. Awesome. Right then Speaker 2 00:05:29 How his back started barking. Speaker 1 00:05:31 Yeah, I, I'd love that to Speaker 2 00:05:33 Knock and you're still not con concern. Okay. But that means he's changing how he's throwing to avoid pain and where it originally started and putting stress on a part that doesn't usually get as much stress and now he's going for a CT scan which tells you there's something more there that they would like to see what's causing the issue. Right. You don't go for scan for just general soreness, you usually just take some ibuprofen or whatever and rest. But yeah, I tweeted out um, a gif of a guy bouncing off of a ball and landing his head in the sand describing Aaron Boone right now cuz I, I don't understand how it's minor man, especially given all of the pitching issues that the Yankees have had this year. Nothing can be considered minor with their pitching stick. Speaker 1 00:06:20 Well and that's the thing, like it started with the, the elbow, which they've said the elbow's now fine. Cool. He went through a bullpen, now it's his back. That's textbook um, overcompensating. Is it? It's correct what you basically talk about. That's what he did. Now don't get me wrong, I love the term when someone has some soreness and they say it's barking. I love that term. I think it's, I just, I absolutely love it. But for Rodan, we, we've gotta stop with this, this minor bs it is not minor at this point. Right. We've now it was like Speaker 2 00:06:46 He was supposed to weeks back like a week from now. Speaker 1 00:06:49 I remember we did that podcast when they said they, we came out with the news with Rodan and we had basically said we'll see him in May and it was no he'll be back in April, he'll be fine Ronan's this beacon of health type thing cause it's minor, it's a minor injury. He dealt with it last year. You could argue we are months with this now, not even weeks. We just didn't get a lot of updates. We, Speaker 2 00:07:10 They don't know what it is dude going for a scan to go find out what's barking. Like Speaker 1 00:07:15 Still love that term. Speaker 2 00:07:17 I mean I love having a dog in the fight but like not this kind of not not not this way. Right. Like Speaker 1 00:07:23 And not with someone that was a top tier investment for many fantasy managers too. Speaker 2 00:07:27 Correct. Speaker 1 00:07:28 Yeah. So that's it for Rodan. I'd be worried. I'm still worried. Throw out the minor verbiage. It's not minor, it's just, it's simply not. Um, what about with Burns and Dro? Anything there? I mean anything with Dro is going to raise eyebrows given his injury history. Uh, and then Corbin Burns has the peck issue of what? I don't believe it's his throwing. It's definitely not his throwing one I don't believe. Um, so there Speaker 2 00:07:51 Shouldn't be, Speaker 1 00:07:52 I wouldn't necessarily say like that's the reason for the slow start. Maybe, maybe some discomfort has kind of played a part. Um, but is there any overall concern with deGrom and or Burns? Speaker 2 00:08:01 I'd be more concerned with Therom than Burns given the injury history of deGrom and why the Mets gave up on him. Which by the way is hilarious cuz there's still no e t a for Justin Verlander getting back the guy who was supposed to replace him. Um, I mean the fact that it's a non throwing arm for burns is more comforting. Like if you can deal with the pain and it's not affecting the way you throw a baseball, then great. Um, that that's basically how it comes. Like I don't necessarily think it's serious for Degru, it could just be that he overthrew a pitch once and it tweaked his wrist. I don't think this is gonna lead to like a Rodan situation, but I, I am slightly just given the injury history of deg ground, I'm more concerned with that one than, than burnt. Speaker 1 00:08:54 And then we've talked about forearm tightness. We hate to hear it. Hate to see it. Uh, Miami's Trevor Rogers left his start, uh, on Wednesday early with forearm tightness. I believe he was just under 60 pitches. He was cruising, was gonna hit my over for the player prop. I was in on him for that day. Unfortunately forearm tightness struck. I don't believe that I've seen he's been officially put on the injured list yet. But you have to assume that an injured list then is coming for a young pitcher with forearm tightness. You'd have to assume. Speaker 2 00:09:23 I would agree. I think they're waiting on the test results and see what they say to determine next steps. I mean I would imagine that it would be an i l spot. Um, but I I, I think that's a formality at this point. So you've gotta, you've gotta make moves and kind of protect yourself there. Especially, you know, Rogers hasn't exactly been a beacon of health the last few years either. So by the way, when he didn't hit your pop, did you complain on Twitter about the guy not hitting your prop? Cuz that seems to be a favorite pastime of Oh, sures are got ejected. Can I get my money back for a, for the strikeout prop? No, sorry. Speaker 1 00:10:05 No, I just complained at home. I complained. Don't get me wrong. Speaker 2 00:10:09 I mean that's yeah, but complaining at home to like a paper bag is the best is Speaker 1 00:10:13 Well I complained to my dog but I guess paint bag works too, but, okay. Yeah, I hear you. But, and with, with Rogers, let's assume the i l stint, let's say, I don't know, let's just say he is gonna miss two months. I mean it's very early in the season. We're less than like an eighth of the way through the season really. But Marlin's right now, I I mean pretty much everybody's in the thick of it other than Oakland cuz they're basically already removed from playoff attention and have been Speaker 2 00:10:36 Also removed from Oakland. Speaker 1 00:10:38 That too, that too. But the Marlins have a wealth of young talent and the minors at pitching. Any of them coming up here or do you think they're gonna kind of wait and see how the season unfolds a little bit before maybe bringing up any of those guys and starting the clock? Speaker 2 00:10:54 I would think they would bring somebody up. Now it may not be that you see them uh, in large bat light. They may bring 'em up for, you know, a start or two and then cycle them back down and then whatnot. Um, cuz you could do that gets several different guys exposure depending again on how long Rogers is out for. We don't a hundred percent know. It's just usually when you hear forum tightness it's not great. Um, that being said though, like their top, when you think of their top pitching prospects, like Jake Eater's a AA right now. Dax Fulton is technically back at aa. Um, like, you know, so they'd be jumping, they'd be jumping them a bit. They're six to Sanchez who's still working his way back from a shoulder thing seemingly like nine years ago. Um, so we, we might see a few, few different guys. I know they've got, got Nick Inright up right now. They could call up Josh Simpson. We're digging deeper here. Um, cuz a lot of their top pitching guys are still kind of a level away, um, from what you would expect. Like Yuri Perez, I don't think they're gonna necessarily call up the guy. The guy has like one started at AA um, this year and half a year there last year and hasn't looked quite as dominant there as we would expect for a guy with his stuff. Speaker 1 00:12:24 Yep. So love to see what goes to Rogers. Again, I'm, it's more so I'm assuming at this point as we're recording on Thursday afternoon that it's going to be an i l stint for Rogers. But we will have to see. But as we head into the weekend here Matt, we gotta talk about some guys that we may be looking to add to our fantasy teams and obviously when one comes in, one must go, couple of guys that are starting to maybe enter the drop uh, realm of fantasy baseball here. So let's start with some of the guys that are playing well right now. Taylor Walls, his name's been popping off in our discord quite a bit. I seem to be very skeptical of it. I think there's good reason for it as batted ball profile isn't exactly overwhelming at some parts of it are encouraging. Obviously what he's doing now, he's not going to hold up for the whole season regression is going to hit him like a bag of bricks. But what do you see here with Taylor Walls? Cause the only thing that I am seeing is that while he is hot, pick him up, ride him for a couple weeks but in two months I'm not confident that he's gonna be someone that's on my fantasy baseball rosters. Am I, am I too skeptical of the 26 year old? Speaker 2 00:13:25 Um, I think it's perfectly fine to ride the hot streak in baseball, right? Like the, it's a long enough season that we need to ride the hot streak and maximize stats no matter where they're, they're coming from. So Walls is hot right now. He's doing basically everything for Tampa Bay. He's also playing a bunch of different spots like he qualifies at I think second, third and short depending on the um, the site you're playing on and their eligibility and your league and whatnot. So he fills a bunch of spots and with all of the injuries, why not have a guy who fills the spots? He doesn't even have to be that productive to be worth a spot given the multi positional stuff. So I would be fine with that. By the way, we have some um, about 15 minutes ago came to my ADA for the twins left the game in the third inning. Uh, he was struck on the ankle with a comebacker. They've diagnosed him with an ankle contusion, which is a bruise. Uh, he's getting X-rays now, so it doesn't seem like it's quite that serious for him. But he did leave early from that game. Speaker 1 00:14:34 Yep, yep. One of those, those come backers. It's as long as nothing's broken and everything like that, he should be fine. Maybe, maybe. I wouldn't say he misses a start. Maybe they delay it, push Speaker 2 00:14:43 Him back. Yeah. Maybe they work with the off days or the, you know, shift some guys around. Yeah. To give him an extra day. Speaker 1 00:14:49 Yeah. And then when you look at a guy like Walls two, I mean the positional flexibility is very intriguing I guess when it comes to me. Yes. What he's doing now is fine. He's absolutely destroying left-handed pitching. I am not going to be quick to throw out his 2021 and 2022 numbers. Uh, cuz they were, I mean they weren't, they were Speaker 2 00:15:07 Not good. Speaker 1 00:15:07 Horrible. But yeah, they weren't good. I mean sure. Do you wanna point to the eight homers and 10 stolen bases last year? I'll look at that 1 72 batting average and nearly 26% strikeout rate. So I think he's hot right now as things cool down. I could see him just facing lefties cuz we all know that Tampa Bay is the king of platooning. Everybody Yes. Doesn't matter they're going to platoon. So I'm okay, I'm okay picking him up for now, just no in probably two or three weeks when he cools off. He's probably gonna be the first one I'm telling you to drop because that's just how Speaker 2 00:15:37 It's gonna be. Yeah, it's perfectly fine. Like we've gotta maximize stats from wherever we can get 'em from and if you need pop or you need, you know, help in the middle infield Taylor Walls is there. He's not terribly highly owned in most places. Speaker 1 00:15:50 And then we talked a little bit last week on Jarin Duran. He may become a new recurring guest if we keep talking about him for a third time here. But what we've seen from Duran here, just a couple of games. So not necessarily a big sample size average is good. We've already gotten a stolen base, which is intriguing. But the whole thing coming up as he's progressed through the minors at the upper levels of it and into the majors is the strikeout rate. And while he is only had 13 played appearances, we're staring down the barrel of a nearly 31% strikeout rate. So I think it's safe to say Duran has been as advertised through these first couple of games. He's gonna give you speed. We know that I asked you this question last week, kind of do it again. Can we get anything more than speed from Duran? Speaker 2 00:16:31 No, he's like the reincarnation of Billy Hamilton. Like where Billy Hamilton had lights out speed but never made enough contact to actually use it. And he strikes out too much to draw walks. So he's not getting on base that way either. And to be perfectly honest with Duran, a guy who I have been back and forth on and and fantasy and whatnot over the last few years, um, he's kind of a liability defensively too cuz he takes some of the weirdest routes to balls. I think I've ever seen a centerfielder take. It's kind of like, well I have speed so I can just hang out here, eat a sandwich and try to catch up to the ball later. Like it, it's, it's not great. And when he was called up it was to get Kik back into the infield instead of defensively. But when he was called up he was hitting sub 200 AAA with a high strikeout rate too. So the, you know, I'm not that confident in Jar Duran. Speaker 1 00:17:32 I mean Duran's obviously a youngster is gonna be a lot of talent there and they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But Wade Miley, his name's popped up a little bit here, switched up his picks pitch mix, excuse me a little bit here. Uh, bringing back his four seam fastball usage and kind of dropping his cutter and change up a a little bit. And he's slowly but surely adding in that slider a little bit more, which has been a really good uh, swing and miss pitch for him at least the last couple of years. We know what Miley is, he's a low strikeout guy. He's gonna pitch to contact, he's gonna try to work deep into the games and be an innings eater for whatever team he's on. That's what he is going to do. And we look sure his eight strikeouts against the potteries were impressive. Speaker 1 00:18:12 But before that it was the Miley that we all knew he was fine but he only had six strikeouts and the 11 innings pitched beforehand to me. I'm see if you agree with me here, what we saw from Miley against San Diego is not truly who he is. He's gonna have some games where he is gonna get 6, 7, 8 strikeouts. That's gonna happen. But the first two starts of the season are more or less what we're gonna get more often from Miley and his most, his most valuable fantasy asset is going to be adding innings to your team's ledger. Other than that, it's all gonna be a bonus if you get anything else Speaker 2 00:18:41 Correct. Uh, his career, he has 400 or so fewer strikeouts and innings pitched for his career. So that should tell you right now that it's not gonna hover around the nine Okay. Per nine cuz it hasn't for basically his whole career. So, you know, if you need an innings eater who's not gonna kill your ratios, that's fine. I mean I I have no problem with using 'em that way in fantasy. Not everybody has to be a strikeout dude. Um, we all need innings and solid ratios too. Speaker 1 00:19:16 And something if you have, if you do happen to have like a high, high strikeout arm, we talk about it with hitters. Like back in the old days you would draft somebody that could hit for a high average and went to basically offset Joey Gallo on your team. Correct. Cuz you want to gallis power. So maybe you do that with Miley here, just be cautious. He is gonna be prone to some blowups every now and again. So a couple guys there to keep an eye in free agency. Now some other guys that are probably rostered in a good, uh, number of places but have been off to really, really slow start. So the first one here, Jake McCarthy, when you look at what he did last year, very, very impressive. 99 games, eight homers, he had 23 stolen bases, hit 2 83 with a 3 42 O B two or O B P. Speaker 1 00:19:56 And now this year, dare I say the complete opposite, he's hitting a buck 54. His O B P is below two 50 minimal barrels. His average exit velocity is dropped. It's in the bottom 6% of the league and his strikeout rate is actually lower, which is good. So I guess the optimism here is that while he is hitting 1 54, we're looking at like a two 50 expected batting average, which is right on par from last year. I just cannot get over that average exit velocity being as low as it is, that is not overly impressive for me. So is Jake McCarthy a guy that you're willing to hold on for a little bit longer to see if you can figure it out? Or are you cutting ties now and kind of just swallowing the losses to this point? Speaker 2 00:20:36 Uh, I'm gonna cut ties now to be perfectly honest, uh, I was not on Jake McCarthy to begin with. Um, we did a player debate series at fantasy alarm for the draft guide. Um, and I was anti Jake McCarthy. Um, basically because his numbers weren't necessarily, um, what I considered to be worthwhile last year. Like yes, the actual numbers at the very basic level were very good. But if you looked at the expected stuff and if you looked at, you know, kind of more in-depth stuff, it was kind of built on a house of cards. Um, and I basically said, look, uh, Arizona's got a bunch of outfield options too. So if he gets off to a slower start they could go with some other guys in the outfield cuz it's not like they don't have a bunch of dudes. Obviously Alec Thomas and Corbin Carroll weren't gonna lose their spot, but they added, um, you know, Kyle Lewis in the off season, they added a guy in a trade, you know, the VAIO trade as well. Um, who was a tea? Oscar Hernandez right? Or is he in No, he's in Seattle. Who'd they add? Lord is gu. Mm-hmm. Um, so they've got a bunch of dudes who can play outfield and I I I was not that high on him. So if you have 'em, you can drop 'em. Outfielders are kind of a dime a dozen right now. Speaker 1 00:22:14 And when you look, I mean he did have the eight or the eight or so, it was eight home, eight home runs I think I said Yeah, he had the eight home runs last year. But you look at this year, fourth percentile, hard hit rate, six percentile, average exit velocity, 12% barrel rate. If he's not getting on, he can't steal. And that's his biggest asset to fantasy managers. Cuz when you look even last, you're hitting 2 83 that expected bating average was 2 49, his speed's gonna bail him out. But if he's not running for you, you can't have him on your team. He's basically at, at this point, if he's not hitting, he's just, I mean I don't wanna say a more expensive mile straw John Birdie, but that's pretty much what we're looking at. Speaker 2 00:22:50 Yeah. And, and I actually just found the piece that I wrote that I wrote up. Um, he also hit 2 27 at home last year compared to 3 23 on the road. So he doesn't like home cooking. Right. And if you looked at his baseball savant charts, basically everything but sprint speed was in blue and like really deep into the blue. So he was well below average in basically everything but sprint speed in which he was in like the 95th percentile or something. Um, and I actually comped him to John Birdie who was basically a bench player, right? Going off as a bench player. Yes, he stole 41 bags, but the anticipation this year was that he was gonna be a jack of all trades bench guy who just takes advantage of speed. Um, so yeah, uh, I'm, I'm dropping him. Speaker 1 00:23:43 What about in Chicago? Oscar Cole was a big name coming into the year, broke camp with the team. You look at his numbers. Speaking of a guy who doesn't like home cooking, he's hitting a buck 25 at home this year compared to three 13 on the road. Team is going to protect him against lefties, particularly the tough ones. And he is just won for 10 on the year. Doesn't only have one strikeout against lefties. So he at least puts the bat on the ball numbers against righties. Much more palatable hitting 2 55. We haven't quite gotten the big time production that maybe we were expecting. He's hitting 2 32 with a home run and two stolen bases here to begin the season. Expected batting average is even worse. But barrel rates fine. Hardick isn't all that bad. Average exit velocity is a bit lower than what we wanted. So is Cole a guy that you are willing to hang on to? I know you're not willing to hang on to McCarthy anymore, but are you going to give Cole's potential and potential talent a little bit of a longer leash here to begin the season? Speaker 2 00:24:36 Yeah, I will. Look, this is a product of, they're not really gonna play anybody over him. Right? I know Jake Burger's been crushing it, but they'll find a spot in the corner, infield or DH to put Jake Burger. Um, and he's not really been helped by the offense in general, right? Cuz we've had yo Mankas been banged up, ELO's been banged up. Tim Anderson's not there obviously. Um, so yeah, I think they're gonna let him play. I think it's just a young slump like people figured out a book on him and now he's gotta readjust, right? Cuz baseball's just a game of adjustments back and forth and so yeah, I'm, I'm fine letting him kind of cook and figure it out cuz he's still making decent contact's just not working out for him. Um, if you want to, if you're in a league that has like biweekly moves or whatever, you can sit 'em for the home series and play 'em in the Road series <laugh>, then you can do it. But I'm less concerned about his struggles in McCarthy simply because playing time's not going anywhere for him. Like they're not gonna play cabin sheets over him. Speaker 1 00:25:45 And then in Boston, uh, Maka yoshida quantity of contact, solid quality of contact, not very solid, very rough start for him here. 97 percentile strikeout rate is good. He has a good job of staying at the zone, puts the bat on the ball when he does put the bat on the ball though the overall numbers there are not very good. He's in the 25th percentile or worse for average exit velocity, hard hit rate, expected woa, expected batting average, expected slugging percentage barrel rate. Not a great start to the season here. He obviously does have an adjustment to the major league game here coming overseas. So there's some other different wrinkles that he's kind of going through to begin the season here. To me, he's a guy, you drafted him pretty high. I think you gotta you gotta ride it out. You have to ride it out at this point cuz he's, he's going to adjust, he's going to hit for a good average. And I mean we do have one home run and two stolen bases through 50 at bats and 60 plate appearances. So the numbers are gonna come and if he's hitting 180 and he is gonna post a three 17 O B P, especially if your league values o b p you're holding on at this point, right? So at at what point do you start to get worried about Yeshi? If, if you're not already there? Speaker 2 00:26:54 I don't know if it's like, if we're coming up to June and his numbers haven't gotten much better, but like again, think about what, you know, the same things I said with Colis. Work with Yoshida, think about the Red Sox offense and how many moving pieces there have already been in that offense and we're what, three weeks today into the season? Mm-hmm <affirmative>, like Duvall's been out, they've moved Kik all around, they've had like three different second basemen. They played Bobby Lbeck at shortstop for God's sakes. Um, like, uh, you know, he's gonna adjust. He did get a hit in the game earlier today, uh, against the twins. So there is that. I mean it's not like noteworthy, but it's making contact. You gotta start digging out of a hole somewhere. So I'm fine with you with Yoshida. Speaker 1 00:27:45 Absolutely. And there's gonna be some other guys too. And if there are any questions, if you are in the Discord, post them in there'd be happy to answer any questions you have about adding, dropping trades, anything and everything in between. But Matt, to wrap up this final episode of the week, what is, or who I should say is going to be your favorite streamer of the weekend? So if someone out there needs some pitching help for the weekend, what's a matchup that you particularly like this weekend? Speaker 2 00:28:08 So the team I'm picking on I know was just on a little bit of a winning streak, uh, there, but I'm gonna play me some Tyler Wells against Detroit on, I believe he's pitching Friday. Um, yeah, Detroit's terrible. They still lead the league and strikeout rate Tyler Wells is not a huge strikeout guy, but he's striking out guys at a decent enough clip. Uh, he's got a, a whip that's very helpful. He's got, you know, pretty solid e r a numbers. He's keeping the ball in the park for the most part. So I think this is a pretty solid matchup for, you know, Tyler Wells who's been a little bit, you know, under the radar. Granted it's Baltimore and he is a starting pitcher and we don't usually think of Baltimore starting pitchers, uh, for fantasy, but against Detroit in a, in a fairly solid spot. I mean he did a pretty good job shutting down the Rangers in the, in the, you know, white Sox and I believe the Yankees if I'm not mistaken. Um, and he is got at least five innings in every start this year. So you gotta shot for a win. He's gonna strike out a decent amount of guys and you'll be good. Speaker 1 00:29:17 And we love to pick on Detroit when you also look at another team that struggles against right-handed pitching. That leads me to my streamer. I'm going to go with Peyton Batten field of the Cleveland Guardians. He's owned in only 27% of leagues over at fan tracks, Miami's bottom five in terms of strikeout rate and WRC plus against Ray handed pitching this season. And when you look at Batten Field, I know he only has eight strikeouts and 10 and two thirds innings this year. But he is got a 79th percentile whiff rate and an 84th percentile chase rate. And if those numbers stay up there, his 33rd percentile strikeout rate at the moment is going to rise. He will pitch on Sunday against the Marlin. So those are gonna be your weekend streamers. Tyler Wells, verse Detroit, Peyton Batten verse Miami. Look at guys like Taylor Walls to add to your fantasy team. If you have Jake McCarthy, Oscar Colas and Yoshida, while you might be concerned, McCarthy might be the one to cut. Hold out hope for Oscar Colas and Masta Yoshida. But format sell, give em a follow on Twitter at the sales man. I'm on Twitter at Colby Conway and we'll see you next week with the newest edition of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Podcast.

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